Lilly Town

Rencontrez Lilly, ma meilleure amie américaine...
Oui, she's not new, and you've seen  and heard about her a million times before. I talk about Lilly quite a bit, and she probably gets her fair share of publicity by being featured on my blog, but I don't think I really ever took the time to give everybody the full picture of her.

The truth is, I don't feel like I've been as good of a friend to Lilly as she has been to me. She's so funny and blatantly outspoken (but not in the obnoxious way that Ava is); you can't help but love her personality. She's one of those people that everybody loves to be around.

Ever since my grand-père's passing, which wasn't too long ago, I felt like I needed to be more appreciative of all the amazing people in my life. Ava included, but that's a different subject for a different day. 

Lilly is from a small town called Cambridge...and it's in Wisconsin. Lilly hates cheese, is terrified of cows, and her parents are doctors- NOT dairy farmers. Lilly has epilepsy and a severe allergic reaction to peanuts. She wants to be a neurosurgeon.  I wouldn't trust her. ;)

Lilly loves fantasy, which I totally despise. When I read, I like for my books to be realistic- or real. Lilly is a Twilight and Harry Potter fan, but not an obsessive one; she knows that vampires do not sparkle. Mermaids do. ;)
She has also recently gotten into the Immortals series by Alyson Noël and is using that series to predict the futures of a few girls here at OLN. Keep in mind that the author's name is Alyson (like mademoiselle héritée) and that two characters in this series happen to be named Sabine (comme moi!) and Ava ( know her). Anyway, notice that Sabines and Avas have to be together in order to create stories.
Forget that. Lilly's predictions are as follows:
1. Alyson will become an author of a best-selling book.
2. I, Sabine Bouchard, will become a lawyer and be hopelessly addicted to Dr. Fail (what Lilly calls Dr. Phil)
3. Ava will become a psychic...most likely a TV psychic.

My commentary:
1. Alyson? Write a book? Maybe about her life, like all those trashy celebrities do. Think Kardashian Konfidential. Trashy life stories like that would totally be up Aly's ally...

2. The Sabine in the story is a Dr. Fail-addicted, top-notch lawyer. Père is a lawyer. NO WAY AM I ENDING UP LIKE MY DAD. Père says that he has had clients who actually believe that he is a hired best friend. Yeah. They call him and stuff all the time to whine and complain. LAWYERS DO NOT EQUAL BEST FRIENDS. Now that we settled that...

3. I'd pay to see Ava become a TV psychic.

Well, if this book was written about our futures, then Lilly has a song written about her life- "Lilly Town" by Alizée. Lilly is on some diet that supposedly controls her seizures, so she eats a lot of sweets and junk foods. Look up the lyrics to the song. It so fits my friend.

That's Lilly for you. Hopefully, you can better understand and appreciate her now.
But still, I can never see myself watching Dr. Fail and enjoying it...


Joyeux anniversaire, Miley!

Miley Cyrus est née le 23 novembre 1992 en Tennessee. Maintenant, elle a dix-huit ans!!! C'est incroyable! Joyeux anniversaire à la meilleure chanteuse!
Mon frère, Sébastien, est né le  23 octobre 1992...

Oui, today, Miley Cyrus celebrates her 18th birthday! Happy birthday to Miley! Now that she's 18 and a legal adult, the press needs to stop obsessing over everything she does. She can make her own choices/decisions now, and she shouldn't be under a microscope.

Miley aside, keep in mind that my brother, Sébastien, turned 18 last month on this very same day (the 23rd). Sounds unimportant, right? Well, actually, if he was born a month later, he would have shared a birthday and birth year with Miley. How cool would that have been? Très!

1992 was a pretty awesome year, I think. Felicity got the rest of her core collection, my brother was born, and the best singer/actress in the whole entire world was born!!! Yeah!

I guess some people turned out better than others, though. Most of Felicity's stuff has been retired over the years, and now she's heading into the archives, and her time period is probably the most important in American history. Pauvre Félicité. But Miley and my brother are doing just fine!!!

