Why is it...

I'M SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW! If Sandrine were here...I'd rip all of her hair out! Figuratively. However, she'd

Why is it exactly that I get in trouble for the most random things? Answer this one for me, amis!

As I put it...simply narrowing it down to terms that one such as myself can understand:

1. I get in trouble for random things.
(ex. Today I accidentally dropped my books on the ground. Mere thought otherwise. It was an accident, I swear.)

2. I get in trouble for talking.
(ex. "Mère, je t'aime! Bonne nuit!"- moi.
"Sabine, dors."- Mère)

3. I get in trouble for existing.
(ex. Me sitting down at the table, doing my homework QUIETLY! (Quietly is the key word here, mes amis!) Then Mère comes in- "Sabine, SHUT UP AND BEHAVE!")

Je veux de nouvelle vie!!!!!!!!!!

Oui, j'adore ma vie...
But I'm sick of it. I'm sick of Mère. I'm sick of getting in trouble. I'm not a bad kid!

Bonne nuit, amis.
~Sabine :'(