LMPT: Quel temps fait-il aujourd'hui?

Bonjour, tous ceux qui lit ce blog!

The first round for the LMPT contest was "weather", and I had the most perfect idea, which was partially inspired by my lovely hometown of Lille.
I, Sandrine Giselle Bouchard, decided to be your charismatic weather girl.

Now, let's analyze my choice of clothing. I decided to borrow Sabine's clothes. Ha, I obviously didn't learn my lesson, but whatever. Je m'en fous. She didn't whine, surprisingly, because she considers these clothes to be "old". I just felt that a black blazer screamed "professional", "weather girl", and "look at me- I'm on the five o'clock news!" Feel free to disagree, though.

I also...ugh...wore pants. Those who know me well know that I despise pants/jeans/etc. with a passion. They aren't fun, and they aren't cute. I much prefer skirts, merci beaucoup. Once again, I just felt that pants looked like something a weather girl would wear. I also wore heels, and enjoy it! I rarely do this, considering that my pointe shoes tear up my feet enough.

Also, yay for meilleures amies! I enlisted Malorie to help me out, and she agreed. I dressed her up as a thunderstorm. The reason I went with a storm was because it rains ALL THE TIME in Lille. Why not pay homage to my hometown? That, and I had the best idea for a thunderstorm costume. Here Malorie is rocking it:

Her attractive head wear is supposed to resemble a cloud. It is made of crumbled up pieces of paper. I originally wanted to make it out of cotton balls and packaging peanuts, but we didn't have any of those. I figured that paper was the next best thing. Isn't it crazy-looking?

I taped a lightening bolt made of aluminum foil to her chest. If it's going to be a terrible storm, lightening might as well be involved! I like that the lightening is shiny; that was the look I was going for. Her outfit is all-white, too, considering she's supposed to be a cloud. I would have much rather went with all-gray, but we are lacking in that department.

Finalement, la pluie! En anglais, c'est-à-dire "the rain". I'm actually most impressed with the rain. It is made from cut up strips of zip-lock bags, and they are taped to Malorie's arms. They are kind-of thick strips, which is supposed to represent a torrential downpour.

Did you enjoy the behind-the-scenes shots? I certainly hope you did, seeing as I had so much fun with this round. I loved creating Melanie's costume as well as taking our photo for this round. Oh, and speaking of that, the moment you have been waiting for:

On the top of the backdrop is the sentence, "Quel temps fait-il aujourd'hui?" That means, "What is the weather today?" Malorie is representing the daily forecast in Lille while I'm clearly telling my lovely "viewers" about it.

That was the behind-the-scenes look at my entry for LMPT Round 1. Keep checking back for similar entries for every round!


Little Miss Playthings!

Bonsoir, tous ceux qui lit ce blog!
I decided to enter the Little Miss Playthings photo contest this year, and I cannot be more thrilled. I believe that Sabine wanted to enter, and I'm sure she whined about the fact that I entered the contest instead.

Seriously, do you really think I forgot about Sabine and her reaction to me wearing her dress? Oui, je suis fâchée! Sabine m'énerve! Mon dieu, elle m'énerve! I'm not going to forget about her actions too easily. I know that I have issues, but Sabine is pretty messed up, too. Actually, I'm not saying that in a bad way. You'd know what I meant if you lived with our mom. It's a blessing that we had the fortune to come study in America. Living with that woman was a nightmare. We don't even visit during school holidays, though Sabine is actually sorely tempted to visit. Um, ew. The only person I'd want to see is our dad, but I can always Skype him. I don't want to be around my mom or brother- two people who hate my guts.

Anyway, here is a little photoshoot I did to "get in the mood". You'll be seeing a lot more of me on this blog; this is just the beginning. ;)

I hope you enjoyed the photoshoot that ended up giving me a good photo for my "profile" on the LMPT site. Speaking of the website, go check it out! Oh, and be sure to vote! You don't have to vote for me, of course, but every vote I do get is much appreciated. There are many amazing people who have entered, so just vote for who you want to vote for...but definitely vote. Your voice counts, too! :)

Oh, and keep checking back here. I will post special behind-the-scenes photos and stories behind my entries to each round for the contest!

