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Ugh...nothing overly exciting has been going on here. I'm trying to improve my Spanish some because I desperately need to, but other than that, life has been pretty calm.
I'm sure that will change once school starts. ;)

Anyway, I cannot get enough of these questionnaires, so here's another one:

1. What time did you get up this morning?
10:30 AM
2. How do you like your steak?
3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
Monte Carlo
4. What is your favorite TV show?
Hannah Montana
5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Nice, France
6. What did you have for breakfast?
Croissant from Panera
7. What is your favorite cuisine?
Um...Lillois or Flemish…what I’m used to.
8. What foods do you dislike?
Fat, greasy foods
9. Favorite Restaurant?
Estaminet Chez La Vieille- it is a Flemish restaurant in Vieux Lille.
10. Favorite dressing
11. What kind of vehicle do you drive?
Not applicable
12. What are your favorite clothes?
Nice tops, dress pants, jeans, ruffley skirts (preferably in more neutral colors)
13. Where would you visit if you had the chance?Let’s see…I have been numerous places with my family, but I would absolutely LOVE to visit the Galicia Comunidad Autónoma (what the Spanish call their regions) of Spain or Barcelona, which is also in Spain. I adore Spain. I have been to Madrid and loved it. I am also dying to go to LA!
 14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?
It’s both. 
15. When would you want to retire?
At either 62 or 65- 62 is the early retirement age in France and 65 is the average.
16. Favorite time of day?
17. Where were you born?
L’Hôpital Privé la Louvière in Lille
18. What is your favorite sport to watch?
Football! (aka soccer) I also enjoy watching dance recitals.
19. Bird watcher?
20. Do you consider yourself attractive?
I guess.
21. Pets?
Yes- a chocolate lab named Cocoa Chanel. ;)
22. Any new and exciting news that you'd like to share?
Not really, other than Aurélie might actually come to America this year… 
23. What did you want to be when you were little?
I wanted to be an author, but that changed when I delved into the social sciences. I now want to be a sociologist!
24. What is your best childhood memory?
I was 11 when I first went parasailing- I felt like I was flying!
25. Are you a cat or dog person?
Chien! (Dog)
26. Are you married?
No, but someday…
27. Always wear your seat belt?
In America, yes! In France, no because I normally take public transportation. If I do ride in the car there, I do wear my seat belt.
28. Been in a car accident?
29. Any pet peeves?
Ignorance, excuse makers, all-around rude people
 30. Favorite pizza topping?
31. Favorite Flower?
Every rose has its thorn. ;)
32. Favorite ice cream?
I ADORE the rose flavored ice cream I get in Nice. The Nutella flavored ice cream is also delicious.
33. Favorite fast food?
Ew, gross! But if I had to choose, I’d choose Sonic.
34. How many times did you fail your driver's test?
I’m not 18 yet! (18 is legal driving age in France)
35. From whom did you get your last email?
36. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?
H&M, Mango, or various boutiques around Lille…it’s hard to pick one.
37. Do anything spontaneous lately?
38. Like your job?
I don’t have one yet, but being a student is being a full-time job, and yes, I very much do like school.
39. What was your favorite vacation?
Probably my family vacations to Nice. I also enjoyed visiting Italy’s Amalfi Coast.
40. Last person you went out to dinner with?
41. What are you listening to right now?
“Dream” by Miley Cyrus
42. What is your favorite color?
Rose and sky blue
43. How many tattoos do you have?
None, but if I ever got one, it would say “radiate love”. ;)
 44. Coffee drinker?
Occasionally- if I’m up all night studying.
45. How many children do you have?
Um, none. I’m 14.
46. Pick one super power... what would it be??
The power to get inside people’s minds and read their thoughts
47. Do you return shopping carts at the grocery store?I’ve never been grocery shopping in America, but in Lille, we usually got things fresh and from markets and specialty shops, so I’ve never used a shopping cart.
48. Signature Drink?

On a random note...
¡Hace calor!
And all Lilly wants to do is tan. I don't tan. I burn/fry and my skin becomes as red as my hair.


New design!

Salut tout le monde!
As much as I liked my old background and header, I decided I needed some change, so I redid my background and header. I know that it is a little darker, but I wanted to do something somewhat classic.
I hope you like it, and if you don't, that's fine! I'd definitely appreciate some opinions/feedback!
Let me know what you think.

La Fête Nationale!

