Thursday, January 26, 2012

You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go

Cliquez ici!
Cette chanson décris mon humeur.
Salut, tout le monde! La semaine dernière, mon meilleur ami Julien a quittée les États-Unis. J'étais triste. Oui, Lilly est mon amie, mais elle n'est pas ma meilleure amie. Elle ne peux pas remplacer Aurélie ou Julien. Je veux que Julien retourne!!! Ou, je veux que Aurélie vienne ici!

I can sum up the French in one mere English sentence: I miss Julien.
He was only visiting temporarily. I don't go to a co-ed boarding school, so he couldn't have stayed. He has to go to school and he has to babysit his petite sœur.

Last Sunday, we decided to celebrate his departure French, in the style of a good majority of France. We didn't celebrate Ch'ti style, sadly. I think you can only celebrate Ch'ti style if you're in my region. Let's put it this way: wine is not very Ch'ti.
 Before I get ridiculed for this photo, I would like to point out cultural differences. We were allowed to have sips of wine/beer with dinner beginning at an early age. I understand that this is an issue in the States, but in France, it isn't.

Then came the time that Julien had to leave so he wouldn't miss his flight. I gave him a huge hug, and I thanked him for tolerating the Americans. He said that he might visit again in July- when school in France is typically over.

I also told him to keep in touch, and he said, "Sabine, tu dois répondre quand je t'envoie des emails et des textos. Tu dois me parler sur Skype aussi!"
I laughed. I had a bad habit of forgetting to reply to his texts and emails and remembering to call him on Skype. I blame the Skype and text message problems on the time difference. I have no excuse for replying to his e-mails three times a month!
"Je promets," I promised him that I would be better with communicating.
"Ne fais pas de promesse que tu ne tiendras pas," he replied half-jokingly, half-seriously. I said that I will keep that promise this time.

Before he left, Chrissa had to say au revoir et bon voyage, too. She left the dance team's dress rehearsal early, she approached Julien, and she said, "NEVER forget me! NEVER! I will never forget you!"
He laughed and said he wouldn't, and he gave her a hug...which undoubtedly made her day.

After that, he left. I will admit that I cried for a moment. I know my thoughts are irrational, but after he left, I began to feel lonely. I also began to miss my other best French friends- Gérard and Aurélie. Gérard is in the same boat as Julien; he can't permanently come here (I wish he could!), but Aurélie sure can. Aurélie is so indecisive. Part of her wants to come to the States, but the other part of her doesn't. I understand that she is more reserved and might not be ready to take on the Americans. I also understand that she might not want to leave her dance studio (which also happens to be Sandrine's former dance studio) or school.

Still, I want a friend here. I know I have Lilly- and even Ava- but having one of my lillois friends here would make me feel more at home.



Nora Francesca Foster said...

That's very sad, Sabine. I know you'll see him again, and you'll stay in close contact, but it's hard being away from a friend that long.

I will send you good thoughts the next few days!


The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

It is hard to lose your friends being close enough to visit, but at least we do have great technology to keep in touch now a days .. keep your chin up and things will be ok.