Gros bisous,

8th Grade Graduation: Deux

Salut, tout le monde!
It looks like Sandrine already told you about 8th grade graduation, but she didn't tell you the complete story. To be honest, I felt a little uncomfortable that she tried to make me out to be "the bad guy". She wasn't completely in the wrong, either, but I felt a little upset and hurt by the whole situation.
To make a long story short, Mère decided to buy us little presents for completing the school year. She knew that I needed a new party dress of my own since I always wear Sandrine's fur-trimmed dress, so when she found the perfect dress on sale (for a very good price, may I add) at Galeries Lafayette, she knew she had to buy it for me. She bought Sandrine a present, too, but she mailed them separately, and Sandrine's gift just arrived today.

When I went to get dressed for the ceremony, I couldn't find my dress. I looked everywhere, and I eventually found it where I didn't want to find it: on Sandrine. We share clothes all the time, and we are both good about doing so, but for some reason, Sandrine wasn't doing her part. She knows to ask me whenever she wants to wear something new of mine that I haven't worn yet. Instead, she just took my dress and proclaimed that it's more her style and that the sharing rule shouldn't matter since I don't normally care. Oui, I don't normally care...when it comes to old clothes! I can't believe I actually argued with her about why I should wear the dress. She wasn't going to listen to me anyway. Angry and fed up, I ended the argument with, "Je vais porter quelque chose qui est vieille!" I put extra emphasis on the last word, and that really ticked off Sandrine. I didn't mean to, though. I let my anger get the best of me.

I didn't speak to her all evening because I knew that it was best for me to ignore her than to say something I might regret and get her started again. I mean, I did say something to her about the awful "diplomas", but that was it. Sandrine did tell me, "Tu regardes mignonne!"
While she might have been saying that to try and clear the air between us, I took it the wrong way. I took it as she only said I looked cute to make me feel better about the fact she took my dress. To be honest, I was actually looking forward to 8th grade graduation. Yeah, the idea behind it is a little silly, but I couldn't wait to wear that dress with leggings and my black blazer to celebrate. Instead, I was stuck wearing clothes I've had for years. There's nothing wrong with that, but I wanted to wear something special for the occasion.

Something entertaining did come out of the evening, and that was Nicki and Vicki's matching outfits. They always match or coordinate, and it makes me so mad. Because of them, many people expect for Sandrine and I to dress all "cutesy" and "twin-like". That is neither of our styles, and anyway, Nicki and Vicki aren't entirely normal. I thought that they looked cute, though. I especially liked Vicki's outfit, seeing as I like pants more than dresses.

I did feel bad for Taylor because Vicki took her diploma...

...and Nicki tore it!

I didn't think they would take their hatred to that extreme. Taylor laughed it off and said it was just a diploma for graduating eighth grade. She said if it were her high school diploma, she would probably hurt them. I'm glad Taylor wasn't too offended. She knew what to expect with those two. ;)


8th Grade Graduation!

Bonjour, tous ceux qui lit ce blog! C'est Sandrine, et j'ai beaucoup de vous dire!
First off, Americans know how to turn the most meaningless things into a sappy, tear-jerking event that is supposed to be remembered forever. That's where they're wrong. I will not remember this forever. This is completely meaningless.
I'm talking about 8th grade graduation...or about the idea of graduation in general. It's definitely an American thing; we don't have that in France. What we have is the baccalauréat- it's a really hard exam that you take during your last year of lycée (high school) to gain entrance into higher levels of education. Le bac is the main reason why I want to hurt Americans who whine about the ACT and SAT. Compared to the bac, those tests are JOKES. I could probably make better scores on the ACT and SAT at age 14 than the people who take them as juniors and seniors in high school.
However, it's not like I really care about the ACT, SAT, or the bac. I could actually be pretty smart at school, but je m'en fous. It's SCHOOL- the one form of torture that is consistent throughout the world. Looking back at my report cards from France, I can safely say that I could have done much better than getting 8s, 9s, and even one 6. I didn't make awful grades because I was stupid, because um, I'm totally anything but stupid. I made bad grades because I was lazy and didn't care. Some of my teachers back in France actually called me "nulle". Um. No. Someday, I will be dancing at the Palais Garnier. I wouldn't call a dancer- an artist- that! I just don't need school to dance...or to style hair...or to do make-up. Basically, I don't need school for any of my chosen career paths! When I was little, I said I wanted to be a ballerina and a princess; I still want to be both! (Hey, I could become the princess of Monaco someday!)