Salut tout le monde!
Aujourd’hui, c’est une fête- La Fête Nationale! J’aimerais être chez mes parents ou chez Aurélie. Quand nous avions dix ans, Aurélie et moi, nous sommes allées à Paris avec ses parents. Nous nous sommes promenées et nous avons regardé les feux d'artifice.
Oh, France me manque quelquefois…

I had to relive some past memories for a moment; today is La Fête Nationale! In America, it is probably better known as Bastille Day. Christelle, Sandrine, and I are celebrating, although Christelle is too homesick...
Before I talk about traditions and such, I should share a brief history of this holiday.

On July 14, 1789, the Bastille prison (which represented the monarchy) was stormed by Parisians to show their contempt towards the monarchy, especially in a time of economic crisis. A month later, La Déclaration des droits de l'Homme et du Citoyen (The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen) was written to define and defend the rights of all citizens. The Parisian militia abandoned wearing symbols of the royals (namely the fleur-de-lis in a blue field on a white background) and began to wear a cockade of blue and red. White was later added, thus becoming le tricolore- or “tricolor”- our country’s flag.

That was just an extremely brief history; now, onto some things I have done to celebrate…

The most memorable Bastille Day was when I was 10. Aurélie and her family took me to Paris with them, and we watched the parade on the Champs-Elysées. Later in the evening, we took a boat ride down the Seine and watched fireworks. They looked particularly amazing over the Eiffel Tower.

Bastille Day in Lille is extremely similar; there are still military and civilian parades, fireworks, music, dancing, etc.

I’ve also been in Nice for Bastille Day, and that is beautiful…

There is normally a picnic on the grounds of Versailles, and most people in attendance wear white. I would love to go to one!

Tonight, we are going to light some fireworks and celebrate. I still cannot help but miss France, though. I always become extremely homesick at this time of the year; I want to celebrate with my family and friends…


Yet another survey...

Nothing much has been going on, and I am extremely obsessed with filling out these surveys/questionnaires/whatever-else-you-want-to-call-them. So yes, I am going to post another one. Feel free to fill this out on your blog, too.
There is so much to know about me, so hopefully, you enjoy reading my responses. ;)

Does being in love make you nervous?
Well…yes and no. Yes because you are trusting a person not to hurt you- you are trusting that person to always be there for you and love you unconditionally. Also yes because you may be the person breaking somebody else’s heart. Every rose has its thorn…
Oh, and no because once you found the right person, love is one of the best things ever…
How bad are heartbreaks?
You never forget your first heartbreak. However, you learn from it and move on. Again, for all the people who broke your heart, you may have broken somebody’s heart without even realizing it.
In my opinion, that hurts even more than having your heart broken.
Has anyone ever seen you kiss the last person you kissed?
Yes…but I kissed him on the cheeks- traditional French greeting!
Do you tell people the truth about your feelings?
Yes, but these people are in France…
Has anyone told you they don’t ever want to lose you?
“I never want to lose you, and if I had to, I would choose you…”
Miley Cyrus lyrics aside, yes, and I told them the same. ;)
Have you ever gotten into a fight with your current best friend since you started being best friends?
Well, of course, but the good thing is, both of us can forgive and forget. I’m sure our fights started because of typical teenage girl jealousy…
I had a minor fight with Aurélie a few years ago. She went to see Miley Cyrus’s concert in London, and she is not nearly as big of a fan as I am. I was so jealous, and I could not talk to her without wishing I was her…

