L'invasion d'Ophélie

My parents were getting tired of paying for two separate dorm rooms, so I'm unfortunately stuck sharing a room with Sabine. *sigh* Having shared a bedroom with her since the day we were born, it was nice to have my own space for once. I wasn't too happy with my parents, but at least Sabine was courteous enough to give me my own wall to decorate. I took some time to arrange my various posters.

As I was hanging up my last poster, I discovered that I had a visitor waiting for me.

"Je ne sais pas quand je vais quitter les États-Unis, et il me faut dormir en sa chambre."
Ophélie didn't even ask politely if she could stay in my room! I don't always have the best manners, but last time I checked, I shared this room with someone. I don't have the space for extra baggage.
"C'est impossible. Je partage cette chambre avec Sabine," I let my friend know that she'd have to find another room to stay in, but she didn't buy it.
"Qui?" She asked at the mention of Sabine's name.
"Sabine. Ma jumelle," I emphasized.

"Ah, tu m'as dit de Sabine. Dis-lui qu'elle devrait jeter un sac de couchage sur le plancher!"

Um, there was no way that I would even consider telling my sister to sleep in a sleeping bag. Ophélie was the one whose rightful place was in a sleeping bag as long as she was staying in my room! Ophélie continued to talk and try to convince me why she deserves to sleep in one of the beds.
I needed to do something because this would certainly cause a fight between Sabine and me. We fight enough as it is; I don't need to add another reason to why we don't get along!

Although Ophélie is my friend, she takes the game she plays too seriously. This game is more dangerous than the game that I have played/play, only I can't help it. She can. Soon enough, she will play her game in full force here, and I need to stop it before it starts.
Forget about her for a moment. At least my posters look good!



Reese said...

Bonjour Sandrine! I know what it's like to share a bedroom; I share one too! Ophelie seems kind, but she also seems a little mean wanting Sabine to sleep in a sleeping bag! Maybe you could try to ask her why she said that. Good luck!

Love, Reese <3

Emily said...

Well, that wasn't very nice of Ophelie! She should have known that your sister was more important and not going to be sleeping in a sleeping bag. I hope she gets the point quickly!


The Greens and The Roses said...

Wow, Ophélie was really out of line! I can't believe she actually wanted to kick Sabine out of her own bed. She isn't a very gracious guest, to put it mildly.

Can the administration of your school or the houseparent of your dorm make arrangements for Ophélie to have a place to stay? It seems like they should be the ones taking some of the responsibility for where guests will sleep, if they allow guests. (You've asked whether this is even allowed, right?) Maybe they could at least give her a spare mattress or something.

Just a thought. :-)


The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Ophelie has some nerve, she is someone that I would have a hard time being friends with, it would be too easy to tell her what for.

Hope everything works out for you all, that has to be a hard position for you to be in ..


Nemom said...

Ophelie is really a strong personality, isn't she.? You just need to assert yourself, because if you don't the wedge between you and Sabine will only get wider. Maybe Ophelie was just trying (not very effectively) to be funny.