Birthday Disappointments

Salut, tout le monde! C'est moi, Sabine! c/est moi, Sandrine...

So let me start off by saying that we did not abandon this blog! Things got busy, so we haven't had time to write. We're going to play catch-up in chronological order, starting with our birthday on December 19.

Don't remind me. Worst birthday ever.

It really wasn't that bad. Ignore her. 

We didn't get many gifts because going to NYC in September was our Christmas and birthday gift. Sabine got to go again last month. I'm not jealous because she was stuck in the blizzard, so don't even accuse me of being jealous. That's not why this birthday was the worst. I'm getting to that. Anyway, we got those cute Frozen stockings you see above, and we also got Frozen Tsum Tsums. I got Elsa.

I got Anna, and...

...THIS CUTE SHIRT THAT I HAVE BEEN WANTING FOREVER. IT'S SO PERFECT AND SO ME. Ugh, how perfect for NYC! (I did wear it there, just so you know.)

Yeah, Sabine got a cute top that I might just have to borrow from her. I got the most hideous top known to man. Maman failed. Awfully badly, may I add. I like edgy, I like leopard print. This is just atrocious. Yeah, I threw a fit about it, and then I returned it the next day. Bleh.

That top is pretty terrible, but you really didn't have to act like a spoiled brat about it. Anyway, here's where things really became bad for Sandrine. Aurélie came over because we were going to go to dinner and a play. Sandrine invited Coralie, and Coralie made an excuse as to why she couldn't come at the very last minute.
Yeah, and to make it worse, they wanted me to invite Axelle in Coralie's place. They don't seem to understand that I DO NOT LIKE AXELLE. Do I want to be annoyed on my birthday? NO. Ok, then why on earth would I invite her?
(Axelle is super nice, but I've only met her a few times after my sister and Aurélie's ballet stuff.) 

It's Coralie that I don't really like. I get a bad feeling from her, and I don't know what it is. There's just something not right. Her parents are okay, but her older sister Manon is pretty mean. She's also awful to Coralie. I've seen it, and Sandrine has told me stories. Coralie also has a history of bailing on my sister whenever they make plans, so I have no idea why she'd invite her, anyway.

I invited her because she's my best friend, Sabine...?! Yeah, okay. She is flaky and bails a lot. I know she's busy often, but still. She can't be busy every single time I invite her to do something. I chose this play because of her. I thought a play would make her come celebrate. She was thrilled about it, but then she decided not to show up. I hate how Axelle thinks I have issues and wants to always know what's wrong with me. Coralie is Axelle's former friend, too; why can't Axelle snoop around in Coralie's life? I'm so upset and tired of this.

Well, um, so...stay tuned for my posts about NYC!

Stay tuned for my posts about a confrontation with Coralie.

Snowpocalypse 2016 is more interesting, I promise!

Sabine et Sandrine