To celebrate Miley's celebrity status, I'm going to begin a limited-time feature on this blog called the Monthly Miley. Quoi? Je vais expliquer. Every month, I will be posting a photo of either one of my friends or readers dressed up as Miley. The only catch is, you have to be dressed up in an outfit that is similar or exact to one Miley has worn. To get inspiration, CLICK HERE. You can also use Google Images to search, too. When you have taken your photo, e-mail it to me at for the chance to be featured. I'll give away a prize to my favorite photo once this little feature is finished.
Oh, and as a way for me to prevent obnoxious spam, the title of the e-mail should answer this question: What is the name of Alizée's CD that features the songs "Fifty-Sizty" and "Mademoiselle Juliette"?

I'll start out the Monthly Miley by posting my imitation of her latest CD cover:
I'm sure you guys can beat that. :)

A Liberty Jane Appreciation Post

Salut, tout les poupées à la modes…
    This post was undoubtedly inspired by recent discussion and, of course, my enduring obsession.
    Cinnamon Miles is literally the Coco Chanel of the eighteen inch universe. I swear this woman’s mission is to put an end to fashion mishaps everywhere! Everything she makes is trendy, fun, and fashion-forward. Her color choices are also great- not obnoxious like AG’s.
     Oui, AG. I’m rolling my eyes at you. The only things you ever gave me were the Photography jacket, a few sweaters, some tanks, and the Velveteen coat, and heels. You don’t get full credit until you create outfits worthy of sophistication.
   Less-spectacular offerings from AG aside, Anyway, Madame Miles can safely be added to my personal list of life-altering idols, worthy of my adoration and praise. She landed herself a place amongst the great- Miley Cyrus, Marion Cotillard, Edith Piaf, Coco Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and other amazing French designers.
    Liberty Jane has always had amazing clothes, but for some reason, the outfits produced this year were more amazing than usual.
    Let’s start with the spring releases. UK Holiday and Sinjuku Starlet were my two favorites. The UK Holiday tunic basically had my name written all over it. I loved the fabric. The Sinjuku Starlet outfit…? Very mix-and-matchable, BLACK!!!!, I loved all the pieces…
   I’ll finish with the Winter/Fall releases. The Paris Daydream top is amazing. I would definitely wear that!!! It’s just, so me…
   The Sofia blazer is also fabulous. Again, doesn’t it look like something I’d wear? I love the gray. LOVE THE GRAY. I love the use of neutral colors in this line; everything looks so sophisticated and oh-so European.
   Take notes, tout le monde, if you need Christmas gift ideas for me. I'd also really, really love Miley's "Can't Be Tamed" CD and the Hannah Montana Forever soundtrack. :)
   Here’s where my only complaint comes in- they are up for auction on e-bay ONLY. I was getting my hopes up for some buy-it-now editions on her website, but sadly, there are none. I do not care about her clothing prices; as long as the pieces fit nice and are of high quality, I don’t care about the price tag. That might just be the French couture snob in me, but still. I think she should put half her stock up for auction and half as buy-it-nows, even if that means a high price. Or, she could even create some separates from the line to sell as buy-it-nows…
    *sigh* I am hoping for some BINs in the future…I love her work…
    The human needs to totally send Mme Cinnamon a message and work out a custom project. I need more things.
    Before I end this post, I leave you with a picture of me in my favorite LJ piece of all-time. It is a tank top, from her summer ‘08 line. I love the print on the fabric so much, plus it looks great with a sweater from AG:

And even though it's different now, you're still here somehow...

You used to call me your angel
Said I was sent straight down from heaven...

Les parlons de le chanson "I Miss You" (Miley Cyrus) décrivent maintenant ma vie. Ce matin, ma père m'a téléphoné, et il m'a dit que mon grand-père est mort.

Mon grand-père, Jacques Bouchard, était le meilleur! Il était drôle, et il m'a enseigné beaucoup. Je lui parlais toujours, spécialement sur Noël. Il m'a dit les histoires incroyable...

