Le premier jour de l'école

Salut!!! Vous voulez que je vous dise de le premier jour de l'école? Voilà,  je vais vous dire TOUT...
Fine...maybe I won't tell you everything... ;)

Anyway, how does a perfect start to what should be a perfect day get spoiled? Read on for the answer.
Melanie, Lilly, and I were walking down the hallways. Undoubtedly, we are definitely the coolest kids at this place, so we tried to let people know that by acting confident instead of nervous.
Oh, but we were nervous...er, especially Lilly. If there is anything you need to know about Lilly, it's that things like this give her extreme butterflies in her stomach. Probably mammoth-sized butterflies. It's not that she's nervous about school in general; she's just worried she won't have friends in her class and that she'll end up having nobody to work with when it comes to partner activities. That, for some reason, embarrasses her.

With Lilly and her issues aside, I can move on. We saw Chrissa, and seeing Chrissa answers that question I wrote previously. ;) I don't know what happened, but Chrissa actually looked good for once! She normally wears jeans, sneakers, and whatever shirt she can find (normally tees relating to dance), but it appears as if she put some thought into her look. I was impressed, actually.
Sadly, but in reality, Chrissa is probably far "cooler" and more "popular" than Melanie, Lilly, and I are. I don't care because I'm not looking to win a popularity contest. I'm not looking for cliche school popularity. I'd rather have a few close friends with whom I can talk...and trust. I'm just saying that because Chrissa isn't very cool. At least she isn't to me... 
"Hi, Sabs, Lillith, and Mel!!!" She shrieked as she approached us. Melanie and I smiled and waved back, but Lilly acted quite idiotic. She hugged a pole and prayed for Chrissa to disappear.
...and since Lilly's prayer went unanswered, Lilly slipped into her first period classroom.

Melanie chased after Lilly, so I was stuck alone and exposed. Chrissa could now talk to me in private, and I had no moral support or backup. Chouette.
"You're dressed up," I told her.
"Aw, merci!!!" She shrieked in her obnoxious faux-French accent. "It's the first day of school, and I always try to dress up for the first day."
What? No comment. This is the first time I have seen her dress up for the first day, and I've known her for two years. Wow...
She proceeded to pose for me, and then she informed me that the tee and tank are Liberty Jane.
D'accord? So? Does it even matter where your clothes are from? This is something I have noticed about a lot of Americans. They are such name brand and couture snobs that it isn't even funny! Unless you're Alyson, Ashley, or Alyssa, I doubt the average person (those three aren't average, though) could afford all "designer" things. Me, I get clothes from anywhere. I don't have a major preference. If it's my style and I like it, I'm going to buy it. Now, there are some things I consider to be "investment pieces". For example, if my mom were to buy me a Chanel bag. I wouldn't be like, "WOW, IT'S CHANEL! IT'S DESIGNER! IT'S SO GREAT!" (but you so know Chrissa would do that). I'd just consider it as an investment piece and something I can have for years. I don't care about the name. It's the quality I'm after.

Anyway...enough ranting. I know this was where Chrissa was headed though.

Chrissa then pointed out that she was wearing heels, like me, and that she felt "so French". How annoying! Wearing heels doesn't make you "French". I don't get what she is thinking...? Anyway, I know Chrissa can walk in heels and do it properly because she prances around in her character shoes so much. I just hate how she thinks dressing like me will make her "French". If somebody asked me how to dress French, I couldn't answer. We're people, too. All of us have our own styles, and styles vary from region to region! There is no one way to dress French! Mon dieu, Chrissa...

I decided to talk with Chrissa, and she claimed that she understood perfectly what I was saying. We'll see.
I know this whole post seemed very ranty, but I am deeply bothered by Chrissa's cliche and stereotypical view of France and French culture. She loves France, but she doesn't seem to fully get it...

More on my classes later.


Un tremblement de terre!

Salut, tout le monde!
Mon premier jour de l’école était très intéressent. Il y avait un tremblement de terre, mais je ne connais pas jusqu’à j'ai regardé la télévision! Lilly m'a dit qu'elle l'a senti! Mais, elle parle beaucoup, et elle pourrait mentir...

More on the first day later because I have some photos I need to upload. And really, who cares about sitting in classes and taking notes when there was an earthquake!
An earthquake, oui. A few of my French friends heard about it, and they spammed my email inbox with their questions. To answer those questions, ce n’était pas incroyable! Je ne l'ai pas senti!

With that out of the way, I can safely say that I didn't really feel it. If I did, then I didn't know. I am seriously kicking myself- I sooooo wish I felt that. I could have then added it to my "Strange Experiences in America" list! Lilly claims she felt it because she saw a desk shake and pencil fell off. Hmm...well, that could have been the earthquake, but that also could have been Nellie kicking the desk...

More on school tomorrow!


Back-to-School Panic Attacks

Salut tout le monde!
Oui, as you can see, I have been extremely busy, and I thank my Honors English summer assignments for that. School starts tomorrow, and I am so worried that my essays won't be good enough. I had Lilly proofread them, but she claims she isn't good at grammar. I was going to ask Ava, but she said that was busy with the assignments as well. Therefore, she didn't have time to read mine.
It looks like this year will be hectic. Here's my schedule:
I have gym, biology, and photography with Lilly, so that is always a plus. I'm most excited for my psychology class, though. I wish I could have taken sociology this year, but the class was full. :(
Oh well. Photography could be interesting. I've never tried to take artsy photos, but Lilly convinced me to sign up for it with her. I guess this means I could try and hit my parents up for a new digital camera? I have my mom's old one, and it isn't in great working condition. I normally use my phone to snap quick photos, anyway.

I am a little nervous, so I'm hoping tomorrow goes well. I'll update everybody as soon as I get home. I have an outfit picked out and everything. It's so weird to think that in America, 9th grade is your first year of high school. The French equivalent is 3ème, and that is still collège (middle school)! I sent some of my friends back in Lille an email, and they feel like that makes me older than them, even if we are the same age.

I just want it to work out.


Mon nouveau chemisier!

Salut, tout le monde!
It finally came- that is, my lovely new shirt from the just as lovely Wickfield!!! It is such a flattering shirt on me. I love the ruffles down the front, and black is a great color for redheads like me.
Here are a few photos. I'll try to get some better ones later.
It's probably my favorite shirt ever. I was completely excited to see the envelope in the mailbox today.
Thanks, Wickfield!