8th Grade Graduation!

Bonjour, tous ceux qui lit ce blog! C'est Sandrine, et j'ai beaucoup de vous dire!
First off, Americans know how to turn the most meaningless things into a sappy, tear-jerking event that is supposed to be remembered forever. That's where they're wrong. I will not remember this forever. This is completely meaningless.
I'm talking about 8th grade graduation...or about the idea of graduation in general. It's definitely an American thing; we don't have that in France. What we have is the baccalauréat- it's a really hard exam that you take during your last year of lycée (high school) to gain entrance into higher levels of education. Le bac is the main reason why I want to hurt Americans who whine about the ACT and SAT. Compared to the bac, those tests are JOKES. I could probably make better scores on the ACT and SAT at age 14 than the people who take them as juniors and seniors in high school.
However, it's not like I really care about the ACT, SAT, or the bac. I could actually be pretty smart at school, but je m'en fous. It's SCHOOL- the one form of torture that is consistent throughout the world. Looking back at my report cards from France, I can safely say that I could have done much better than getting 8s, 9s, and even one 6. I didn't make awful grades because I was stupid, because um, I'm totally anything but stupid. I made bad grades because I was lazy and didn't care. Some of my teachers back in France actually called me "nulle". Um. No. Someday, I will be dancing at the Palais Garnier. I wouldn't call a dancer- an artist- that! I just don't need school to dance...or to style hair...or to do make-up. Basically, I don't need school for any of my chosen career paths! When I was little, I said I wanted to be a ballerina and a princess; I still want to be both! (Hey, I could become the princess of Monaco someday!)

Now, fast-forward to the United States. I still don't care about school, and I make straight As in everything but geometry, in which I typically get a B. The American educational system is just far less time-consuming than the French one, not to mention academics are easier over here. It's like I'm doing elementary school work in middle school!

The one thing I do hate, however, about education in America is that I am stuck meeting with an English as a Second Language tutor once a week. Ugh. It's terrible. I'm in the accelerated English class, and I'm doing just fine. I don't need to "check in" or have my vocabulary words read to me when the pronunciations are underneath the definition. If anything, I need some geometry help! Help me find the missing angle measurement of triangle QRS or whatever.

My complaint about 8th grade graduation is that it is more meaningless than high school graduation. I mean, seriously. Come on! What are we celebrating? The end of 8th grade which is followed by more years of mundane schooling? That's what's NULLE here!!! Not me!!!

As you can see, I really hate school. Excuse the rant.

Something I hate almost as much as school is having a whiny twin sister who believes life is the All About Sabine Show. To make a long story short (though it will probably be long), our mom sent Sabine a new black dress...emphasis on the fact it was for Sabine. When dealing with people like my sister and me, it's best to purchase these things in twos. Anyway, I decided that I would look completely awesome in that dress and that it would be the perfect thing for me for 8th grade lame graduation. Sabine and I share clothes, so I didn't think wearing the dress would be a big deal. J'AI EU TORT. When Sabine saw me wearing it, she flipped out and said, "C'est la mienne!" Um, so? I wear her stuff all the time without asking; why should this be any different? She proceeded to scream at me about how Mère bought the dress specifically for her and so on and so forth, and I definitely fought for my right to the dress. Sabine continued to pout, and then she eventually gave up and said she'd wear something vieille. The way she said "old" stung me, but I brushed it off. Her problem, not mine. This is why Sabine and I do not and will never get along. We're both too darn stubborn, plus she's just a whiny spoiled brat.

Oh, and to make it worse, our parents demanded photos of us together at the ceremony. Can't you just sense the love in these photos? Sabine wouldn't move in closer because she didn't want to be near me.

Sabine's behavior was just downright ridiculous and inexcusable. She wouldn't talk to me or look at me in the eyes. I even told her that her outfit was cute, but she brushed it off and said I was just saying that to try to make her forget about the dress.

We got these awfully printed certificates or diplomas or whatever you want to call them. Like, what? What on Earth will I do with this? It's not like it's actually that important. They look so cheap and bad; it's not even funny!

Sabine did decide to actually talk to me during the event, but that was about the cheap pieces of paper with our names on them. "Qu'est-ce que c'est? Qu'est-ce que je fais avec ce papier?"
Oh, Sabine! Je ne sais pas! Jette-le à la poubelle? Mets-le sur ton miroir? Qu'est-ce que tu veux que je te dise?
Of course, I didn't reveal my utterly sarcastic thoughts, though I wanted to. If Sabine was going to ignore me, then I could give her the silent treatment, too.

I did get my picture taken with Chrissa, though. Thank goodness that SOMEBODY is normal around here!

I have many things to blog about, so stay tuned! I entered the Little Miss Playthings photo contest this year, so I'll be sharing behind-the-scenes, insider info about my photos. Good luck to everyone else who entered, by the way. :)
And no worries. I won't be complaining about school for awhile. It's summer! It's time to live it up! Au revoir, la géométrie!!!

Sandrine <3

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The Greens and The Roses said...

Congratulations to you both on your graduation! Even if it was a mixed bag...