Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy Nutcracker/No Life Season!

Salut! C'est Axelle! Comment allez-vous, mes chers lecteurs?

I am actually very happy to be blogging right now because as the title indicates, it is "No Life Season"! In other words, it's Nutcracker season. You know what that means, right? I have to have a life most nights of the week. I can't read or write or do anything else that I love. It's all ballet and putting the minimum amount of effort into my homework. Hey, it sounds worse than it is. I always get good grades.

Back to ballet. Er, The Nutcracker. Er, the reason I have a life now. Er, the reason why I haven't written any quality material in the past week. As the actual performance nears, my life becomes all about ballet. It's especially hard since I am in my school's pre-professional division, and the instructors push you. I don't really like being pushed. This also means that the instructors HATE students who are late. Well, unfortunately for them, I am late almost every single day.

Here's why I was late today. To be honest, I'm a forgetful person, and I forget everything. I normally don't think of these things until after the fact, but today, I remembered to double-check!

Before I left my mom's small, in-no-way-luxurious apartment, I turned around because I had this hunch that I forget something. Pretty strange. I never feel like that, even when I do forget stuff.

I looked through my dance bag. Guess who forgot their tights?! That wouldn't have been good. 

They were right where I left them- hanging from my sock drawer.

I also found a pretty plaid hair ribbon. I have to accessorize my bun, you know!

I arrived at the studio five minutes into class. Since it is "socially unacceptable" to wear your dance clothes on the street, I still had to change. Unfortunately for me, I discovered that the tights I grabbed were BRAND-NEW TIGHTS. That means that they weren't stretched out, they were tight, and they were hard to pull on. The struggle was real.

At least I chose a leotard that was a size too big for me. That was pretty easy to tug on.

I guess I forgot that I forgot my pointe shoes! My instructor was going to be furious. I'm a reed flute in this year's performance, and that is always done en pointe. I put on my old, canvas slippers and hoped that nobody would notice...

We were now fifteen minutes into class, so I didn't put my hair in a bun. I just tied it back with a ribbon.
Not only did I get screamed at for being late, I was also in trouble for not putting my hair in a bun. My instructor sent me into the dressing room again and demanded that I at least put my hair in the bun. She, fortunately, didn't notice my lack of pointe shoes.

That was my eventful practice. Do you any of you guys dance? If so, are you going to be in your studio's production of The Nutcracker? What role are you dancing?

I will hopefully post performance photos at some pointe! (See what I did there)?
~Axelle (:


Claire M. said...

I do dance- but it is jazz! I hate when we are late!

The Spicys said...

Love seeing this look at a Nutcracker rehearsal! We have ALWAYS wished we could dance!