Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mon nouveau chemisier!

Salut, tout le monde!
It finally came- that is, my lovely new shirt from the just as lovely Wickfield!!! It is such a flattering shirt on me. I love the ruffles down the front, and black is a great color for redheads like me.
Here are a few photos. I'll try to get some better ones later.
It's probably my favorite shirt ever. I was completely excited to see the envelope in the mailbox today.
Thanks, Wickfield!



Isabella Valentina S. said...

That shirt is adorable. The color looks amazing on you. ☺

Emily said...

You look lovely, Sabine! It's so fun to get new clothes. I just got the blue Lanie nature tee. I think I look quite cute in it. Enjoy your new top!


The Green Girls said...

Looks fantastic! Black is a good colour for you, and the ruffles are great. Very stylish!

The Green Girls

Miranda said...

That shirt is ADORABLE! And black DOES look good on you! :)


Lucy said...

Looks great! I agree, it's very flattering on you. Good job, Wickfield! =)

Aurora said...

I agree with everyone else, it's a great top! I wish more people would offer darker colors and more neutrals.