My Style Collages!

Salut, tout le monde! C'est toutes les filles qui écrivent!
Sabine will write in blue, Aurélie in pink, Sandrine in purple, and Axelle in yellow!

We recently discovered the distracting fun that is My Style Collage. Needless to say, we decided to make some.

I'll present mine first. Obviously, I photoshopped it so that the girl would have brown eyes like me. Here's an explanation of what I chose and why I chose it.
I personally think the white fluff ball skirt that comes with that sweater outfit is terrible. It looks like a giant cotton ball. I don't like the boots. The leggings are cute, and I am IN LOVE with that sweater. I will own it someday, I swear! I also chose the black coat because I received that as a birthday present last year! I also love the watch; I wear it almost every single day. Of course, my signature glasses had to be in this! I chose the desk because I love school and learning, and the chocolate lab is in the photo since I have one of my own. Her name is Cocoa Chanel. 
The adjectives are pretty self-explanatory. I love to sing. My dream is to be an international pop star, but since that won't happen, I guess I'll settle for clinical psychologist. I chose smart because, um, I think I'm smart. I get good grades....that's something...? I am adventurous because I love traveling and languages. 
The nutcracker is in the photo to represent your twin sister, right? *winks*
No, Sandrine, it just happened to be in the photo with the jacket.
Whatever. Your loss!

So, there weren't any likenesses of me. Not everybody can be as good-looking as I am, je sais
Here are my choices and explanations: I have that cheetah-print dress, and it is definitely one of my favorites. However, the flats that come with it are gross. I wear the boots that are shown in my collage with it. Did I mention that I am a total boot addict? I LOVE BOOTS. I have way too many pairs. I really want an awesome black pair with gold studs. Maybe for Christmas or my birthday? That ballet outfit is totally inaccurate and looks like something a five-year-old would wear to play dress-up, but seeing as I am a future professional dancer and ballet is my life, I HAD to include it! I also steal that black jacket of Sabine's, so it made its way into the collage. The nutcracker is PERFECT, considering I'm a dancer AND currently rehearsing for The Nutcracker. Earrings are there because they are my obsession, and I love doing hair, which explains the hair stuff.
Start caring more, Axelle. Geesh, leave me alone for once.
I'm on to you, Sandrine.
Cool. You won't discover anything.
That's what you think.
Leave me alone. Get a life other than obsessing over mine!
I'm not obsessing over yours. It's more like I am trying to figure out stuff about you...
End this. Now.

Mine is very pink, but there is nothing wrong with that!
Actually, there is something wrong with that. Everything is wrong with that. Pink is the most saccharine color of them all, just like you, I guess. Yeah, too much pink exists. You've proved that by making this collage. 
Okay, Sandrine, that is your opinion...anyway, like Sandrine, I would love to be a professional dancer! Ballet is my passion, my life, my everything. I happen to own that cream dress in my collage, and I love it. It's definitely my style. I really want that pretty pink lace skirt! Ugh, I haven't seen anything that cute. My adjectives correspond with my hobbies and me. I chose "dancer" because that's what I am! I am also a musician and just adore playing my flute! I love fashion, clothes, and all that fun stuff!
You can't be a fashionista and only wear freaking PINK. The only fashionista you'd be is a Barbie doll clone.
Pink is just a color; the style of the clothes matters as well as the color!
Pink is gross. I rest my case. Excuse me while I vomit.
Ta gueule, Sabine!

Oh, look, it's my least favorite collage. Actually, wait. It's a tie with Aurélie's pinkpocalypse. 
Looks like somebody's jealous!
Oh, jealously isn't even a word I would use to describe myself when it comes to you. I'm actually furious with you for being so invasive.
Once I uncover the truth, I will stop being invasive. I am an investigative journalist.
In. Your. Dreams.
I'll keep dreaming, then. ;) Anyway, thanks to Photoshop, I have a little Axelle likeness! Yay, photo editing!
So, I put the tutu and leotard in my collage because I am a dancer! I have no desire to dance professionally. I just take ballet because I obviously have nothing better to do with my team. I mean, I do. I can try to uncover people's life stories. Anyway, I chose that gold dress because I thought it looked pretty. I'd look nice in it. Not sure why I chose the snowman. It was cute, and I felt bad for it. I chose the food to take up space. That stupid collage maker didn't have stuff I actually like to do.
I don't stalk you! I spy on you.
And you wonder why we aren't friends?
I don't need you as a friend, anyway.
I'm not fighting! I'm having a constructive argument with Axelle!
The only thing constructive is...never mind.
I hope you enjoyed this post! We probably won't do anything like this again because of my sister being argumentative and stuff (though I do agree about the pink overload...sorry, Aurélie!).
C'est bien, je sais que tu n'aimes pas rose! '
Oh, I see how it is! It's fine if Sabine says it, but if I say I hate pink...
You've lost your laptop privileges, Sandrine!

Anyway, if you make a collage, let us know! We'd love to check them out!
Unless you get crazy with the color pink. In that case, I won't check them out.
Who needs Sandrine? I'll still look at them!


Happy Nutcracker/No Life Season!

Salut! C'est Axelle! Comment allez-vous, mes chers lecteurs?

I am actually very happy to be blogging right now because as the title indicates, it is "No Life Season"! In other words, it's Nutcracker season. You know what that means, right? I have to have a life most nights of the week. I can't read or write or do anything else that I love. It's all ballet and putting the minimum amount of effort into my homework. Hey, it sounds worse than it is. I always get good grades.

Back to ballet. Er, The Nutcracker. Er, the reason I have a life now. Er, the reason why I haven't written any quality material in the past week. As the actual performance nears, my life becomes all about ballet. It's especially hard since I am in my school's pre-professional division, and the instructors push you. I don't really like being pushed. This also means that the instructors HATE students who are late. Well, unfortunately for them, I am late almost every single day.

Here's why I was late today. To be honest, I'm a forgetful person, and I forget everything. I normally don't think of these things until after the fact, but today, I remembered to double-check!

Before I left my mom's small, in-no-way-luxurious apartment, I turned around because I had this hunch that I forget something. Pretty strange. I never feel like that, even when I do forget stuff.

I looked through my dance bag. Guess who forgot their tights?! That wouldn't have been good. 

They were right where I left them- hanging from my sock drawer.

I also found a pretty plaid hair ribbon. I have to accessorize my bun, you know!

I arrived at the studio five minutes into class. Since it is "socially unacceptable" to wear your dance clothes on the street, I still had to change. Unfortunately for me, I discovered that the tights I grabbed were BRAND-NEW TIGHTS. That means that they weren't stretched out, they were tight, and they were hard to pull on. The struggle was real.

At least I chose a leotard that was a size too big for me. That was pretty easy to tug on.

I guess I forgot that I forgot my pointe shoes! My instructor was going to be furious. I'm a reed flute in this year's performance, and that is always done en pointe. I put on my old, canvas slippers and hoped that nobody would notice...

We were now fifteen minutes into class, so I didn't put my hair in a bun. I just tied it back with a ribbon.
Not only did I get screamed at for being late, I was also in trouble for not putting my hair in a bun. My instructor sent me into the dressing room again and demanded that I at least put my hair in the bun. She, fortunately, didn't notice my lack of pointe shoes.

That was my eventful practice. Do you any of you guys dance? If so, are you going to be in your studio's production of The Nutcracker? What role are you dancing?

I will hopefully post performance photos at some pointe! (See what I did there)?
~Axelle (: