La fin d'une décennie...

Salut, mes amis! Aujourd'hui, c'est le dernier jour de 2010 et la fin d'une décennie. Je pense que je vais réfléchir les dix dernières années...

Seriously, I remember NOTHING about this year, other than being in Paris and waiting for the new millennium. Sandrine threw a fit because she was exhausted; she fell asleep in Mère's lap on the way back to the hotel. I learned how to properly spell my, nobody needs to know about my horrid misspelling...

There was a lot of talk about the World Trade Center in NYC and the Pentagon in Washington DC. Since I was only almost five at the time, I had no idea what was going on, though from what I saw on TF1, it looked horrifying. Oh, Dale Earnhardt also died in a crash on the last lap of the Daytona 500. Ava told me that; I wouldn't have known that without her- I swear!

I turned six and I did not get what I wanted for Christmas. Also, Sandrine got in huge trouble for doing poorly at school.

No significant memories.

I went to Rome during the summer. :)

I'm pretty sure this is the year when we went to Germany and Sandrine got lost...

HANNAH MONTANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do I need to say anything more? I also got my hair cut/styled to resemble the wig.

Hannah Montana 2/Meet Miley Cyrus CD set was released. :)

Wow...this year was my most memorable...where do I begin?
First off, I started collège (French equivalence to middle school), and numerous eventful things happened- mostly things that I have buried deep inside of me, things I don't necessarily want to repeat. It was a rough time. Ask Sandrine. She'd know.
Later in the year, I decided I wanted to study in America (salut, les américains!), so in December, I came here. Ava wants me to mention that I met her because that should be memorable enough for me. Definitely.
Oh, I also started my blog, which was originally titled Une Fille Comme Moi. 

I spent a lot of time adjusting to American life, experiencing new things, meeting new people, and recording my life in this blog. Oh, and I met Chrissa. She DID NOT force it upon me to say that meeting her was memorable, but she really introduced me to the definition of "annoying".

More adjusting to American life...and vous savez, I can't say that I'm used to it yet. I also discovered that Hannah Montana would end in 2011, but Miley is going to star in a remake of LOL (a French film- yay!). That somewhat makes up for the ending of my favorite show. Oh, I also really started emphasizing my style and sharing my clothes with the world. Hmm...what else? Well, I definitely discovered more about Jess...

For a second, I thought we weren't going to get any new girls this year. It turns out I was wrong. Look who I had the pleasure to meet a few days ago:
The girl on the left is named Melanie Holland; she is from Boston and she loves music. Lilly and I have been hanging out with her; she's cool. The girl on the right is Micki Fleming, who happens to be cousins with Nicki and Vicki. Originally, she is from Denver, but she has lived in Bruxelles, Belgium for ten years. She's fluent in French and Flemish, too. I'm happy that she actually has mastered foreign languages. Yay for the open-minded Americans!!! She is very obnoxious and narcissistic, like Nicki and Vicki- plus she also considers herself to be a Sun Queen. However, there is a tiny rational side to her; YOU CAN HAVE A NORMAL CONVERSATION WITH HER!!!! I love Bruxelles, so I can't wait to talk with her about her life there!
 Lilly insisted that we play a "getting to know you" game with a few people. In this game, you had to say your age, name, hometown, and something unique about yourself. It turns out that Lilly's "something unique" was that she has three days of detention after Christmas break because her French teacher hates her. Hating Lilly is wrong, but completely easy to do, especially if outgoing, fun people don't meet your criteria.
I just want to know what Lilly did...
After the game, I wanted to show Melanie my Miley Cyrus CD collection. I pulled out my two newest ones, which were Christmas/birthday (my birthday is Dec. 19) presents from Mère and Père. I was thrilled to get things I actually wanted for a change. And oh, if you haven't figured this out by now, my jacket and glasses were gifts, too. To be honest, I wouldn't call my glasses a gift; I needed them. Sandrine wears green contacts for a reason, and I guess being a twin, I inherited bad eyesight...
I also got a pretty sweater as a later. I'm wearing it to the party tonight. 
It turns out that Melanie ISN'T a Miley fan and is far from it! Thankfully, she respects everybody's interests and hobbies, so she didn't ridicule me. I LOVE MATURE AMERICANS!!!! Just thought I'd share. ;) Seriously, though, mature Americans seem to be handed out on a very limited basis...
Lilly dragged me aside, obviously not understanding Melanie when Melanie said she respects people. Lilly thought Melanie would stop hanging out with us if I liked something as "embarrassing" as Miley Cyrus...
 Maybe I was being mean/harsh when I told Lilly this, but I told her that her outfit was quite embarrassing and unfashionable. I didn't like it; the sweater and skirt weren't my thing, but they were totally Lilly's style. I guess I just have a hard time accepting that because I am so used to dressing like a trendy French city girl...
Lilly forgave me and blamed my rudeness and bluntness on obvious cultural differences. I'm going to have to agree with her- that probably was the case. Americans just tend to dress less casual than what I'm used to seeing...
Some strange things have been occurring, too. For example, my passport was nowhere in sight! I know I didn't take it out of my purse...maybe somebody stole it? Ugh, I don't even want to think about that being the case. I especially didn't want to tell my parents that I lost it. Maybe I just misplaced it and didn't remember taking it out of my purse?
Sandrine received a mysterious note, talking about her Secret and a past event. Since I am the only one who knows about these things, she assumed it was me who wrote the letter, so she dragged me by my feet in order to get me to a safe place where she could discuss this with me in private.
I read the note, and wow...that was strange. I tried to tell her that I never wrote it, but she didn't believe me. I mean, I obviously know that I didn't write it, but who could have? Sandrine and I never even discussed the Secret or the Incident in America!

