Wednesday, January 7, 2009

La chanson de Sam

International pop sensation Samantha Kessolmen is having a hard time in Hollywood. She seems to be loosing fame at what she calls "an alarming rate". It's because she sings about black shoes called Pegs. I know it.
Anyway, I wrote this song for her to sing. She doesn't like it, but I'll make her.
I'll post it later..


Wendy said...

She sings about shoes? How odd! But hey, who's to say odd can't be popular? =)

Sophie said...

La chanson des chaussures?! LOL.

BTW, j'adore tes cheveux rouges! I'd actually like to dye my hair my hair red one day...or auburn, c'est jolie.

Haley said...

Poor Sam! Perhaps if she found something else to sing about... perhaps a new song would put her back on the 'map'?
I'm sorry, I didn't mean that the way it sounds. I can be tactless sometimes, I get that from my mom.

Wish Sam luck and I hear it's really hard to make it in Hollywood. There's this one girl at school who's an actress and another girl who's a champion figure skater...

Anonymous said...

Um... I hope Sam becomes more successful too. I'm refusing to listen to my classmate Sam who wants to comment because I just found out she had a blog awhile back and is just too lazy to log into it to comment. Oh and sorry if you're confused, I commented down the page so this is my most recent comment but on a later post. Anyway yeah I think she should sing about something other than shoes.