Wednesday, January 21, 2009


NOBODY TOLD ME ABOUT IT! (Look at title of post)
At first, when Riley (which is Miley's real Riley is a #23) ask if I wanted to play tackle football, I thought she was talking about some odd version of soccer.
Then, I got placed on this team called "The Wimpy Crybabies". Seriously. I could have come up with a WAY better name than "The Wimpy Crybabies". We played against Kailey & Co.'s team...the "Terrible Tyrants" (Their team name holds true).
Anyway, the two Josefinas were on my team. One wore a helmet and tied pillows around her waist. I questioned that at first, but I know why she did.
Kailey came at me full throttle, knocked me over, and I got a bloody nose.
Je suis bonne...mais triste.
Kailey. Est. Mechante. (Kailey. Is. Evil.)



Cate said...

Oh, I hate bloody noses! I get the WORST ones and everyone freaks out. I hope yours wasn't that bad. What a surprise... yeah football is different here in America, Sam was laughing at me because she said she had the same issues... lol.

Haley said...

There's a reason I don't play sports, and some of them are the very ones you describe. LOL I hate football, in both forms.