On top of both these mysteries, Nicki, Chrissa, Christelle, and Ava have gone missing. Not to sound rude or anything, but I kind of hope those four remain missing, especially Chrissa. Really, all these things are just weird. It's also strange to note that all this happened on Christmas...

To read more, CLICK HERE!

So that, mes amis, was my decade, 2010, and Christmas. I'm highly anticipating 2011 and HOPING THAT AURIELLE COMES TO AMERICA!!! :)

Hope all goes well for everyone else in 2011, too.


Joyeux Noël et deux nouvelles filles...

Joyeux Noël tout le monde! Malheureusement, je dois attendre pour hier à recevoir mes cadeaux. Je sais que je vais recevoir des vêtements, mais lesquels? Je ne peux pas attendre!!!

Anyway, Merry Christmas, everyone! Unfortunately, I have to wait for my presents. I'm certain I got some clothes, but am also hoping that my parents sent me the two Miley CDs (THAT I DON'T HAVE!) alongside my new clothing.

Knowing them (especially Mère), though, I doubt it. Oh, well...

Apparently, OLN got two new girls. I know nothing about them, but neither are Aurélie, which deeply saddens me. I guess I'll get to meet them tomorrow. To be honest, I'm not expecting to make any new friends anything mundane like that. I'm not as open as the Americans are...and I'm sure both girls are American. Fun.
To me, I feel like Americans want you to open up to them when you first meet. Seriously, I have stories. Most pertain to Ava and that one strange Nellie.
I'm used to building up my friendships, NOT telling somebody everything about myself at first. I need to gain trust. I mean, mon dieu, I just don't hand my trust out on silver platters. If I did, my friendships would end up like the ongoing Marisol/Alyson/Ashley saga...that's another story for another day. Sandrine whines about it all the time...maybe she'll eventually update her blog...? tomorrow. I'm exhausted from waking up early. The Edwards girls are having a delicious dinner catered. They know what good food is, so I won't have any qualms about eating it.


Chrissalicious Catastrophe

Appellez-la "Mademoiselle Noël" parce qu'elle ADORE le Noël...

I'm talking about Chrissa, that is. Aside from being obsessed with French people and dance, she is also hopelessly obsessed with Christmas.
Which, makes no sense because the poor girl asks for some pretty lame gifts. This year, she's wanting new leotards, new pointe shoes, and French-themed t-shirts from Forever21. Tu vois? Barbante! Why would you ask for those things when you can ask your parents for that stuff any other day of the year?

D'accord, I actually think Forever21 is very cool for an American clothing store. Oui, I have my reason- that was where all the Hannah Montana outfits were purchased before they were custom-made. If only I lived in America earlier! I could have been dressing like Miley when she was Hannah!!!!

The thing that bores me to tears about Chrissa wanting t-shirts from that store is that she will use them to further profess her profound love for all things French. She wants this one shirt that says "I love French boys"...which, um, she doesn't need a tacky shirt to get her message across!  I also think she wants these crazy shirts in order to try and impress Sandrine, Christelle, and me.
We're totally NEVER going to be impressed. Désolée, Mademoiselle Maxwell...

Also, Mère special-orders Sandrine's pointe shoes from a special shop in Paris. I doubt Chrissa's parents would be willing to do that for her.

Enough of that...

I discovered Chrissa obsessing over presents. She lay collapsed, in one of those obnoxious Santa's Little Helper costumes that all the scandalous girls in American movies wear. Très américaine for such a French want-to-be.
 Then, I entered the room because I heard her screaming. Hey, I had to see what was going on, though, it's Chrissa so I should have automatically assumed it was nothing. I made a HUGE MISTAKE because I was listening to my iPod, and Chrissa took notice. Being the francophile she is, she assumed I had French Christmas songs on my iPod, and she tried to coerce me to give it to her.
I dropped it before I could get away ASAP. Not good...considering it lead to a....