Now, fast-forward to the United States. I still don't care about school, and I make straight As in everything but geometry, in which I typically get a B. The American educational system is just far less time-consuming than the French one, not to mention academics are easier over here. It's like I'm doing elementary school work in middle school!

The one thing I do hate, however, about education in America is that I am stuck meeting with an English as a Second Language tutor once a week. Ugh. It's terrible. I'm in the accelerated English class, and I'm doing just fine. I don't need to "check in" or have my vocabulary words read to me when the pronunciations are underneath the definition. If anything, I need some geometry help! Help me find the missing angle measurement of triangle QRS or whatever.

My complaint about 8th grade graduation is that it is more meaningless than high school graduation. I mean, seriously. Come on! What are we celebrating? The end of 8th grade which is followed by more years of mundane schooling? That's what's NULLE here!!! Not me!!!

As you can see, I really hate school. Excuse the rant.

Something I hate almost as much as school is having a whiny twin sister who believes life is the All About Sabine Show. To make a long story short (though it will probably be long), our mom sent Sabine a new black dress...emphasis on the fact it was for Sabine. When dealing with people like my sister and me, it's best to purchase these things in twos. Anyway, I decided that I would look completely awesome in that dress and that it would be the perfect thing for me for 8th grade lame graduation. Sabine and I share clothes, so I didn't think wearing the dress would be a big deal. J'AI EU TORT. When Sabine saw me wearing it, she flipped out and said, "C'est la mienne!" Um, so? I wear her stuff all the time without asking; why should this be any different? She proceeded to scream at me about how Mère bought the dress specifically for her and so on and so forth, and I definitely fought for my right to the dress. Sabine continued to pout, and then she eventually gave up and said she'd wear something vieille. The way she said "old" stung me, but I brushed it off. Her problem, not mine. This is why Sabine and I do not and will never get along. We're both too darn stubborn, plus she's just a whiny spoiled brat.

Oh, and to make it worse, our parents demanded photos of us together at the ceremony. Can't you just sense the love in these photos? Sabine wouldn't move in closer because she didn't want to be near me.

Sabine's behavior was just downright ridiculous and inexcusable. She wouldn't talk to me or look at me in the eyes. I even told her that her outfit was cute, but she brushed it off and said I was just saying that to try to make her forget about the dress.

We got these awfully printed certificates or diplomas or whatever you want to call them. Like, what? What on Earth will I do with this? It's not like it's actually that important. They look so cheap and bad; it's not even funny!

Sabine did decide to actually talk to me during the event, but that was about the cheap pieces of paper with our names on them. "Qu'est-ce que c'est? Qu'est-ce que je fais avec ce papier?"
Oh, Sabine! Je ne sais pas! Jette-le à la poubelle? Mets-le sur ton miroir? Qu'est-ce que tu veux que je te dise?
Of course, I didn't reveal my utterly sarcastic thoughts, though I wanted to. If Sabine was going to ignore me, then I could give her the silent treatment, too.

I did get my picture taken with Chrissa, though. Thank goodness that SOMEBODY is normal around here!

I have many things to blog about, so stay tuned! I entered the Little Miss Playthings photo contest this year, so I'll be sharing behind-the-scenes, insider info about my photos. Good luck to everyone else who entered, by the way. :)
And no worries. I won't be complaining about school for awhile. It's summer! It's time to live it up! Au revoir, la géométrie!!!