Do you like to have long hair or short hair?
Long! Short hair would bother me…
Do you ever over-react on the smallest things?
I’m sure I have- haven’t all of us? I do sometimes get over-emotional, though.
Have you ever stepped on a straightener?
Nope- I don’t straighten my hair. If I were to step on one, I would probably cry hysterically...
Do you regret your last relationship?
I haven’t really been in one yet…
Do you have an innie or an outie belly belly button?
Innie…haha…funny question…
What kind of milk do you drink?
None!!! Milk is disgusting! I absolutely despise it. I get my calcium in other ways, like through yogurts and cheeses…
Have you ever had mono?
Nope, and I never want to get it…
Do you wear contacts?
Are you happy relationship wise?
Is your phone a flip, slide or neither?
FLIP…ugh!!!! It’s somewhat outdated, but my mom won’t let me get a new one until my birthday…
Do you honestly miss someone?
Honestly? Definitely. I think about my grand-père who passed away every single day, especially when I put on my necklace every morning. I also think of my dad, brother, and friends…being overseas is hard sometimes…
Do you think you are a good girlfriend?
I think I would be. I am extremely loyal, and I would always be there. I consider myself to be understanding, compassionate, and loving. I want to love and be loved.
When did you last receive a text message?
A few seconds ago
How well do you know the last female you texted?
It was Aurélie- she’s my best friend!
Were you single on your last birthday?
How long does it take you to fall asleep at night?
It depends on what is on my mind or how tired I am.
Have you had any beer this week?
I’m not in Lille! Underage drinking in America isn’t acceptable. ;) Kidding, but I am French, so I was raised in a completely different mindset. The North [of France] is known for its beer, anyway…
Someone tells you that you’re beautiful, you say?
“Tu trouves?”
What’s your favorite holiday?
Christmas! Or La Fête Nationale, which you guys probably know as Bastille Day
Do your eyes change color?
They’ve been brown my whole life.
What are you doing this weekend?
Probably having my own Bastille Day celebration
Do you swear often?
I’m French…what do you think? ;) Hey, at least I do it in my native language…
Who was the last person you vented to?
Is your hair long enough to put in a ponytail?
What does your last text say?
Who was your last hug?
Are you happier now or four months ago? 
Now, I guess.
Whose sweatshirt did you wear last?
I don’t wear sweatshirts.
Do you know who’s mad at you?
Sandrine, Jess, the four girls who tried to make my life miserable (and succeeded…until I stepped up…)
If you got kicked out of your house, where would you go?
Aurélie’s house! Her family has always been there for me.
Are there any stressful situations in your life?
The situation with Sandrine and my personal situation with my mom
Is it okay to like someone else when you have a boyfriend?
This is such a hard question for me to answer. Isn’t that the ultimate form of betrayal? Then again, if I happened to be dating somebody and I liked somebody else, my boyfriend wouldn’t know if I kept it to myself…
Last awkward moment?
I pronounced a few English words wrong, and Ava starting commenting about it…
Where did you get the shirt you are wearing?
Liberty Jane Clothing
How has the week been?
Who have you texted today?
Aurélie, Gérard, my dad
Were you happy when you woke up today?
No because I am not a morning person.
Anyone crushing on you?
I hope so… ;)
What is your favorite color?
Blue! It reminds me of Nice, my favorite place in the world.
What movie do you want to see?
I am dying to see the American version of LOL, and I also want to see So Undercover. Both star Miley Cyrus, so I am kind-of obligated to see them.
Do you have any tattoos?
No, and I don’t really want one. If I were to get one, it would say beau coeur in homage to my grandfather. But there are no places on my body that I would want it to be on.
Do you like chocolate?
BIEN SÛR!!!!!!!!!!!!
Connection between you and the last person who text messaged you?
Kiss with eyes open or closed?
What are you doing tomorrow?
Not sure
Who was the last boy to give you a ride home?
Mon père- my dad.
Have you ever been addicted to something that was harmful to your health?
Whose house did you go to last?
Considering I attend boarding school, the last house I went to was Aurélie’s and that was in 2008 before I came to America.
Did you copy and paste this survey?
Do you consider yourself a study freak?
OUI! I have to succeed!
Have you ever thought about getting your lip pierced?
No way!
Have you ever been a cheerleader?
Haha, really funny. See one of my previous posts for the answer.
Have you ever been to SeaWorld?
Did you send someone a good morning text this morning?
What can’t you wait for?


Cent vérités

Salut, tout le monde!
To all my American readers, happy Fourth! I'm personally anxiously awaiting Bastille Day, which is next Thursday. I'll be sure to do a post about that for those who are curious about one of France's major holidays.
Today will probably not be too exciting. Lilly is dying to see the movie Monte Carlo for whatever reason, so I'll be seeing that with her. I might join the Americans and watch some fireworks tonight. Lilly claims to have a Katy Perry song for the occasion...great. If I had to choose a song for today, I'd pick "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus. ;)

With the 4th aside, I decided to fill out this fun meme. Feel free to do the same!