Like, she tried to grab it from my clutch! Because it's Chrissa, she thought of the most unintelligent way to take it from me; that was to pull the headphones.
Yeah. Really smart. She walked away with just the headphones, while I held on to my dear iPod. Um, earbuds without the actual iPod are pointless!
1 Sabine | 0 Chrissa
Not that I'm counting or anything...


Permanent December

Joyeux décembre, tout le monde! Le décemebre est mon mois pré!!!!
Pourquoi est-ce que le décembre est mon moi pré? Why is December my favorite month?
Here's why:
le 6 décembre: St. Nicholas Day
le 19 décembre: Mon anniversaire- my birthday!
le 25 décembre: Christmas!!!
And Miley Cyrus has a song called "Permanent December"; it's one of my favorites.

So...this month is jam-packed for me. Just to make it easier on my friends and loved ones, I devised a list of presents I would like to receive on any of the days listed above. This list is in no particular order, well, after number deux, anyway.

1. Miley Cyrus's "Can't Be Tamed" CD
2. Hannah Montana Forever soundtrack
3. New clothes from Liberty Jane
4. Black heels (from AG)
5. Alizée's newest CD, Une Enfant du Siecle

Since Aurélie reads my blog religiously, the following is a special announcement aimed at her:
Chere Aurélie,
Allez aux Etats-Unis, s'il te plait! Tu me manque, et je te promets que ce pays est amusant!

Hopefully, everybody should know what to get me. I don't like to be disappointed. No, I am not materialistic, but I do love nice things. Mère always disappoints. I know that sounds horrid to say, but she seriously couldn't shop for anyone if her life depended on it. She gets Sandrine and I clothes that we'd never consider wearing, plus she gets me earrings. I do not have my ears pierced. She is my mom; she should know that...? My brother makes out a little bit better....
Anyway, Père makes up for this by secretly giving us three children 50€.

Happy December!

Lilly Town

Rencontrez Lilly, ma meilleure amie américaine...
Oui, she's not new, and you've seen  and heard about her a million times before. I talk about Lilly quite a bit, and she probably gets her fair share of publicity by being featured on my blog, but I don't think I really ever took the time to give everybody the full picture of her.

The truth is, I don't feel like I've been as good of a friend to Lilly as she has been to me. She's so funny and blatantly outspoken (but not in the obnoxious way that Ava is); you can't help but love her personality. She's one of those people that everybody loves to be around.

Ever since my grand-père's passing, which wasn't too long ago, I felt like I needed to be more appreciative of all the amazing people in my life. Ava included, but that's a different subject for a different day. 

Lilly is from a small town called Cambridge...and it's in Wisconsin. Lilly hates cheese, is terrified of cows, and her parents are doctors- NOT dairy farmers. Lilly has epilepsy and a severe allergic reaction to peanuts. She wants to be a neurosurgeon.  I wouldn't trust her. ;)

Lilly loves fantasy, which I totally despise. When I read, I like for my books to be realistic- or real. Lilly is a Twilight and Harry Potter fan, but not an obsessive one; she knows that vampires do not sparkle. Mermaids do. ;)
She has also recently gotten into the Immortals series by Alyson Noël and is using that series to predict the futures of a few girls here at OLN. Keep in mind that the author's name is Alyson (like mademoiselle héritée) and that two characters in this series happen to be named Sabine (comme moi!) and Ava ( know her). Anyway, notice that Sabines and Avas have to be together in order to create stories.
Forget that. Lilly's predictions are as follows:
1. Alyson will become an author of a best-selling book.
2. I, Sabine Bouchard, will become a lawyer and be hopelessly addicted to Dr. Fail (what Lilly calls Dr. Phil)
3. Ava will become a psychic...most likely a TV psychic.

My commentary:
1. Alyson? Write a book? Maybe about her life, like all those trashy celebrities do. Think Kardashian Konfidential. Trashy life stories like that would totally be up Aly's ally...

2. The Sabine in the story is a Dr. Fail-addicted, top-notch lawyer. Père is a lawyer. NO WAY AM I ENDING UP LIKE MY DAD. Père says that he has had clients who actually believe that he is a hired best friend. Yeah. They call him and stuff all the time to whine and complain. LAWYERS DO NOT EQUAL BEST FRIENDS. Now that we settled that...

3. I'd pay to see Ava become a TV psychic.

Well, if this book was written about our futures, then Lilly has a song written about her life- "Lilly Town" by Alizée. Lilly is on some diet that supposedly controls her seizures, so she eats a lot of sweets and junk foods. Look up the lyrics to the song. It so fits my friend.

That's Lilly for you. Hopefully, you can better understand and appreciate her now.
But still, I can never see myself watching Dr. Fail and enjoying it...


Joyeux anniversaire, Miley!

Miley Cyrus est née le 23 novembre 1992 en Tennessee. Maintenant, elle a dix-huit ans!!! C'est incroyable! Joyeux anniversaire à la meilleure chanteuse!
Mon frère, Sébastien, est né le  23 octobre 1992...