Sandrine <3

Folie à deux

Salut, tout le monde! Comment allez-vous?
Between decorating for the dance; studying for finales; practicing for the talent show; trying to decide what song to sing for the talent show; and prepping for 8th grade graduation, life has been hectic around here, so I haven't had much time to post.
After my audition, I had to rush to room in which the dance is being held so I could begin decorating. Lilly was the only other person there at first, and we were worried that we'd have to decorate alone. We decided to wait to see if anyone else was going to join us before we headed into serious business, so we just relaxed. I practiced my autograph (for when I'm famous, bien sûr) while Lilly obsessed over her serious problem.
"Ugh, Sabine!!! If my GPA isn't at least a 3.6, my parents are going to randomly shut my phone off without warning...again!"
I sighed. Lilly was a very bright girl, but she didn't exactly pour her heart into her academics. The only subject she is truly interested in is science-particularly biology and anatomy- so her other courses tend to take the backseat. "I offered to tutor you in French," I informed Lilly.
Lilly groaned. "You know I hate French with a passion. You also know I hate grammar. Seriously, you probably even write in English better than I do!"
I laughed. "I don't know about that."
"For one thing, I can't spell. For another, I don't know how to use commas properly," Lilly informed me.
"Comma usage is one of the hardest things about English," I did agree with her on that. While English was definitely my strongest subject (next to Spanish, which is extremely easy considering it is a Romance language), commas were always something that baffled me. We don't use them in French like they are used in English.
"Yeah, well. It's whatever. Really. I'm cool. I want to be a doctor, anyway. I guess it doesn't matter if my parents shut off my phone, either. I lost it...AGAIN," Lilly rolled her eyes. She was always misplacing ("losing" isn't exactly the word I'd use) her phone, and to make matters worse, the battery was oftentimes dead or the volume was off. "It's an iPhone, so I'm just worried about people stealing it. That is something that people without scruples would steal, you know!!!" Lilly added, then she paused. "What are you doing, ANYWAY, Sabine?!?!?!"
"Oh, I'm practicing my autograph for when I'm famous. Which one do you like best?"

Before Lilly could answer me, we were interrutped by incessent honking and loud, obnoxious cheers.

And then we saw it...or rather, them. Chouette...and I say chouette in the most sarcastic way possible.

"Bonjour, enfants de la patrie! Don't worry; we're here now! Did you two really believe that you'd have to decorate alone? The Sun Queens are skilled decorators. I mean, have you seen Versailles? We know you have Sabine, but we probably can't say the same for Lilly!" Nicki laughed.
"I've seen pictures. Isn't Versailles that palace with the mirror gallery or whatever it's called?" Lilly snapped.
"Galerie des glaces," Vicki corrected Lilly. Lilly was one of my closest friends and all, but sometimes, I couldn't believe the things she said. She wasn't exactly...open-minded, per se.
"I stand corrected. Merci a lot!" Lilly gave me a look which said, "I want the Flemings to leave!" I couldn't blame her; Nicki and Vicki were extremely obnoxious and overbearing. They liked to take over and control EVERYTHING. When they were involved, it was the Nicki and Vicki Show. Everybody else was just a mere spectator!
"Beaucoup! This is a Franglais free zone! You're in French class! You should know these easy things!" Vicki snapped. "Your accent is terrible when you try to speak French!"
Lilly smirked. "Please...like I actually care."
"Maybe you should. It's useful to know a foreign language. Look at me," I said. I felt a little offended by Lilly's ignorant comment.
"This is America. Everybody speaks English here, and if they don't, they should," Lilly replied.
I didn't say anything after that. It was useless to get her to see that knowing a foreign language can open so many doors. She wants to be a doctor, and I definitely feel that it would be useful in that field...in case she ever gets a patient whose native language is French. Sadly, I've realized that it's a large part of American mentality to look down on knowing another language. I know not all Americans feel that way, but a lot do. It drives me crazy.

My rant aside, Vicki glared at the decorations, and I mean glared. "This looks awful! I could obviously do better!" 

While Vicki was criticizing the decorations (which weren't even set up properly yet!), Nicki found my English notebook, which contained my practice autographs. She brandished it while I tried to yank it from her hand. "Ooh, what's this?" She cooed.
"Give it back!" I raised my voice. While I had nothing to hide, I still didn't want her to see my practice autographs That would kind-of embarrass me. 
Nicki laughed. "You have to fight for some things in life, Sabine."
Yeah, I agreed with that statement, but I shouldn't have to fight for my English notebook!

"Hi! Sorry I'm late! I had to audition for the talent show last. I guess it doesn't really matter, seeing that I'm here now!" A voice beamed. It was Taylor. I knew that trouble would follow, considering Nicki and Vicki have an intense hatred towards Taylor. I couldn't even tell you why; I don't understand it myself! I do know that it has to do with the fact Taylor looks similar to them, but if that's all there is to it, then their animosity is very ridiculous. 

Nicki and Vicki decided to be their usual immature selves and scream at the sight of Taylor. They then proceeded to hide behind the Eiffel Tower and cringe in fear and disgust. 
"She's here..." Vicki whispered.
"Don't make any sudden movements. She's on to us," Nicki added. 

