La fête de Saint-Nicolas

Bonjour, c'est Aurélie! Aujourd'hui, c'est la fête de Saint-Nicolas. 
Saint-Nicolas is somewhat of a holiday in France, though it is most popular in the Alsace, Bretagne, Nord-Pas-de Calais, and Lorraine regions. This day was more magical when I was little because I believed the legends and stories behind Saint-Nicolas then. Now, I know that my parents are responsible for the little treats I find in my shoes.

Last night, I left my ballet slippers by the door because our fireplace is under construction.

I then went to sleep because I was exhausted from Nutcracker practice, plus I had to wake up and go to school today!

When I woke up, I found candy and a pretty headband in my shoes. These gifts are supposed to be from Saint-Nicolas, though I know they are obviously from my parents. The good children get the gifts. According to the legend, a man named Père Fouettard follows Saint-Nicolas and leaves switches for the children who weren't so good. The switches look pretty, at least, as they are normally tied with a bow.

I tried on my headband. I can't wait to find the perfect outfit to go with it! Pink and silver/gray are among my favorite colors combinations! Of course, I was thankful for the candy, too. Kit-Kat bars are one of my favorites. When I visited Nice, I had the most delicious Kit-Kat ice cream. We don't have Reese's cups in France; they aren't really a French thing. You can find them in import stores, but they are really expensive! I'll gladly stick to Kit-Kats because peanut butter doesn't sound that great to me. 

Do you celebrate Saint-Nicolas? If so, did you get candy and little presents today? 



The Spicys said...

We did not, but after seeing your beautiful post, we're considering celebrating next year. What a fun tradition your family shares!

Bolton Girls said...

We did not remember in time this year. Mum does not remember these things if we do not remind her about them. So we put it on her computer calendar so it will come up next year for us to do it. LOL!!

I love the headband, it looks cute and even matches your PJ's.

Hugs, Taryn

Inky said...

Hello Hello Aurélie!

How is your Nutcracker season going? I celebrated St. Nick's Day and received a Squishable fox. He's so cute!

Marina (Inky)