Oui, today, Miley Cyrus celebrates her 18th birthday! Happy birthday to Miley! Now that she's 18 and a legal adult, the press needs to stop obsessing over everything she does. She can make her own choices/decisions now, and she shouldn't be under a microscope.

Miley aside, keep in mind that my brother, Sébastien, turned 18 last month on this very same day (the 23rd). Sounds unimportant, right? Well, actually, if he was born a month later, he would have shared a birthday and birth year with Miley. How cool would that have been? Très!

1992 was a pretty awesome year, I think. Felicity got the rest of her core collection, my brother was born, and the best singer/actress in the whole entire world was born!!! Yeah!

I guess some people turned out better than others, though. Most of Felicity's stuff has been retired over the years, and now she's heading into the archives, and her time period is probably the most important in American history. Pauvre Félicité. But Miley and my brother are doing just fine!!!

To celebrate Miley's celebrity status, I'm going to begin a limited-time feature on this blog called the Monthly Miley. Quoi? Je vais expliquer. Every month, I will be posting a photo of either one of my friends or readers dressed up as Miley. The only catch is, you have to be dressed up in an outfit that is similar or exact to one Miley has worn. To get inspiration, CLICK HERE. You can also use Google Images to search, too. When you have taken your photo, e-mail it to me at for the chance to be featured. I'll give away a prize to my favorite photo once this little feature is finished.
Oh, and as a way for me to prevent obnoxious spam, the title of the e-mail should answer this question: What is the name of Alizée's CD that features the songs "Fifty-Sizty" and "Mademoiselle Juliette"?

I'll start out the Monthly Miley by posting my imitation of her latest CD cover:
I'm sure you guys can beat that. :)

A Liberty Jane Appreciation Post

Salut, tout les poupées à la modes…
    This post was undoubtedly inspired by recent discussion and, of course, my enduring obsession.
    Cinnamon Miles is literally the Coco Chanel of the eighteen inch universe. I swear this woman’s mission is to put an end to fashion mishaps everywhere! Everything she makes is trendy, fun, and fashion-forward. Her color choices are also great- not obnoxious like AG’s.
     Oui, AG. I’m rolling my eyes at you. The only things you ever gave me were the Photography jacket, a few sweaters, some tanks, and the Velveteen coat, and heels. You don’t get full credit until you create outfits worthy of sophistication.
   Less-spectacular offerings from AG aside, Anyway, Madame Miles can safely be added to my personal list of life-altering idols, worthy of my adoration and praise. She landed herself a place amongst the great- Miley Cyrus, Marion Cotillard, Edith Piaf, Coco Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and other amazing French designers.
    Liberty Jane has always had amazing clothes, but for some reason, the outfits produced this year were more amazing than usual.
    Let’s start with the spring releases. UK Holiday and Sinjuku Starlet were my two favorites. The UK Holiday tunic basically had my name written all over it. I loved the fabric. The Sinjuku Starlet outfit…? Very mix-and-matchable, BLACK!!!!, I loved all the pieces…
   I’ll finish with the Winter/Fall releases. The Paris Daydream top is amazing. I would definitely wear that!!! It’s just, so me…
   The Sofia blazer is also fabulous. Again, doesn’t it look like something I’d wear? I love the gray. LOVE THE GRAY. I love the use of neutral colors in this line; everything looks so sophisticated and oh-so European.
   Take notes, tout le monde, if you need Christmas gift ideas for me. I'd also really, really love Miley's "Can't Be Tamed" CD and the Hannah Montana Forever soundtrack. :)
   Here’s where my only complaint comes in- they are up for auction on e-bay ONLY. I was getting my hopes up for some buy-it-now editions on her website, but sadly, there are none. I do not care about her clothing prices; as long as the pieces fit nice and are of high quality, I don’t care about the price tag. That might just be the French couture snob in me, but still. I think she should put half her stock up for auction and half as buy-it-nows, even if that means a high price. Or, she could even create some separates from the line to sell as buy-it-nows…
    *sigh* I am hoping for some BINs in the future…I love her work…
    The human needs to totally send Mme Cinnamon a message and work out a custom project. I need more things.
    Before I end this post, I leave you with a picture of me in my favorite LJ piece of all-time. It is a tank top, from her summer ‘08 line. I love the print on the fabric so much, plus it looks great with a sweater from AG:

And even though it's different now, you're still here somehow...

You used to call me your angel
Said I was sent straight down from heaven...

Les parlons de le chanson "I Miss You" (Miley Cyrus) décrivent maintenant ma vie. Ce matin, ma père m'a téléphoné, et il m'a dit que mon grand-père est mort.

Mon grand-père, Jacques Bouchard, était le meilleur! Il était drôle, et il m'a enseigné beaucoup. Je lui parlais toujours, spécialement sur Noël. Il m'a dit les histoires incroyable...

