Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lilly Town

Rencontrez Lilly, ma meilleure amie américaine...
Oui, she's not new, and you've seen  and heard about her a million times before. I talk about Lilly quite a bit, and she probably gets her fair share of publicity by being featured on my blog, but I don't think I really ever took the time to give everybody the full picture of her.

The truth is, I don't feel like I've been as good of a friend to Lilly as she has been to me. She's so funny and blatantly outspoken (but not in the obnoxious way that Ava is); you can't help but love her personality. She's one of those people that everybody loves to be around.

Ever since my grand-père's passing, which wasn't too long ago, I felt like I needed to be more appreciative of all the amazing people in my life. Ava included, but that's a different subject for a different day. 

Lilly is from a small town called Cambridge...and it's in Wisconsin. Lilly hates cheese, is terrified of cows, and her parents are doctors- NOT dairy farmers. Lilly has epilepsy and a severe allergic reaction to peanuts. She wants to be a neurosurgeon.  I wouldn't trust her. ;)

Lilly loves fantasy, which I totally despise. When I read, I like for my books to be realistic- or real. Lilly is a Twilight and Harry Potter fan, but not an obsessive one; she knows that vampires do not sparkle. Mermaids do. ;)
She has also recently gotten into the Immortals series by Alyson Noël and is using that series to predict the futures of a few girls here at OLN. Keep in mind that the author's name is Alyson (like mademoiselle héritée) and that two characters in this series happen to be named Sabine (comme moi!) and Ava ( know her). Anyway, notice that Sabines and Avas have to be together in order to create stories.
Forget that. Lilly's predictions are as follows:
1. Alyson will become an author of a best-selling book.
2. I, Sabine Bouchard, will become a lawyer and be hopelessly addicted to Dr. Fail (what Lilly calls Dr. Phil)
3. Ava will become a psychic...most likely a TV psychic.

My commentary:
1. Alyson? Write a book? Maybe about her life, like all those trashy celebrities do. Think Kardashian Konfidential. Trashy life stories like that would totally be up Aly's ally...

2. The Sabine in the story is a Dr. Fail-addicted, top-notch lawyer. Père is a lawyer. NO WAY AM I ENDING UP LIKE MY DAD. Père says that he has had clients who actually believe that he is a hired best friend. Yeah. They call him and stuff all the time to whine and complain. LAWYERS DO NOT EQUAL BEST FRIENDS. Now that we settled that...

3. I'd pay to see Ava become a TV psychic.

Well, if this book was written about our futures, then Lilly has a song written about her life- "Lilly Town" by Alizée. Lilly is on some diet that supposedly controls her seizures, so she eats a lot of sweets and junk foods. Look up the lyrics to the song. It so fits my friend.

That's Lilly for you. Hopefully, you can better understand and appreciate her now.
But still, I can never see myself watching Dr. Fail and enjoying it...



Sophie Amélie said...

Salut Sabine,

Dr. Fail? Sérieusement? Je ne regarde pas cette émission, mais Dr. Fail?! C'est un nom sévère, non?

Une chanson pour Lilly et un livre pour tu et Ava...c'est bizarre, spécialement cet livre avec les noms de Sabine et Ava ensemble.

As-tu voir le livre s'appelle Sabine's Notebook?

Sabine's Notebook est un livre sur les séries des lettres entre Sabine et Griffin. C'est amusant à lire!

De toute façon, c'est bien que tu as une amie américaine comme Lilly. Les americaines qui habitent à Fair Hollow sont les idiotes...


Clickorice~ said...

Haha, Dr. Fail! I like that name a lot. My mother watches Dr. Fail when she's home, but she's been travelling for a few months. :)

I liked learning about Lilly, she seems like an interesting girl! And why would anyone want to be like their parents? Laura and I sure wouldn't want to be like ours!

-Chelsea and Laura

Emily said...

Lilly sounds like a fun friend to have. I think future predictions are funny. And usually so random, yet with some truth to it.


Miranda said...

Dr. Fail is weird, so that's why I only saw the first three seconds of an episode! I would like to be like my mom, but not my dad. My mom had a cool life when she was in Canada. Yeah, I'm Canadian, and so is all my family. I just happened to be born in the U.S.A.