Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back-to-School Panic Attacks

Salut tout le monde!
Oui, as you can see, I have been extremely busy, and I thank my Honors English summer assignments for that. School starts tomorrow, and I am so worried that my essays won't be good enough. I had Lilly proofread them, but she claims she isn't good at grammar. I was going to ask Ava, but she said that was busy with the assignments as well. Therefore, she didn't have time to read mine.
It looks like this year will be hectic. Here's my schedule:
I have gym, biology, and photography with Lilly, so that is always a plus. I'm most excited for my psychology class, though. I wish I could have taken sociology this year, but the class was full. :(
Oh well. Photography could be interesting. I've never tried to take artsy photos, but Lilly convinced me to sign up for it with her. I guess this means I could try and hit my parents up for a new digital camera? I have my mom's old one, and it isn't in great working condition. I normally use my phone to snap quick photos, anyway.

I am a little nervous, so I'm hoping tomorrow goes well. I'll update everybody as soon as I get home. I have an outfit picked out and everything. It's so weird to think that in America, 9th grade is your first year of high school. The French equivalent is 3ème, and that is still collège (middle school)! I sent some of my friends back in Lille an email, and they feel like that makes me older than them, even if we are the same age.

I just want it to work out.



The Greens and The Roses said...

Hello, this is Josefina. :-)

Good luck tomorrow, Sabine! It sounds like a busy schedule... but also a fun and interesting one.

It's good that you have some classes with Lilly. It's always reassuring to have old friends close by.

Cool that you're taking photography! I take photographs (and write) for my school paper, and I did a photography workshop over the summer. It was super fun!

Looking forward to seeing your pictures. :-)


Montana Girls said...

Good luck, Sabine! I think photography will be fun. I'm thinking about looking into something like that myself.

I don't know if I've introduced myself to you yet or not. I'm Mac Scarlatti, a cousin of Emily's. I'm 13 and starting 8th grade. I wish I was in high school!


Anonymous said...

That looks a lot like Naia's schedule, she's such a brain :)

Good luck!

<3 Rory