I have been listening to Miley Cyrus's song, "I Miss You" all day long. This morning, I received news that my grandfather had passed away.
He has been sick for awhile now, and I hated to see him suffer. Nothing made me feel worse than seeing him in that hospital bed. He looked so fragile and weak. I remember the last thing he told me, before I came to America: "Sabine, you are becoming a brilliant young lady. I expect great things from you." He kissed my hand and then added, "Make me proud."
I wish I was actually able to tell him about my life in America. I wished I could have visited home before all this happened...

I really wish to be in France right now! It's terrible being so far away at a time like this. I need to be with my family. Sure, technology is great, but that does not make up for not being about to physically be there...

All I hope now is that he is in a better place. I want to know he's OK.
Je t'aime, grand-père.

Sorry I didn't post more...I just really need some peace today. Even Sandrine is upset. For once, she doesn't want the day to be all about her...

Mon habit!


Basically, since I am the Queen of Style, I came up with the most amazing outfit that will leave everybody else envious beyond belief.

What I am wearing (in case you want inspiration...but use this as inspiration only!):
-Julie's Christmas Blouse (AG)
-Black flounce skirt (Liberty Jane Clothing)
-Black sweater of awesomeness (AG a la mode Couture)
-Black flats from Ivy's Chinese New Year dress (AG)

Listen. I know you are jealous because you could never dress like this. Because you lack the same sense of fabulous style that I have.

Everyone loves my clothes; it's an obsession.

Sandrine xoxo

Can't Be Tamed

Qui savait que s'habiller comme Miley Cyrus était si controversée?
I sure didn't.
 I decided to join the Americans in their quest for collecting the most candy, and let me tell you, it was very eventful.
To begin the night, we were stopped by a strange-looking older woman in a white electrician's van- or what Liz and Ava like to call a "creeper van". She told us this: "I lost my dog and I need some help finding him. He is white with brown spots. If you see him, drop him off at my house; I live right over there. If you just yell 'Buddy, come home', he'll come home."
So. Not. Normal. Can you make it even more obvious that you are a potential kidnapper? I was a little perturbed about the whole thing, but immature Ava and Liz were making light of it. They kept incessantly shouting, "BUDDY, COME HOME!!!!" at the top of their lungs. Yeah. I wanted to hurt them.

Thankfully, my attention was turned away from the missing (or probably not missing) dog because a mother with young children decided to critique my costume. SHE THOUGHT I WAS A BIKER CHICK. Come have young kids! Do you really not know who Miley Cyrus is?
Well, I did tell her that I was actually dressed up as my role model Miley Cyrus, and she started ranting- telling me how a girl of my age shouldn't be dressed that indecent and how she will never buy a Miley Cyrus CD for her kids because Miley Cyrus is a "bad influence and utterly inappropriate".
I'm going to sound like Chirstelle for a second and bluntly say, YOU STUPID AMERICAN. Mon dieu, it's Halloween for goodness sakes! Isn't Halloween about dressing up as something you're not and having fun? I certainly thought it was, and Ava and Liz made it seem that way, too!
Sometimes, I think Americans are too uptight and they get all crazy over nothing. They are also huge moral-pushers, and because I am French and was raised in a less-modest environment, they think I am totally unethical. For example, Ava was talking about drinking once, and I casually mentioned that I had a glass of wine before.
That was enough to seriously annoy Ava. She began to lecture me on underage drinking and how wrong my family was, etc. OK. She was kind-of  being a hypocrite. Like, she's going to try to instill her morals in me, but she swears ALL THE TIME. (I mean, if I swear, I at least do it in French so the Americans won't be able to understand me...)
Anyway, I think the reason the French aren't so high-strung about drinking and other things is because we accept it as a way of life and don't make it seem so...blasphemous...? (I'm not sure what word to use...)
I think I vented enough.

But to end this, did that lady seriously think I dressed like that everyday?
Je connais la mode. Évidement. Next year, I think I'll have to be a 2007-2008 Miley for Halloween. Really, I had no idea that Miley was so "offensive", if you want to use that word.

P.S. Joyeuse Toussaint...for those who celebrate it. :)

Photography, Halloween, and Fans

Tip #001 for photography contests:
-If you are planning on entering a photo contest on AGPT or in real life and only want to include one of the Fleming twins in your photo, please take a few worthwhile seconds to think again. Include both. Why? CLICK HERE to find out.

I shouldn't have to explain anymore. I will say, however, that Nicki and Vicki are annoying me to an extreme. I have NEVER seen them fight before! I always thought they had the ideal relationship- the relationship I wish I had with my sister. Yeah, well, now, Vicki keeps saying that she is "more equaler" than Nicki and that she is clearly prettier and more photogenic.
Enough about them.

I decided to deviate from my French ways for just one night; I am joining Liz and Ava for trick-or-treating (or what they call "candy bagging") tonight. Oui. Vous avez entendu. I know I swore I would never celebrate this crazy nonsensical holiday, but I kind-of want to dress up. Pictures will be posted ASAP- probably later this week. For now, feel free to guess what I'm going to be.
After tonight, I'll pretend that this never happened...

