Hey, Soul Sister!

Everybody is still obsessing over the pile, but I'm obsessing over this:
D'accord, I'm not really obsessed with this, just somewhat annoyed.
Today at school, Lilly approached me in the hallway and this was our conversation-
Lilly: Hey, Sabine!
Moi: Salut, Lilly. Good luck on your French exam, or maybe I should say bonne chance!
Lilly: Uh. I already know I'm going to get a C at best...anyway, on to more important things!
Moi: *rolls eyes while Lilly keeps talking*
Lilly: Have you ever seen anybody that looks so much like you, it's scary?
(I just nod. I mean, she knows the answer to that- I'm an identical twin...well, when Sandrine doesn't have her colored contacts in, c'est-à-dire.
Lilly: Well, Melanie is basically my soul sister! She is ME, just pumped up on bleach!

At that point, I smile weakly and walk to Spanish class, totally annoyed with Lilly's stupidity. "Soul sisters" is just a misnomer; to actually use that, you have to have stuff in common with the person...not just almost identical looks! I have more in common with Mel than Lilly does. Mel and I love music, plus we're total language people. Well, Melanie's WAY better at Spanish than I'll ever be! Lilly's subject is limited to science- she wants to be a neurosurgeon.

Before we took the Spanish exam, Mel and I talked about this whole thing with Lilly. Mel doesn't really care; she just shrugged when I said it annoyed me. That's the thing about Melanie; she's very relaxed and just goes with the flow.

However, she agrees that "soul sister" isn't the right term. She also said that people just happen to look like others. Definitely- people may look like me, but I would go as far as to call us long lost twins or soul sisters.

I will give Lilly some credit- the names Melanie and Lillian sound awesome together.

Oh, and I got an A on my Spanish exam. Ava was furious that she got a B...funny story...


Moi, Sabine

Regardez-moi. Qu'est-ce que vous pensez que vous me connaissez?
Regardez la photo:
 (photo courtesy of Nellie M. O'Malley and the rest of the D.A. staff)

Oui, c'est moi...dead-center in a heap of people probably suffering from pain, anger, downright confusion, or all of the above. The question is, how did THIS happen?
If you avidly read my blog or happen to know me, you'll know that I have no coordination whatsoever. To go along with this coordination, my vestibular sense is probably off about 99.99% of the time. 
If Lilly coerces me to try out for dance team (with her!) again...well...that's a different story for a different day. She's no more coordinated than I am. My last post? Yeah. Prime example.
D'accord, so maybe I'm not that uncoordinated, but it's a decent enough exaggeration that I'm using to get my point across. I do clumsy things all the time, but not because I'm Queen Uncoordinated, but rather because I daydream and sometimes shut out reality.
And I appear stupid, or spaz-like, which leads me to another effect of this...um...pile.
I am apparently being called "Sabine the Spaz" now. Catchy and clever, non? I'd say so....or at least it was. Now, it's just downright old news. 

I could tell you what happened verbatim, but it reminds me of something horrible that happened to me back in France. Something I'd rather not relive. Especially not at this particular moment. Oui, I keep secrets. They are locked deep inside of me and will most likely never see the sun. There is so much more to me, my life than what I write or say. It's easy for people to bash my twin or find her totally ridiculous. Sandrine is ridiculous sometimes- there's no denying that- but only my family and I know the truth. Oh, and Sandrine has her fair share of secrets, too. She's in complete denial of them.

My life isn't as cut and dry as it appears. Every family has their fair share of secrets, problems...tu comprends. I just feel like nobody understands me. I came to America because I love traveling, learning, and I just wanted a new adventure (for so many reasons), but everyday, I ask myself, "Would I have been better off staying in France?" 

I'm just not like the Americans. I don't behave like them, I don't talk like them, and I most certainly and definitely DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES dress like them. I'm defined by my culture, how I was raised, where I was raised, who my family is, and so on and so forth and....yeah, you get my point. Culturally and behaviorally, I am the polar opposite of them, but we have something in common...something I can't quite put my finger on. It's a feeling I get. I'm struggling to define it...

I also ask myself, "Have I changed?" Do I look in the mirror and see the same Sabine I saw almost three years ago? I was the girl who spoke the truth, stood up for myself, lived to follow her dreams...what happened?
America and its people backed me into a corner, unable for me to speak for myself without potentially being called "weird"...

So...maybe I will never be who I was before; maybe I don't even know her anymore. But, maybe who I am today isn't so far from yesterday? (Ha- see what I did there?!?) 

Maybe I haven't changed. Maybe I just grew.


Wow...a moment of deep and personal though. I try to keep things light, but today, I really couldn't, with the pile and having watched the last episode of Hannah Montana last night. I was in the mood to right something insightful, maybe even a bit morose. 

P.S. I cried when I watched the episode...

Ma bonne année!

Salut, mes amis! Désolée que je n'ai pas écrit. J'étais très occupée.
How was my new year? Well, it wasn't as exciting as last year's; I can tell you that!
First of all, Nicki returned as well as the rest of my favorite people. She wouldn't give us any clues as to where she and the others were. Lilly was the only one who tried to get it out of her. I didn't care too much. If I really wanted to find out, I could ask Chrissa or demand the truth from Ava.
Like I said, though, je m'en fous.
Vicki and Micki were excited for the missing Sun Queen's return. C'est la vérité.
Hayley, of course, greeted her best friend. Apparently, Ava was telling Hayley about the "disappearance"...
Alexandria was listening in. Figures. Zan would do anything to get a good story other than the crap she writes on Carl Edwards every week. Apparently, people like to read about me; I'm one of Zan's main focuses. Um, I don't read the Daily Alexandria because to put it nicely, it's highly biased and infactual.
Here's how I spent the first part of the night: watching The Last Song with Lilly. Lilly first declared that Miley Cyrus was the worst actress ever, then, she began to cry hysterically. Once the movie was over, she approached me and said, "That was the most horribly depressing movie ever! I will NEVER watch it again! You can't make me!"
She was in total overreaction mode. The movie isn't that sad, but that's coming from me who has watched it thirteen times.
Lilly and Ava had a Just Dance 2 competition. Ava won...by quite a bit. This shocked me; I had no idea Ava could do that. Lilly is very uncoordinated and cannot stay on beat to save her life, yet, she thinks she is awesome and deserves to make dance team...
We then had an awesome karaoke showdown! Melanie went first, and she sang a Taylor Swift song called "Dear John". Lilly made a dumb comment and said it was a song dedicated to Ava's dad. Ava was disturbed and didn't see the humor. It's okay; I didn't, either.
It was then Ava's turn. She decided to offend me and mock Miley Cyrus. Ava sang "Can't Be Tamed", but she had to use the lyrics booklet because the only line she knows is "I go through guys like money flying out the hands." Um...? Stupid Miley Cyrus Karaoke Challenge amateurs.
I sang "Stay" by Miley Cyrus. I thought I sounded great, but nothing compared to Melanie; that girl can really sing!
Christelle then joined me and we sang "La Marseillaise". Ava was rude about that, but I can drown her out. She and Hayley thought it was "disgraceful".

Oh, and there was some prank calling, but that deserves a separate post...Americans...
Bonne année- Happy New Year!