I feel horrible for Christelle. :(
Everybody has her all wrong.
No, she's not a snob. She may seem like one, but she's not. She is just sad...and lonely.
Most people are very cruel and mean to her, which I cannot stand. Yeah, she does come off as cold, but most French people do until you get to know them (whereas most Americans can talk like they've know each other forever...I don't mean that bad; I'm like that, too.)
Christelle misses Paris, her home, her family! (Paris, sa maison, et sa famille se manque!)
I think, that more than anything, Christelle might just need a friend.
I'm going to befriend Christelle. I AM!

~SABINE :) (MORE POWER TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Last night, we experienced some HORRIFIC wind storms...with winds of 80 mph! C'etait fou!
We lost all of our electricity at 8 last night. Some siding came off the house. A neighbor's trampoline hit another neighbor's house. Our trampoline flipped over.
Anyway, we don't have any heat, so living in the basement is officially the worst. I hid in my room:

Liz is scared, so she gave me a hug, thinking I was Ava. An Elizabeth quote- "AVA! HUG! I'M SCARED! IT'S DARK...AND SOOOOOOOOO COLD!"

Le sous-sol a tres frois! J'ai frois aussi.

~A cold Sabine