Joyeux anniversaire à deux!

I interrupt all regularly scheduled posting to spread birthday wishes!
Premier, je vais dire "joyeux anniversaire" à ma chanteuse (et actrice) préférée!
That is, happy nineteenth birthday to Miley Cyrus! Its hard to believe I've been a fan since she was thirteen! I feel bad because I forgot to post a happy birthday post for my brother, who turned nineteen exactly a month ago. Joyeux anniversaire, Sébastien!
I was there to celebrate with him, though...

Anyway, here's my favorite picture of Miley. This photo was taken during the 2010 Oscars. Credit goes to the celeb blog this was from; I wish I could say it is my photo, but I'm not that lucky.

It's also somebody else's birthday today. Any guesses? Today, a dear online friend, Inky, is turning eleven! Joyeux anniversaire, Inky!!! J'espère que tu as une bonne journée!
Be sure to stop over at her blog today and say happy birthday! If you follow Miley on Twitter, be sure to tweet her "happy birthday"!

-Sabine, who feels left out with all these birthdays. Mine's next month so it's all good. :)

All that jazz!

Salut, tout le monde! Ce matin, je suis retournée aux États-Unis. La première chose que j’ai vu, c’était Sandrine! Elle a dansé et elle a l’air triste…

I used to think that dancing kept Sandrine sane, but it is now the thing that is further tearing her apart.

Sandrine is extremely talented en pointe and when it comes to ballet, but when she came to the States, she decided that she wanted to take up jazz, too, so she could try out for dance team. She fell in love with jazz, and I think that is her favorite type of dance. Regardless, she has always been told how talented she was when it came to dance, and I think that gave her an ego- she doesn’t think she needs to practice!
Because she thinks that, she is at risk for getting kicked off the dance team. I always remind her to attend the practices, but she never listens to me. The dance team needs her. Chrissa and Marisol are both extremely talented dancers, even if they haven’t had professional training. Malorie has received much professional training (she attended the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School), and I’m sure heiresses Alyson, Ashley, and Alyssa have as well. I don’t care if their trainers or dance schools were elite- Alyson, Ashley, and Alyssa are NOT dancers. They are performers. Sure, they pick up dances and can do them, but they are not anything great…especially when you compare them to others. They could probably sell you on a routine individually, but when performing aside other dancers, they look a bit off.

Oh, and Liz. I know it’s hard to believe, but she’s on the dance team, too. The only dance classes she has ever taken were jazz classes. Again, she’s a performer…not a dancer.

I think my sister is very talented, and that’s why I want her to succeed! I understand that it is hard for her, especially when the Edwards Heiresses are involved. They don’t care about Sandrine. They want to see her fall. They love it when she doesn’t come to practices. It fills them with some sort of sick satisfaction.

Sandrine probably realizes this, too, and I caught her doing something I never thought she would do- practice a jazz routine.

She first warmed up…
…and then she turned on the music and danced.

She didn’t look happy. In fact, she looked sad. I feel so bad for my sister. She has so much she has to deal with, and I never wanted dance to become her worst enemy. I wish I could help her in some way…any advice? I haven’t talked to her yet; I just lurked on her practicing. She doesn’t even know I’m back!


Un cadeau pour Chrissa...ou Christelle?

¡Hola, todo el mundo! ¿Cómo están ustedes? Estoy bien. Sí, hablo español. Tengo que practicar español y hoy no quiero hablar el francés.

Oui, so I took a break from my regular French greetings so I could practice my Spanish. I guess I should have done this post title in Spanish- it would be un regalo para Chrissa o Christelle if anyone was wondering. Because of all of Julien's help, I have been in the mood to speak Spanish lately. It's such a beautiful language, and it is quite similar to French, so it isn't that difficult for me. A lot of the words are similar- for example, in French, library is bibliothèque. In Spanish, it's biblioteca. The only thing that sometimes messes me up is that there are no silent endings on Spanish words. Every letter is pronounced. I have a hard time saying the "s" at the ends of words as is...
Besides, Spain is a gorgeous country. Anybody who wants to visit should visit someday.

Anyway, I have made my decision. I have to come back to the boarding school. I miss the Americans too much (I even miss Chrissa)! Julien said that he would try to visit me, and MAYBE AURELIE WILL JOIN ME? It's been nice seeing my old friends, but I just feel that I need to gain that sense of adventure again.

Moving on...
My mom took me shopping, and I bought this charm. I'm not sure to whom I should give it!

Option 1: Chrissa
Oui, I know I complain about Chrissa all of the time, but I actually kind-of miss her. Yes, she gets on my nerves, but she means well. She is just passionate about foreign languages; therefore being in the presence of French people excites her. I should be more accepting of that. I'm glad she has an interest in a foreign language. It's more I can say about some of the people I have met. I don't know if I necessarily consider Chrissa to be a friend, but even if I did, I could safely say that she would be a better friend than some of the people I have met. She would love receiving such a charm, and as she would say, it would "make her life". She wouldn't be a true Francophile without an Eiffel Tower necklace! She has wanted one forever, anyway...

Option 2: Christelle
Christelle est de Paris, as most of you know. She did purchase an Eiffel Tower necklace in the States to remind her of home, but she constantly complains that it looks cheap. This charm is a little bit prettier (I think), and I could give it to her, and she could give her old necklace to Chrissa. Chrissa doesn't care what the Eiffel Tower charm looks like- I think she just wants an Eiffel Tower necklace. Not very many people are actually nice to Christelle, and I can admit that I am distant towards her at times, too. I think giving this to her would be a way for me to say to her that I am there if she needs to talk. Although she may be from Paris and I may be from Lille, we're both French- regional differences aside. Being French is like sharing a juicy secret that the Americans do not know about.

So, I need some feedback...who should I give it to?

Also, some updates to my ultimate holiday wishlist...
I don't think I want an iPhone anymore. My mom made a good point for once in her life- I already have an iPod touch, and I don't need an iPhone just for phone capabilities. I would like a smartphone, though, just because I want to stay in touch with my friends. If my mom can get me a cheaper smartphone, I think that would be better. I kind of want a new laptop, anyway. Mine is on its last stages of life. There are also some other clothing items I found that I'd like...


The Ultimate Holiday Wishlist

Salut, mes amis!
It's getting to be that time of the year again, and you know what that means- Christmas and my birthday (they are only six days apart!) I like to make my list early, and here are some of the things that made my birthday/Christmas

The best Christmas surprise ever: tickets to see Miley Cyrus in concert, the chance to hang out backstage with her, get her autograph, and take pictures. This would complete my life. However, seeing that nobody would do that for me, I'll go with more practical things I might have a chance of getting.

1. An iPhone
Chrissa and Lilly have iPhones, and they are obsessed and occasionally brag about their capabilities. My cell phone is quite old. Actually, it's a hand-me-down from my mom. I think I deserve a new phone- one that can hold my iPod's contents as well as function as a phone.

2. A black blazer
Preferably made from the LJ Sofia Blazer pattern, this tops my holiday list alongside the iPhone. It would go perfectly with both my pants and skirts.

3. A striped shirt
Like THIS ONE from Sew Urban Designs! It's so cute, and once again, it would look great with my black pants and black flounce skirt.

4. Gray pants
Enough said. I need gray pants.

5. A sweater dress
Gray or black, I don't care. I want a sweater dress so badly.

6. A trip anywhere! I'm not picky. Preferably, I'd like to check out NYC or DC.

That is all for now. There are plenty of things I'd like- such as more clothes and shoes. I'll add more to my list when I think of things.
What does everyone else want for Christmas? I'd love to compare and contrast lists with my readers.