Party in France/Would You Be Interested?/Random blah blah blah....

I hope that nobody missed me too much, as that would be a shame. (I also want to confirm that I'm alive. I've heard that I was dead! QUOI? QUEL DOMMAGE! But I guess those kinds of rumors are quite common when you're famous!) I've been extremely busy lately. So...I bet you are wondering, what did I miss in Sabine Bouchard's VERY exciting life?
Seriously. Nothing.
Ok. I'm kidding. You missed stuff.
Who shall I start with first? Or what shall I start off with? Towards the end of the post is Ava's picture for CULTURE have to see it! Plus, AVA GOT A BLOG!!!!!!!!! CLICK HERE TO READ IT!!!!!!
I took a picture with my fellow OLN French girls--Christelle Lacaux and my sister Sandrine.

You know how I love Miley Cyrus's song,
"Party in the USA"? I made my own CD
cover to the cover I wrote..."Party in
France"! I hope you like it. :)


This is just a picture. We don't really get along. ;)

Well, a few days ago, Sandrine got a migrane. She seriously went insane! I MEAN, LIKE CRAZY! First of all, she comes up to me and is like, "I FEEL SO SICK, SABINE! OH MY GOD, SWINE FLU! NO! SERIOUSLY! I THINK I HAVE IT!"

Pardonnez-moi while I gag. -reachesfortrashcan-

She DOES NOT HAVE THE SWINE FLU. And it is ridiculous that she though her stupid migrane was the swine flu. She took her temperature 5 times! (OUI I COUNTED!) The first time, it read 97 degrees. But Sandrine is sooooo stupid that she didn't realize it was 97 DEGREES FARENHEIT. She was screaming, "I DO HAVE SWINE FLU! IN YOUR FACE, SABINE! I AM ALMOST BOILING!" Um. Ava then rudely informed her that it wasn't 97 Celcius.


Sandrine also HATES CHRISSA....comme moi! POUVEZ-VOUS CROIRE CELA? So, Sandrine sent Chrissa all these text messages, like "I'm too cool to know you!" and "You'll never be French, you little wannabe!" Part of me was like screaming "MERCI BEAUCOUP, SANDRINE!" and the other part was like, "Pauvre Chrissa :( !" I think I agree with the "Merci, Sandrine" side because sometimes Chrissa is SOOOO IRRITATING, she makes me want to leave the United States! I sometimes wish that Chrissa was back home in Iowa and that a tornado came and carried her all the way to Antarctica! GET THIS! She calls herself "Chrissalicious" ALL THE TIME. It's almost as if I want to scream, "FERMEZ-LA. TOUT LE MONDE TE DETESTE." That's not true, though, because Marisol is like a Chrissa worshipper! Marisol needs to go back home to Chicago. After all, since Chicago is the windy city, there is a possibility of her getting blown away to Antarctica. =)


Here is her C.M. photo:

NOTHING. BEATS THAT. =) Lilly and I were waiting to get swine flu info. (So we could totally bust Sandrine and prove that she didn't have it!) Ava is like, the stereotypical American! She is so rude and impatient! She was furious with the long line, so she comes to the front and goes, "Hey. I'm not cuttin'; I'm just askin'." Then she went on about how ridiculous the line was and blah blah all that Ava stuff.

C'etait trop drole!