Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hey, Soul Sister!

Everybody is still obsessing over the pile, but I'm obsessing over this:
D'accord, I'm not really obsessed with this, just somewhat annoyed.
Today at school, Lilly approached me in the hallway and this was our conversation-
Lilly: Hey, Sabine!
Moi: Salut, Lilly. Good luck on your French exam, or maybe I should say bonne chance!
Lilly: Uh. I already know I'm going to get a C at best...anyway, on to more important things!
Moi: *rolls eyes while Lilly keeps talking*
Lilly: Have you ever seen anybody that looks so much like you, it's scary?
(I just nod. I mean, she knows the answer to that- I'm an identical twin...well, when Sandrine doesn't have her colored contacts in, c'est-à-dire.
Lilly: Well, Melanie is basically my soul sister! She is ME, just pumped up on bleach!

At that point, I smile weakly and walk to Spanish class, totally annoyed with Lilly's stupidity. "Soul sisters" is just a misnomer; to actually use that, you have to have stuff in common with the person...not just almost identical looks! I have more in common with Mel than Lilly does. Mel and I love music, plus we're total language people. Well, Melanie's WAY better at Spanish than I'll ever be! Lilly's subject is limited to science- she wants to be a neurosurgeon.

Before we took the Spanish exam, Mel and I talked about this whole thing with Lilly. Mel doesn't really care; she just shrugged when I said it annoyed me. That's the thing about Melanie; she's very relaxed and just goes with the flow.

However, she agrees that "soul sister" isn't the right term. She also said that people just happen to look like others. Definitely- people may look like me, but I would go as far as to call us long lost twins or soul sisters.

I will give Lilly some credit- the names Melanie and Lillian sound awesome together.

Oh, and I got an A on my Spanish exam. Ava was furious that she got a B...funny story...



Wendy said...

There are lots of people that look like me, but I don't think any of them could be considered "soul sisters." I hope I found one someday though. Lily is silly.

Congrats on the Spanish test =)

Miranda said...

Congratulations for the A, Sabine!

Yeah, none of MY dolls are Soul Sisters, I want them all to look different! I DO plan on buying two dolls that look a LOT alike, but I don't HAVE any look alikes at the momment!!!:D