"I guess I'll place the flag at the top of the tower. I can't believe that hasn't been done yet!" Taylor exclaimed as she began climbing. I couldn't believe it, either. I was certain that Nicki and Vicki would kill each other trying to decide who gets to put the flag at the top of the tower. 

Well, I was half right. Nicki and Vicki were LIVID, and I mean LIVID when they saw what Taylor was doing.
"HEY! YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!" Nicki shouted.
"Yeah, putting the tricolore at the top of the tower is like putting the star or angel on top of a Christmas tree! It's a special duty reserved for special people, and special people clearly means ME...or Nicki..." Vicki stated in a very matter-of-fact kind of voice.
"I don't know who you think you are. May I add that we are Sun Queens? Therefore, we have authority over you and take priority over you," Nicki whined. 
Taylor rolled her eyes. "Well, I'm sorry. I was just trying to help out. You aren't the only two on the decorating committee, you know."
"BE THAT WAY!" And with that, Nicki and Vicki proceeded to shake the tower.

"Ugh! Please stop! I'm not in the mood to fall today. I do that enough with cheerleading! Just stop! Please! I'll drop the flag and let you put it on top. Anything!" Taylor cried out in fear of being shaken off. Taylor was right; she did get enough of that with cheerleading. She was a flyer on the cheer squad, which meant that she was usually the one who was thrown in the air. Mia is on the cheer squad, too, and she never really helped with catching Taylor, so Taylor usually ended up falling. This was precisely why I found a lot of American sports to be silly- I would not trust somebody to throw me and catch me! It sounds a little scary.

Taylor climbed down from the Tower, and she felt uneasy on her feet. Vicki was unfortunately waiting for her, and Vicki grabbed Taylor and said, "Why, thank you."
"No problem," Taylor winced.

All of the sudden, Vicki's cell phone began to ring. I later found out that awful ringtone she had was called "Pretty Girl Rock" by Keri Hilson. It was about the most horrible song I have ever heard, but it definitely fit Nicki and Vicki's personality. (They are basically clones of each other, so they don't have different personalities.)
Micki, Nicki and Vicki's cousin, then entered the room, climbed on a chair, and began to sing something that was obviously a parody of the "Pretty Girl Rock".
"My name is Vicki 
And I'm so sticky
My, oh my, it's a little bit icky
Boys are so picky
Because they choose Micki
Over me and my twin Nicki"

The parody made me laugh so hard; I couldn't breathe at all! I literally rolled on the floor laughing!

Lilly then approached Micki and said, "Don't you have to actually be pretty to have that as your ringtone?"
Micki laughed and said, "Yes! Why do you think I made up that parody?"

Lilly then approached me. "I see that somebody thought that was funny."
"It was hilarious," I replied. "They kind-of asked for it."

"I'm glad that you liked it, Sabine," Micki told me. "I seem to have a gift for making up parodies on the spot."
I nodded in agreement. "You definitely do. This one may have been better than the other one you made up."
"NOTHING is better than my parody of 'Red High Heels'. Come on!" Micki laughed.

Nicki and Vicki soon decided that Taylor and I needed nicknames. I was stuck being Sabs, which was what Chrissa always called me. I hated it so much, and I found nicknames in general to be obnoxious. However, Nicki and Vicki thought that it was funny that Chrissa called me that, so they wanted to, too. Taylor was stuck being TayTay, which, in my opinion, isn't much better than being called Sabs. The twins even wrote these nicknames on a star:

And lastly, the twins demanded that we take a group photo of "the best decorating committee ever that happens to have one terrible member":

At the rate we were going, I felt like we would never finish decorating. I really wanted to vote Nicki and Vicki off the island at that point.


Into the Spotlight

Bonsoir, tout le monde!
Moi, Sabine Bouchard- je suis née pour chanter. J'adorais toujours chanter. Mes amis et ma famille me disent que j'ai de jolie voix. J'espère qu'ils ne mentent pas!
I'm not sure if you guys know this or not, but I really love to sing, and I always have. I've been singing since I was a little girl. My first idol was French pop singer Alizée. She was a pretty big deal back in the early 2000s. She was to me what Hilary Duff was to many of the girls in the US. However, Alizée didn't really make a lasting impression on me- I wasn't a fan of hers for very long. Don't get me wrong, I still listen to some of her songs, but I've moved on to other singers. Obviously, Miley Cyrus was one of those singers! Now, Miley had a lasting impression on me, and I don't see that ever changing. Not only did she encourage me to keep on singing, she also encouraged me to learn English. I don't think my English would be as good is it is if it weren't for Miley!
Now, back to my singing. I sang along to everything, even Edith Piaf! My family and friends told me that I had a good voice, and I trusted them. I have even had strangers confront me and tell me that my voice was pretty good (my friends and I used to sing outside of the Palais des Beaux-Arts), but for some reason, I never felt like I could audition for the talent show at my American boarding school.
There was one reason for that. Taylor Rae Stewart.

