Measures behind, but slowly catching up

Salut, tout le monde! Aujourd'hui, j'ai entendu la plus belle son de flûte...

I always knew that Melanie was a talented musician as well as the fact she is academically and musically gifted; however, I have never heard anybody play the flute that well...even the flautists in the many symphony orchestras that I have seen! I wasn't sure what piece she was playing, but I lurked from behind and watched as her fingers rapidly moved up and down.

Startled, she turned around. "Oh, hey, Sa-sa-sabine!" Her voice, perhaps I should say "trilled" just like she trilled some of her notes.
"That was awesome!" I complimented her playing. She stared at me nervously and eyed the ground. I added that I meant it. She would definitely play in the Boston Symphony Orchestra someday. In fact, she could play now she is that great.
"Thanks, Sabine," She shrugged. "It's just...well, you know. I'm uncomfortable with people listening to me play unless I am on stage in front of a large audience. My fears seem to fade away then."
I remembered her telling me that. I cannot help but love Melanie's company since she is almost exactly like one of my best friends back in France. They are so similar in that they play the flute, they're reserved/quiet/shy, and they like to perform. Being with Melanie makes me miss my friend so much. I still have hope that she'll join me in the States someday. I think she'd like Melanie, too.

"Do you want to try this again?" Melanie said, offering me her flute.

I sighed nervously. As most of you may recall, I was trying to learn to play the flute, but I took a long break...uncertain of whether or not I would play again. I struggled to make a sound, and I wasn't overly fast with moving my fingers. It must be that lack of coordination I have. :P
Anyway, I told Melanie oui, that I would love to try again.

I have come to realize one thing: I can't expect myself to be a musical genius overnight. Things like that take practice, and if I give up, I'm never going to reach a goal I want to reach. I hate the "If at first I don't succeed, I give up" attitude. I will not live my life that way. Sure, I will never be a flautist worthy of fame, praise, and status in a renowned symphony orchestra. My flute-playing abilities may always live in the shadows of Melanie Holland and my other friend, but I don't care. It's a waste of a life trying to live up to somebody else, and wanting to be like that other person will make you more miserable in the long run. Do what you love regardless of whether you're the best or not.

I know they've worked hard to get where they are, and I will, too. I hope to at least play my major and chromatic scales at the end of April. I will be trying my best at the flute while embracing my own personal strengths/talents at the same time.



The Greens and The Roses said...

I think that's great, Sabine! :-)

It's wonderful that you're not giving up on the flute.

I also think it's nice to have something like that to do for fun even if you aren't planning to do it professionally.

Hobbies can just be hobbies, and still be worthwhile to enjoy.


Reese said...

Hi Sabine! Melanie sounds really nice! It's cool that you're trying out the flute. I love the sound of it, although I don't play.

Love, Reese <3

all4dolls said...

It's hard that it seems like things are all or nothing, like we have to be the best or not do something. So, I think it's great you want to play the flute for fun. Good for you!

~ Kiki

Emily said...


Good job tackling the flute again! I know you will reach your goals if you set your mind to them. Have fun!