1. What's Your full name: Sabine Aurélie Bouchard

2. Nicknames: None because I hate them- Chrissa calls me Sabs, but that doesn't count...

3. Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

4. Male or female: Female

5. Middle School: I went to Collège Paul Verlaine when I lived in Lille.

6. High School: I'm not in lycée...yet.

7. College: I want to go to L'Université Paris-Sorbonne, even though Paris isn't my favorite place.

8. Hair color: Auburn/red depending on the lighting

9. Tall or short: Shorter for my age...just a little bit below average

11. Sweats or jeans: Jeans

12. Phone or Camera: Phone! My cell has a camera on it, so I'm covered.

13. Health Freak: Nope!

14. Orange or Apple: Apple

15. Do you have a crush on someone: Two very nice boys :)

16. Eat or Drink: Eat

17. Piercings: Nope; I'm scared of needles.

18. Pepsi or Coke: Coke, if I had to pick.

19. Been in an airplane: Of course!

20. Been in a relationship: Well... ;)

21. Been in a car accident: Kind-of; I was driving with my cousin through the French countryside and we ran out of gas. Oh, and we were rear-ended...
22. Been in a fist fight: Jokingly

23. First piercing: Ears...eventually

24. First best friend: Julien Hérvagault (later on came Gérard Pelessier and Aurélie Faubert)

25. First award: I don't remember...

26. First crush: Julien!

27. First word: Mère

29. Last person you talked to: Lilly

30. Last person you hung out with: Lilly

31. Last person you watched a movie with: Lilly

32. Last food you ate: a croissant from Panera

33. Last movie you watched: Bad Teacher

34. Last song you listened to: "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus

35. Last thing you bought: a Fuze

36. Last person you hugged: Ava

37. Food: Waterzoï

38. Drink: Orangina

39. Bottoms: black pants or my black flounce skirt

40. Flower: Roses

41. Animal: Micki's Yorkie, Sugar

42. Color: pastel and midnight blue

43. Movie: Bienvenue chez les ch'tis and The Last Song

44. Favorite subject: English or AP World History

HAVE YOU EVER: (Put an X in the brackets if yes)
45. [ ] gotten baptized.

46. [x] Celebrated Halloween (once!)

47. [x]Had your heart broken.

48.[x] went over the minutes/texts on your cell phone. (back before my parents got me unlimited texting)

49. [x] had someone question your intentions.

50. [x] had somebody not believe in you
51. [ ] Stole something.

52. [x] been bullied.

53. [x] Did something you regret.

54. [x] Broke a promise.

55. [x] Hid a Secret.

56. [x] pretended to be happy.

57. [x] met someone who changed your life.

58. [ ] pretended to be sick.

59. [x] left the country. (many times)
60. [x] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it.

61. [ ] cried over the silliest thing. (I only cry when things upset me...)

62. [ ] ran a mile.

63. [x] went to the beach with your best friend.

64. [x] got into an argument with your friends.
65. [x] hated someone.

66. [x] stayed single for a whole year

67. Eating: Rien

68. Drinking: Rien

69. Listening To: "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus
70. Sitting/Layin: Sitting

71. Plans for today: Going to see Monte Carlo with Lilly and then watch fireworks

72. Waiting for: Aurélie to come to America
73. Want kids: Two daughters someday

74. Want to get married: Definitely!

75. Career: Sociologist

WHICH ONE in a significant other:
76. Lips or Eyes: Eyes

77. Shorter or taller: Taller

78. Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic

81. Hook-up or relationship: Relationship

82. Looks or personality: Personality!

83. Lost glasses/contacts: Yeah!

84. Snuck out of the house: My mom thought I did once even though I asked if I could leave...she must have ignored me when I asked...

85. Held a gun/knife for self defense: Non! Jamais!

86. Killed somebody: Yes, Courtney DiLaurentis...kidding! I always tease Lilly about her obsession with Pretty Little Liars.

87. Broken someone's heart: Probably...

89. Cried when someone died: Oui

90. Yourself: Oui!
91. Miracles: OUI!!!!! Anything can happen in this world for an ordinary girl! ;)

92. Love at first sight: Definitely!

93. Heaven: I don't know...

94. Santa Claus: Never have, never will.

95. Dinner or movie: Both
96. Kiss on the first date: Depends...I'd only date a guy I knew for awhile, so maybe...

97. Is there one person you want to be with right now: OUI!!!!

98. Do you know who your real friends are: French friends- oui. American friends- I'm slowly learning

99. Do you believe in God: Sometimes I'm not sure.

100. Post as 100 truths? Oui

Have a great day!