Bring on the presents...

...ou non...
C'est Axelle et je suis un peu triste parce que je n'ai pas reçu beaucoup de cadeaux.

Oui, je sais. Christmas isn't all about the gifts. I hate to break it to you, but I look forward to the presents. That's the most exiting part! I spent the holiday with my dad and stepmother since my mom doesn't celebrate Christmas. I love the food my dad prepares, and I love sipping chocolat chaud as I open all of my presents as soon as the clock strikes midnight!

My dad has this problem- he never knows what to get me! He gets me some pretty lame stuff, to be honest, but lame stuff is better than no stuff. I cringed when he handed me a pink bag that wasn't even stuffed with tissue paper. Was that it? Was that the only present that I got? I did my best to avert my gaze so that I'd be surprised whenever I pulled out whatever the heck was in that poor excuse for a bag.

I first pulled out a pair of ballet slippers. "I know you wanted a new pair," my dad told me. NON, PAPA. I WANTED NEW POINTE SHOES. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. UGH. New slippers weren't going to help me! My pointe shoes were falling apart. I frowned and said, "Merci."

The next items I pulled out were much better. My dad got me a set of glittery gel pens and a journal. He knew I loved writing, and those items would definitely get a lot of use. Still, those things aren't like Christmas gift material. That's the kind of stuff I'd buy for myself if I had 10€ lying around. 

My stepmom noticed that I looked disappointed, so she approached me and told me that she'd take me on a shopping spree. She is seriously the best. I don't know what I'd do without her. She's the one person who actually understands all of my problems and helps me through them. 

My dad, however, didn't look too happy. Every year, I try not to get my hopes up. I always do, though, and it crushes me in the end. I have this wild imagination that just kills me sometimes, and today was one of those times. I hugged my dad and told him that I loved everything he got me, even though I was disappointed. Hey, I am a great liar when I need to be! Unfortunately, he knew that. He told me that he knew I was unhappy, and I couldn't work my way out of that one. I sighed and said that, oui, I was. I looked at my brother's pile of gifts, and he got all of this awesome stuff. 
My dad patted me on the back and said, "Axelle, I tried, and I'm sorry." I guess that's all that matters in the end: he tried. He didn't even have to do that. There isn't, like, this law that involves cruel and unusual punishment if you don't get your daughter a Christmas gift. 

So, I think I finally learned my lesson that presents aren't everything. I need to give the middle-aged man a break; he tried his best. I need to be more appreciative for what I have instead of focusing on what I don't. I have a good family, good food, nice clothes, expensive dance classes, and a roof over my head. I'm lucky. I just don't always see it because I get so carried away. Everything did work out fine, and I think my dad forgave me for acting like a spoiled 6-year-old. 

A la prochaine!

Let the gift-giving begin!

Bonsoir, tout le monde et joyeux decembre ! C'est Sabine. C'est le mois de ma naissance et du noël. Oui, je suis heureuse !

Since Christmas is approaching, Julieta and I did some holiday shopping. Afterwards, we returned to her room to do some wrapping.

We broke out the bags and ribbons and were ready to begin the fun disaster that is gift wrapping.

Julieta lined a Christmas-y red bag with some white tissue paper. 

I plopped the gift in the bag and covered it with the remaining paper...

...and I embellished the bag with pretty silver, blue, and red ribbons to make the bag look more festive.

I took a picture of Julieta posing with the first (completed) wrapped present.

Julieta got to work with wrapping two other gifts. Both gifts were so cute, but I can't say what they are! That would ruin the surprise, especially if the recipients read this blog!

While Julieta was doing that, I put together a Christmas/birthday gift for a friend. Isn't the bag the cutest? My friend Lilly sent it to me.

Julieta chose a pretty floral ribbon for the last gift she wrapped. I think it would make a fun hair ribbon after the gift is unwrapped.

Here we are with our wrapped presents! We still have to shop for other people, but this is a good start. 

Although I LOVE receiving gifts as much as the next girl, I also have a lot of fun choosing gifts for friends. I get so excited when I find the perfect gift- I know I have to buy it! I have had one of my friend's gifts since this summer. It was just so her; I couldn't resist.

Have you done your holiday shopping yet? Who did you shop for?