Sept Choses (7 Things)

I LISTEN TO TOO MUCH MILEY CYRUS FOR MY OWN GOOD. AIDEZ-MOI! here is my list of 7 things I hate about myself and 7 things I LOVE about myself-

I Hate:
1. Getting in trouble for EVERY LITTLE THING (including nothing)
2. Having an evil twin sister who hates me
3. Forgetting to update my blog daily (Desolee...)
4. When people assume because I'm from France, I'm from Paris (LILLE IS A CITY, TOO)
5. Having a strict mother
6. The US educational system
7. Being made fun of by rude Americans (I'm a strong person...I can take it, it just annoys me)

I Love:
1. Having beautiful red hair
2. Being confident
3. My sense of humor
4. Being a twin (it makes me feel unique, lol)
5. Being able to record my deepest, most innerpersonal feelings in this blog
6. My ability to make everything fun
7. How I'm always ME!

Feel free to do a similar thing on your's actually a lot of fun to think up this stuff.

~Sabine :)

Moi et ma soeur...PICS

Sibling rivalry, haha!

^Notice the evil look in Sandrine's face.

Someone admit that I'm way prettier, lol. :)

Also, I've been OBSESSED with the song "Always Find Your Way Back Home" by Hannah Montana. I know, Ava, that you hate Hannah Montana...
Anyway, I feel like I can REALLY relate to it.

~Sabine :)


NOBODY TOLD ME ABOUT IT! (Look at title of post)
At first, when Riley (which is Miley's real Riley is a #23) ask if I wanted to play tackle football, I thought she was talking about some odd version of soccer.
Then, I got placed on this team called "The Wimpy Crybabies". Seriously. I could have come up with a WAY better name than "The Wimpy Crybabies". We played against Kailey & Co.'s team...the "Terrible Tyrants" (Their team name holds true).
Anyway, the two Josefinas were on my team. One wore a helmet and tied pillows around her waist. I questioned that at first, but I know why she did.
Kailey came at me full throttle, knocked me over, and I got a bloody nose.
Je suis bonne...mais triste.
Kailey. Est. Mechante. (Kailey. Is. Evil.)


Snow Days and other things...

The two Boss Ladies have been home from school for two days (merci beaucoup le niege)- Thursday & Friday. Anyway, more drama.

Alyson is having people report to her if anything bad is said about her. What's new, right?
I'm also going to attempt to go out in the snow today and Nellie will drag her camera along and take some pics. It's nice to have a photographer friend.



I have so much homework, it's not funny. I don't even know where to begin. I'll start with history.

Alyson, Ashley, and Alyssa have a new guest suite. It has a very high tech security camera. It knows EVERYTHING about you. Seriously. If you break into the room, an alarm will go off and you'll get sprayed with water. Très chouette...PAS!

Aussi, ma soeur (my sister) (qui est mechante-who is evil)is getting a blog. Parce que je suis gentille (because I'm nice) I'll post the link ASAP.


Lumières, Appareil-Photo, MOI!


I'm going to help advertise the amazing cardboard bed and...

For those of you who are LOST as to what Get Lost is, it's a service that rids you of your enemy for a week by taking them on a "dream vacation".

The commercial will be posted soon.

~Sabine =)

La chanson de Sam

International pop sensation Samantha Kessolmen is having a hard time in Hollywood. She seems to be loosing fame at what she calls "an alarming rate". It's because she sings about black shoes called Pegs. I know it.
Anyway, I wrote this song for her to sing. She doesn't like it, but I'll make her.
I'll post it later..

Bonne Année!!!

Bonne Année mes amis!

I had an AWESOME TIME crashing cette fête! You should have seen them.

Ashley is really annoying. She called me strange because I said je déteste Alyson and that I'm not interested in looking at her clothes.

On the other hand, I stayed up all night!

Christelle, Ava, et Hayley ont regardé Talladega Nights aussi :)