Photography, Halloween, and Fans

Tip #001 for photography contests:
-If you are planning on entering a photo contest on AGPT or in real life and only want to include one of the Fleming twins in your photo, please take a few worthwhile seconds to think again. Include both. Why? CLICK HERE to find out.

I shouldn't have to explain anymore. I will say, however, that Nicki and Vicki are annoying me to an extreme. I have NEVER seen them fight before! I always thought they had the ideal relationship- the relationship I wish I had with my sister. Yeah, well, now, Vicki keeps saying that she is "more equaler" than Nicki and that she is clearly prettier and more photogenic.
Enough about them.

I decided to deviate from my French ways for just one night; I am joining Liz and Ava for trick-or-treating (or what they call "candy bagging") tonight. Oui. Vous avez entendu. I know I swore I would never celebrate this crazy nonsensical holiday, but I kind-of want to dress up. Pictures will be posted ASAP- probably later this week. For now, feel free to guess what I'm going to be.
After tonight, I'll pretend that this never happened...

As for my fan base and thanks to those who commented on my last post, I am starting to think my fan base is actually cool. Seriously, I never had a fan base or admirers when I was in France. I was just Sabine, the brilliant good girl who got the best grades in all her classes. But, I come to America, and people think I am amazing. This is seriously ego-boosting.
This is a rhetorical question, bien sûr, but if you feel like answering it/telling me, go right ahead. What makes me, Sabine Bouchard, so fascinating?


Yet more adoring fans...

I seriously am almost up to Miley Cyrus's level!
Kidding, of course, but I happen to have a fan base now.
MOI?! SABINE AURELIE BOUCHARD?! FAN BASE?!!!!! Je suis heureuse!
That was sarcasm. C'est effroyable! The reason why I am so frightened is simple- Nicki and Vicki have joined Chrissa in their unyielding Sabine obsession. Not that Nicki and Vicki are literally obsessed with me, though- they are far too obsessed with themselves to ever consider me "elite"! Their love for me stems from my hometown and narcissism. Lille has a pervasive Flemish influence and the obnoxious Flemings believe that is because of them. They honestly believe they created the Flemish language and culture! They came up to me and were like, "dag", which is Flemish for "hi". This is getting worse than their Sun Queen thing. Which, by the way, has yet to die down. Just because Fleming happens to be their last name doesn't mean they should actually believe they started the culture! How annoying!
I thought the Flemish thing was funny at first because I really didn't understand it, but now it's older than Christelle and Ava's livid arguments!
Ughhhh...sometimes, I just want to be the only person on Earth...

I believe in time and chance...

...because I'm not one for making plans.
Actually, I am one for making plans. Today is the first free day I have had in awhile, and I wanted to spend it by calling a few of my friends back in France. I need to find out what is going on with Aurélie, plus I also wanted to call Laurette and see how school is. She, as a victim of secretive bullying (je sais...long story. Maybe I'll share later...), agrees with me that Collège Paul Verlaine is prison set up by the French government in order to torture and sequester innocent young teenagers. So, yeah, I desperately want an update on that place.
Aurélie goes to another school. Jealous. CPV was the worst...
I could go on about CPV forever, but does anybody really want to hear about that? Non! Bien sûr que non! 
I guess I'll just tell you how my plans were basically butchered into one million and one pieces.

Basically, I was convinced to go hiking. I never wanted to, but it Nicki and Vicki were begging me and I desperately wanted them to SHUT UP.
I know I haven't talked about those two in awhile, but they have gotten so much worse since the last time they were mentioned. They are not "Queens of the World". Do not call them that, unless you want to be sent to the guillotine and forced to eat 1.5 lbs of peas. French history has corrupted their brains; therefore, they are now "Sun Queens". They also somehow escaped to Belgium and created the Flemish language and culture...yeah, crazy, je sais. But they seriously are now convinced that everybody should study Flemish because that is *their* language.
I'll be honest. I didn't understand the whole "we created Flemish" thing at first. Then, I realized that their last name is Fleming. Of course, it's only natural for them to promote that language...
Anyway, I'm apparently one of their "groupies" now because I have a twin sister and our names kind-of rhyme. We are automatically members of Nicki-Vicki's "twins with rhyming names" society. I think that is so funny because Nicki and Vicki wouldn't even have rhyming names if they didn't go by their nicknames; Sandrine and I naturally have rhyming names. However, they have good days and bad days with Sandrine. On the good days, Sandrine is part of their rhyming names cult. On bad days, Sandrine is a "lowly supercilious snob who actually believes she is better than us!"