As for my fan base and thanks to those who commented on my last post, I am starting to think my fan base is actually cool. Seriously, I never had a fan base or admirers when I was in France. I was just Sabine, the brilliant good girl who got the best grades in all her classes. But, I come to America, and people think I am amazing. This is seriously ego-boosting.
This is a rhetorical question, bien sûr, but if you feel like answering it/telling me, go right ahead. What makes me, Sabine Bouchard, so fascinating?


Yet more adoring fans...

I seriously am almost up to Miley Cyrus's level!
Kidding, of course, but I happen to have a fan base now.
MOI?! SABINE AURELIE BOUCHARD?! FAN BASE?!!!!! Je suis heureuse!
That was sarcasm. C'est effroyable! The reason why I am so frightened is simple- Nicki and Vicki have joined Chrissa in their unyielding Sabine obsession. Not that Nicki and Vicki are literally obsessed with me, though- they are far too obsessed with themselves to ever consider me "elite"! Their love for me stems from my hometown and narcissism. Lille has a pervasive Flemish influence and the obnoxious Flemings believe that is because of them. They honestly believe they created the Flemish language and culture! They came up to me and were like, "dag", which is Flemish for "hi". This is getting worse than their Sun Queen thing. Which, by the way, has yet to die down. Just because Fleming happens to be their last name doesn't mean they should actually believe they started the culture! How annoying!
I thought the Flemish thing was funny at first because I really didn't understand it, but now it's older than Christelle and Ava's livid arguments!
Ughhhh...sometimes, I just want to be the only person on Earth...

I believe in time and chance...

...because I'm not one for making plans.
Actually, I am one for making plans. Today is the first free day I have had in awhile, and I wanted to spend it by calling a few of my friends back in France. I need to find out what is going on with Aurélie, plus I also wanted to call Laurette and see how school is. She, as a victim of secretive bullying (je sais...long story. Maybe I'll share later...), agrees with me that Collège Paul Verlaine is prison set up by the French government in order to torture and sequester innocent young teenagers. So, yeah, I desperately want an update on that place.
Aurélie goes to another school. Jealous. CPV was the worst...
I could go on about CPV forever, but does anybody really want to hear about that? Non! Bien sûr que non! 
I guess I'll just tell you how my plans were basically butchered into one million and one pieces.

Basically, I was convinced to go hiking. I never wanted to, but it Nicki and Vicki were begging me and I desperately wanted them to SHUT UP.
I know I haven't talked about those two in awhile, but they have gotten so much worse since the last time they were mentioned. They are not "Queens of the World". Do not call them that, unless you want to be sent to the guillotine and forced to eat 1.5 lbs of peas. French history has corrupted their brains; therefore, they are now "Sun Queens". They also somehow escaped to Belgium and created the Flemish language and culture...yeah, crazy, je sais. But they seriously are now convinced that everybody should study Flemish because that is *their* language.
I'll be honest. I didn't understand the whole "we created Flemish" thing at first. Then, I realized that their last name is Fleming. Of course, it's only natural for them to promote that language...
Anyway, I'm apparently one of their "groupies" now because I have a twin sister and our names kind-of rhyme. We are automatically members of Nicki-Vicki's "twins with rhyming names" society. I think that is so funny because Nicki and Vicki wouldn't even have rhyming names if they didn't go by their nicknames; Sandrine and I naturally have rhyming names. However, they have good days and bad days with Sandrine. On the good days, Sandrine is part of their rhyming names cult. On bad days, Sandrine is a "lowly supercilious snob who actually believes she is better than us!"

Oui, I went hiking with Nicki and Vicki Nicole and Victoria...
I wasn't up to hiking down the hill, so they started making fun of me. "WE ARE THE SUN QUEENS! WE CAN DO EVERYTHING THE BEST!"
Well, I decided to prove them wrong and go down the hill. It didn't work out, to say the least; I WAS WEARING HEELS! I'm sure everybody has figured out by now that the closest thing to sneakers that I wear is flats. I should have worn my old brown shoes, but I love these heels so much. They are so sophisticated and make me feel as such. (I sense an obsession coming on.)
I tripped...
...and landed flat on my face, which resulted in uncontrollable Sun Queen laughter. Wow, I hope Ava never finds out about this. She would never let me live to see the end of it! She is constantly tormenting me about how I never dress "appropriate" for anything. I do dress appropriate; I do not wear sweatpants and t-shirts like she does! D'accord, she doesn't actually dress like that all the time...
Oh? And a bonus? Guess who came running out to join the hike?
The idiots Nicki and Vicki didn't realize that they had locked the door. Thankfully, I made up for their lack of brains and suggested we went back inside through the garage. Poor Chrissa didn't realize that, so she stood by the sliding door and waited until I opened it for her.
Désolée...I know I sound harsh. I just had a very, very long morning. I think I'm going to rest and then call my friends. I'm sure they'd want to hear about this one...