Taylor was one of the first people I met when I came to the United States. I really wanted to be her friend after I saw her interacting with her friends. She seemed genuinely nice, talkative, and she had the image of just a sweet girl. Well, I stood corrected. She was all of those things to everybody else except for me. Taylor never really seemed to like me. Whenever I tried to talk to her, she kept her responses short and choppy. She sometimes even ignored me. Eventually, I quit trying to talk to her. I figured that she was probably treating me terribly because I was being too persistent in my quest to be her friend. I understand that kind of behavior is annoying, but that is how Lilly became my friend- Lilly harassed me in math class when I first came to the States. She needed help and turned to me. Back to Taylor, though, before I get too sidetracked...
Then, I heard her sing. She had an amazing voice, and I could tell that she liked to sing as much as I do. I later found out from Melanie that Taylor has a collection of her favorite song lyrics, and I do, too. (I'm obsessed with song lyrics, in case you didn't know.) Taylor wants to be a country singer while I want to be the next Miley Cyrus. Taylor also won the talent show three years in row! The talent show has only existed for those three years, too, and I'm sure Taylor is coming back this year for her fourth win.
I told Melanie to audition, too, because she does have a beautiful voice. It's gorgeous. It's so pure and crisp. Melanie can sing anything. Taylor's voice only works for country songs while mine only works for pop. Melanie, however, was uneasy about my suggestion. She knows that she can sing. She is just very shy and apprehensive, especially since she was bullied at her old middle school for being musically and academically gifted. People thought she was a snob because of her talents and smarts as well as her beauty. She also said that while she doesn't mind playing her instruments in front of large crowds, she doesn't like to sing in front of people. I told Melanie not to worry, and she finally gave into my demands. She said that she'd audition if I audition.
So there. I auditioned. I sang "Dream" by Miley Cyrus. It's one of my favorite songs of all time!

My reason for being scared to audition was different from Melanie's. I don't care about the size of the crowd. I love singing in front of people! I just didn't want to audition for something that would land me a place amongst Taylor. Even though I really haven't talked to her in years, I feel uncomfortable doing anything with her. She makes me feel awkward, and I probably have the same affect on her. When I began to sing, I felt so liberated. I didn't even think of Taylor during my audition! I thought of myself...and someday having a sold out world tour. After all, some of the lyrics to the song I sang are, "Nothing's ever out of reach, so dream, dream, dream." ;)

After my "performance", the "judges" (basically my fellow classmates Alyssa Edwards, Kailey Hopkins, and Kaya Antonmy) told me that made it! I will be performing in the talent show! I am completely elated! I believe that those three chose the contestants fairly because they normally do not like me. Kailey, um, actually told me that she hated me but could admit that I have a nice voice. I guess that was a compliment...a strange one, but a compliment nonetheless.

Oh, and it gets better! Guess who approached me after my audition?

OUI. Taylor!!! She ran up to me and gave me a huge hug. "You did great!" She told me. "You have such a nice voice, and I really like the song you sang. I think Miley should stick to singing songs like that!"

"Good luck in the talent show! I'm glad you auditioned. You have such a good chance of winning, actually. I think so, anyway," Taylor also added.
Maybe I was too tough on Taylor? I mean, yeah, I was annoying, and she might have been ruder about it than necessary. But maybe, just maybe, there was a misunderstanding on both ends? It's funny how something such as talent show auditions could bring us together after not really speaking for awhile. That's just the way life works, I guess. Everything happens for a reason. To top it all off, Taylor even wanted to pose for a silly photo with me...

I should have posted about this days ago, but things have been hectic around here. I'll be posting about decorating for the dance next time I post, and in between this post and that post, Sandrine might tell you about 8th grade graduation. Julien probably also wants to tell you about his life, too.