Monday, December 24, 2012

Our Ultimate Christmas Wishlists

Salut, tout le monde! Joyeux réveillon de Noël! C'est Sandrine, Aurélie, et Julien!
Today, in honor of the Christmas season and Christmas Eve, the four of us are going to share our Ultimate Christmas Wishlists with you. I'm going to go first. We posting in different colors, and that color of each name.

Anyway, in a perfect world, I'd get the following things:

1. "Summer in Paris" outfit by Liberty Jane Clothing
No, I don't want this outfit because the title is related to France. It has everything to do with the following photo and a certain celebrity who wore it:

2. "Breakout" by Liberty Jane Clothing 
It's self-explanatory why I want this:

3. "Lightning Ridge" by Liberty Jane's the perfect outfit for traveling!

4. "UK Holiday" tunic by Liberty Jane Clothing...that tunic is my favorite thing LJC has ever made...aside from the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana outfits. I wish I could own it!

5. "Le Marais" blouse and sweater by Liberty Jane Clothing
I'm not really a fan of the color of the coat, but the button-down and sweater are totally my style! I want both items so badly!

6. Tickets to a Miley Cyrus concert and a chance to meet Miley Cyrus!
This is a stretch, but in a perfect world, this would happen. Sadly, the world isn't perfect.

Sadly, my chances of meeting Miley Cyrus and owning retired Liberty Jane Outfits aren't very high at all because the world isn't perfect. So, here's to reality...

My Totally Realistic Christmast Wishlist 2012
1. The new coat with the bow in the back as seen on the All Dolled Up Facebook fan page...I want it in gray, please!
2. MacBook Air
3. an iPod Touch
4. THIS gray sweater 
5. THIS gray and white striped sweater
6. THIS striped dress

So, I'm finished. I don't even know why I made this list because I got all of my Christmas gifts on my birthday. I am only getting money, so I guess I could buy myself some of the clothing on my realistic list. I definitely think I won't get enough money to purchase a MacBook Air or iPod touch.


Sandrine here, and IT'S MY TURN!!! I'm going to copy my sister and make a fantasy Liberty Jane wishlist.
1. "Roebuck Bay" by Liberty Jane Clothing

2. "Military Blues" by Liberty Jane Clothing

3. "Sofia" by Liberty Jane Clothing

4. "Paris Daydream" by Liberty Jane Clothing

5. "Shinjuku Starlet" by Liberty Jane Clothing

5. "Here We Go Again" by Liberty Jane Clothing

Yeah, I'll take anything on my realistic list, too, obviously. I'm not picky. I just want presents.
1. I am dying for THIS beautiful Gaynor Minden leotard!
2. iPhone 5...I'm stuck with a crappy Samsung Galaxy smartphone in the meantime.
3. Classic Freed of London pointe shoes 
4. Tarte Call Of The Wild Amazonian Palette
5. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
6. Hello Kitty eyeliner kit
7. Skirt from Liberty Jane Clothing

C'est tout!

Bonjour! C'est Aurélie! 
I'm not a big fan of Liberty Jane Clothing at all (désolée, Sabine et Sandrine!), so the items on my dream wishlist would probably be from Melody Valerie. Idealistically, I would like the following MV dresses:
1. The Joie de Vivre dress
2. The Margot dress
3. The Cecily dress
4. The Vintage Fresh dress
5. Most Likely to Travel the World by L'Atelier de Sitara

Going off things I could actually get, I would love:
1. The same All Dolled Up jacket Sabine was talking about- I want it in the pink that it is shown in, though. ;)
2. THIS argyle-print dress
3. THIS skirt from Sew Urban Designs
4. THIS skirt from Forever18Inches
5. Repetto ballet slippers

However, my parents have already bought me presents. I trust them, and I'm sure I'll love whatever they get me.

Joyeux Noël!

C'est Julien! The truth is, I don't really want that much for Christmas. In that perfect world that Sabine was talking about, my gift would be a trip to various autonomous communities and cities in Spain. However, since money is tight and the world isn't perfect, I'll settle for...
1. A new LOSC football (soccer) jersey
2. New soccer cleats
3. a $25 iTunes gift card
4. A new cell phone...probably that Samsung Galaxy that Sandrine hates. Leave it to her to think it isn't good enough, though. It's a nice phone.

So...we told you what we want for Christmas. What is on your wishlist, if you celebrate Christmas?
Joyeux réveillon de Noël! 
Sabine, Sandrine, Aurélie, et Julien

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I Love AG Dolls said...

I would love Here We Go Again and maybe Sofia,but Liberty Jane is slighty pricey.