I have been listening to Miley Cyrus's song, "I Miss You" all day long. This morning, I received news that my grandfather had passed away.
He has been sick for awhile now, and I hated to see him suffer. Nothing made me feel worse than seeing him in that hospital bed. He looked so fragile and weak. I remember the last thing he told me, before I came to America: "Sabine, you are becoming a brilliant young lady. I expect great things from you." He kissed my hand and then added, "Make me proud."
I wish I was actually able to tell him about my life in America. I wished I could have visited home before all this happened...

I really wish to be in France right now! It's terrible being so far away at a time like this. I need to be with my family. Sure, technology is great, but that does not make up for not being about to physically be there...

All I hope now is that he is in a better place. I want to know he's OK.
Je t'aime, grand-père.

Sorry I didn't post more...I just really need some peace today. Even Sandrine is upset. For once, she doesn't want the day to be all about her...

Mon habit!


Basically, since I am the Queen of Style, I came up with the most amazing outfit that will leave everybody else envious beyond belief.

What I am wearing (in case you want inspiration...but use this as inspiration only!):
-Julie's Christmas Blouse (AG)
-Black flounce skirt (Liberty Jane Clothing)
-Black sweater of awesomeness (AG a la mode Couture)
-Black flats from Ivy's Chinese New Year dress (AG)

Listen. I know you are jealous because you could never dress like this. Because you lack the same sense of fabulous style that I have.

Everyone loves my clothes; it's an obsession.

Sandrine xoxo

Can't Be Tamed

Qui savait que s'habiller comme Miley Cyrus était si controversée?
I sure didn't.
 I decided to join the Americans in their quest for collecting the most candy, and let me tell you, it was very eventful.
To begin the night, we were stopped by a strange-looking older woman in a white electrician's van- or what Liz and Ava like to call a "creeper van". She told us this: "I lost my dog and I need some help finding him. He is white with brown spots. If you see him, drop him off at my house; I live right over there. If you just yell 'Buddy, come home', he'll come home."
So. Not. Normal. Can you make it even more obvious that you are a potential kidnapper? I was a little perturbed about the whole thing, but immature Ava and Liz were making light of it. They kept incessantly shouting, "BUDDY, COME HOME!!!!" at the top of their lungs. Yeah. I wanted to hurt them.

Thankfully, my attention was turned away from the missing (or probably not missing) dog because a mother with young children decided to critique my costume. SHE THOUGHT I WAS A BIKER CHICK. Come have young kids! Do you really not know who Miley Cyrus is?
Well, I did tell her that I was actually dressed up as my role model Miley Cyrus, and she started ranting- telling me how a girl of my age shouldn't be dressed that indecent and how she will never buy a Miley Cyrus CD for her kids because Miley Cyrus is a "bad influence and utterly inappropriate".
I'm going to sound like Chirstelle for a second and bluntly say, YOU STUPID AMERICAN. Mon dieu, it's Halloween for goodness sakes! Isn't Halloween about dressing up as something you're not and having fun? I certainly thought it was, and Ava and Liz made it seem that way, too!
Sometimes, I think Americans are too uptight and they get all crazy over nothing. They are also huge moral-pushers, and because I am French and was raised in a less-modest environment, they think I am totally unethical. For example, Ava was talking about drinking once, and I casually mentioned that I had a glass of wine before.
That was enough to seriously annoy Ava. She began to lecture me on underage drinking and how wrong my family was, etc. OK. She was kind-of  being a hypocrite. Like, she's going to try to instill her morals in me, but she swears ALL THE TIME. (I mean, if I swear, I at least do it in French so the Americans won't be able to understand me...)
Anyway, I think the reason the French aren't so high-strung about drinking and other things is because we accept it as a way of life and don't make it seem so...blasphemous...? (I'm not sure what word to use...)
I think I vented enough.

But to end this, did that lady seriously think I dressed like that everyday?
Je connais la mode. Évidement. Next year, I think I'll have to be a 2007-2008 Miley for Halloween. Really, I had no idea that Miley was so "offensive", if you want to use that word.

P.S. Joyeuse Toussaint...for those who celebrate it. :)