Le changement?

Bonsoir, tout le monde! Aujourd'hui, je dois vous dire quelque chose très excitant! Je partage mon blog...
Oui, you heard me correctly. I am now sharing my blog with my sister and Julien! I am very excited about this change, and dear readers, I hope you are as well.
Julien and Sandrine have added profiles to the blog. You can click their names underneath my header to learn more about them. I have also transferred their blog posts to my blog, and you can see those posts by clicking on their names on the right side of the page underneath the "About Me" section.

There is no major reason for this change other than the fact that they have stories to share, too, and their blogs don't get updated much. It will be easier for them to update if they share with me.

To celebrate, here are some photos of me and the two lovely people who will be posting here as well. First, here are two photos of me with my sister:

Now, photos of me with my best (guy) friend:

So...that's the "major change". I even changed my blog header to reflect this.



The Greens and The Roses said...

Hi Sabine, Sandrine, and Julien! :-)

I think this is a great decision, and I look forward to reading more about all three of you.

Very sweet pictures!


Reese said...

Hi Sabine! Hi Sandrine! Hi Julien! I really like the change you're making. I can't wait to know more about each of you! Love the pictures!

Love, Reese <3

Veline Meloony said...

Sounds fun!
Hi Sandrine and Julien!
I have a question; could I maybe use the same catogeries you have in your profiles on my blog for me and my friends? I'd say where my insperation came from (:
~ Veline

Anonymous said...

That's a good idea. Can't wait to read about everyone's adventures.

The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Sounds great moving everyone together, it is easier than trying to keep up with several blogs. We are glad that we have just the one blog for all of us too ..

Hope to hear/read you post more ..