P.S. Everybody needs to go on YouTube and look up "See You In Another Life" by no other than Miley Cyrus. It's probably my new favorite song of hers.
It's disappointing it didn't make it on her Breakout CD; it's so much fun!

And if an ocean lies between us, I'll send a message across the sea...

This morning, I received this e-mail from Aurélie:
Chère Sabine,
Comment ça va? Moi, je suis très occupée avec l’école. Mon prof pour anglais est terrible! Il ne peut pas parler anglais, je crois. Je te promets que ton anglais est mieux! Oui, c’est car tu écoutes toujours à la musique de Miley Cyrus! As-tu entendu son nouveau CD? Je déteste cette chanson, Can’t Be Tamed! Ça m’énerve! J’adore Stay et Take Me Along. Et toi? J’espère que tu n’aimes pas Can’t Be Tamed...
Sabine, je dois dire, ma vie est barbante sans toi. Chanson et Angélique sont chouettes, mais tu es ma meilleure amie! Écoute-moi, je pense que j’irai aux États-Unis. Ça sera une bonne aventure. Toi et moi, nous pouvons aller à Hollywood et voir Miley Cyrus. VOIR MILEY CYRUS! Mon amie, ça serait trop fabuleux! Ah, et nous pouvons faire les magasins et rire a les vêtements américaines effroyables! Sont-elles mal comme tu me dis? Je veux voir! Laides vêtements sont toujours amusants.
Dis-moi, comment est-ce les américaines? Tu as une drôle histoire d’Ava? J’aimais beaucoup l’histoire des haricots. C’était trop hilarant.

I'm too lazy to translate the whole e-mail, but the most important thing is that Aurélie is considering joining me here in America. How cool would that be? 
I have known Mademoiselle Aurélie Faubert since we were eight. I thought she had no friends, so I decided to talk to her. It turns out that she did have friends; they just weren't in our class. Aurélie and I laughed about my silly mistake and we soon became best friends. Aurélie is more reserved than me. She's shy and that sometimes gets in the way of making friends. I guess when you're shy, people think you're stuck-up or something. Once you get to know her, though, she's very talkative and outgoing. 
I'm definitely pushing that she comes here. It would be a great experience for her and it would help her break out of her shell. Trust me, to live here, you have to be outgoing. ;)


Salut! J'étais très occupée avec l'école et la vie.
L'école est l'école. Ava est Ava.  Et Chrissa? Elle est...Chrissa. Rien n'ai changée. 
Hi! I have been very busy with school and life.
School is school. Ava is Ava. And Chrissa? She's just being Chrissa. Nothing has changed.
Chrissa-ness anyone? Ava approached Christelle and me and told us that we had to look at Chrissa.
Ava then had the laughing attack of the century. That's normal for her, though. She has the strangest sense of humor; you don't know what she considers funny until she explodes. There is one exception- all rude jokes are funny in her eyes.
Chrissa was practicing her danceline routine by herself and singing the song quite loudly. GUESS WHO SINGS THE SONG? OUI. Miley Cyrus. This kind-of makes me want to join danceline, but when God was handing our coordination, I think he forgot about me.
Enough about that. I finally know what I want to do with my life and I owe it all to Ava. Yesterday in Spanish class, Ava was talking about her neighbors' divorce. Their daughter, Kayla Stark, brought a can of beans to school and during lunch, she asked the cooks if they had anything she could use to open her beans. OK, who brings a can of beans for lunch? Ava said that this girl wanted attention and sympathy. Ugh, don't you just hate people like that? Kayla was also trying to get Ava to give up her cookie. She should seriously know Ava by now; Ava gives up her cookies for NO ONE. To make a long story short, the girl moved to California with her father and her mother is all alone in a big house. The mother once told Kayla not to hang out with Ava because Ava had a "weird" life and is therefore a "bad influence". That's so stupid; just because your mother died does not mean you have a weird life. Ava isn't a bad influence. She's just honest Ava who isn't afraid to speak the truth or express her opinions. Sometimes, she's rude about it, but again, it's her personality.
Ava also told me a story about the family who lives down the street from her. The children do not know that they man they are calling "Dad" is not their real father.

I've always wanted to be an author of advice books for middle-school-aged girls, but now, I think I want to be a sociologist and study lifestyles and things of that sort. It's all too intriguing, especially since I don't consider my life to be interesting by any standards.

Enough of that, but here comes more indecisiveness. I do not know whether I should change my blog title or not. I'm getting a little sick of my current one. Une Fille Comme Moi means "A Girl Like Me" and it is also a song by French pop singer Priscilla. (If you haven't heard the song, please do. I can't find it on youtube, but you can listen to the preview on iTunes.) I'm considering changing my title to Une Enfant du Siècle (A Child of the Century), which is also the title of Alizee's newest CD.
Help please? What do you think?