Oui, I went hiking with Nicki and Vicki Nicole and Victoria...
I wasn't up to hiking down the hill, so they started making fun of me. "WE ARE THE SUN QUEENS! WE CAN DO EVERYTHING THE BEST!"
Well, I decided to prove them wrong and go down the hill. It didn't work out, to say the least; I WAS WEARING HEELS! I'm sure everybody has figured out by now that the closest thing to sneakers that I wear is flats. I should have worn my old brown shoes, but I love these heels so much. They are so sophisticated and make me feel as such. (I sense an obsession coming on.)
I tripped...
...and landed flat on my face, which resulted in uncontrollable Sun Queen laughter. Wow, I hope Ava never finds out about this. She would never let me live to see the end of it! She is constantly tormenting me about how I never dress "appropriate" for anything. I do dress appropriate; I do not wear sweatpants and t-shirts like she does! D'accord, she doesn't actually dress like that all the time...
Oh? And a bonus? Guess who came running out to join the hike?
The idiots Nicki and Vicki didn't realize that they had locked the door. Thankfully, I made up for their lack of brains and suggested we went back inside through the garage. Poor Chrissa didn't realize that, so she stood by the sliding door and waited until I opened it for her.
Désolée...I know I sound harsh. I just had a very, very long morning. I think I'm going to rest and then call my friends. I'm sure they'd want to hear about this one...


P.S. Everybody needs to go on YouTube and look up "See You In Another Life" by no other than Miley Cyrus. It's probably my new favorite song of hers.
It's disappointing it didn't make it on her Breakout CD; it's so much fun!

And if an ocean lies between us, I'll send a message across the sea...

This morning, I received this e-mail from Aurélie:
Chère Sabine,
Comment ça va? Moi, je suis très occupée avec l’école. Mon prof pour anglais est terrible! Il ne peut pas parler anglais, je crois. Je te promets que ton anglais est mieux! Oui, c’est car tu écoutes toujours à la musique de Miley Cyrus! As-tu entendu son nouveau CD? Je déteste cette chanson, Can’t Be Tamed! Ça m’énerve! J’adore Stay et Take Me Along. Et toi? J’espère que tu n’aimes pas Can’t Be Tamed...
Sabine, je dois dire, ma vie est barbante sans toi. Chanson et Angélique sont chouettes, mais tu es ma meilleure amie! Écoute-moi, je pense que j’irai aux États-Unis. Ça sera une bonne aventure. Toi et moi, nous pouvons aller à Hollywood et voir Miley Cyrus. VOIR MILEY CYRUS! Mon amie, ça serait trop fabuleux! Ah, et nous pouvons faire les magasins et rire a les vêtements américaines effroyables! Sont-elles mal comme tu me dis? Je veux voir! Laides vêtements sont toujours amusants.
Dis-moi, comment est-ce les américaines? Tu as une drôle histoire d’Ava? J’aimais beaucoup l’histoire des haricots. C’était trop hilarant.

I'm too lazy to translate the whole e-mail, but the most important thing is that Aurélie is considering joining me here in America. How cool would that be? 
I have known Mademoiselle Aurélie Faubert since we were eight. I thought she had no friends, so I decided to talk to her. It turns out that she did have friends; they just weren't in our class. Aurélie and I laughed about my silly mistake and we soon became best friends. Aurélie is more reserved than me. She's shy and that sometimes gets in the way of making friends. I guess when you're shy, people think you're stuck-up or something. Once you get to know her, though, she's very talkative and outgoing. 
I'm definitely pushing that she comes here. It would be a great experience for her and it would help her break out of her shell. Trust me, to live here, you have to be outgoing. ;)