Ava vs. Christelle

D'accord, je crois que c'était tout de la faute de les deux! Quand on mélange ensemble deux gens désagréables, le résultat n'est pas joli! Spécialement pour Ava et Christelle...
OK, I believe this was both of their faults. Anytime you mix two disagreeable people together, the result isn't pretty! Especially for Ava and Christelle...

À ce jour, tout le monde devrais connaître qu'Ava adore les biscuits. On ne connais pas probablement que la mère de Christelle a une boulangerie. Quand je visite Paris, j'y irai! De toute façon, Christelle a fais des biscuits et parce qu'elle connais Ava et elle connais qu'Ava les aime, Christelle l'en a offert. 
By now, everyone should know that Ava loves cookies. You probably don't know that Christelle's mother runs a bakery. When I visit Pairs, I will have to go there! Anyway, Christelle made cookies and because she knows Ava and knows that Ava loves them, she offered some to her. 
SURPRISE! Guess who replied with a rude comment? "Wait a do I know that there isn't arsenic in it?"
Christelle was, needless to say, outraged. "You stupid American! Why on Earth would you even think or ask that?"
To prove Ava wrong, Christelle took a bite of the cookie.
Defensive Ava had to make a scene again. "Listen, Frenchy, I am not a stupid American. If I were a stupid American, I would eat the darn cookie without asking if there was arsenic in it or not!" Christelle argued back, which was totally pointless, considering that you never win with Ava.
I will say, I think I know why they don't get along- they are TOO alike for their own good. For example, they are both very patriotic towards their home countries. They love the cities they are from and they both like to be right. 

On a different note, I think I may have led people to think that Ava hates me or I hate Ava. The truth is, we actually tolerate each other. She's not out to bite my head off (but she is in Sandrine's and Christelle's cases...) and I am not out to bite hers off. She does not really hate the French as much as you would think. In fact, she likes the French more than the British. You see, Liz's mother is from England and judging from the way Liz talks about her own mother, Liz isn't too fond of the British, either. It all started when Liz's mother told Liz that Ava was a "bad influence". I thought that was hilarious, since the worst things Ava does are complain, prank call, and ding-dong-ditch. Admittedly, I like Americans more than the British. There. I admitted it. I hope nobody takes offense, as unlike Ava, I am not out to hurt feelings. Ava is also prone to believe stereotypes. Do I need to tell of the time when she questioned me on hygiene? Mon dieu! I do, however, think Ava is completely obnoxious and rude and am not afraid to admit that.

Unlike Ava, Liz is cool. She's popular- and I'm not talking about American movie stereotypical "popular". I'm talking "everybody likes her" popular. She's so funny and upbeat. She lives to have fun! School does not stress her out and she always laughs at how school makes me worry. Oh Liz, if only you were familiar with the French educational basically scared me....
Her only downfall is that she is addicted to her iPhone. To the point that she uses it to cheat on Spanish quizzes....
D'accord...maybe she has another downfall- her clothes. I am not a fan of crazy colors and patterns.


L'école et Chrissa

First of all, Sandrine got a new blog.
Second of all, Chrissa was having a crisis- she wanted a tent. She kind-of started rolling on the floor and I wasn't sure if she was laughing or crying. She told me she was practicing her hip-hop routine for danceline. Mon dieu! Je pense pas!
I talked to her and told her that she would most definitely not be sharing a tent with me.
"Je comprends!" She replied, in that annoying American accent. I still cannot get over how horrific her French "r" sound sounds....
It's Chrissa we are talking about, so I wasn't sure if she got my point. To emphasize, I pointed to the pink tent. She said it was too bright. I told her to get over it. She agreed that she would. Hopefully. If I'm lucky...
Enough about Sandrine and Chrissa! The first day of school was today! I had a fairly decent day, except for the shocker of the century...
I got to take Algebra I this year because of my grades and intelligence. I walked into that classroom, looked around, and almost fainted. Ashley and Mia were in there. To be honest, I had no idea that they had the grades. Ashley seems so materialistic and self-absorbed while Mia is just totally oblivious to everything but her hair. I questioned Ashley, and I guess my honesty offended her. She thought I was "insulting" her intelligence. I wasn't insulting it; I was just confused as to why she was in a high school credited course. Mia, well, she didn't understand when I asked her...
It turns out that Ashley is a straight-A student. Unlike Alyson.

Today in Spanish class, we had to choose Spanish names and I was stuck being Julieta because the best ones were taken. Confession time- even if there were good names still available by the time the teacher got to me, I probably wouldn't have been able to choose then anyway. I'd much rather stick with my real name, merci beaucoup.
It was funny, though, because the teacher let Liz's name be Queso. I didn't know what that meant until, hey, I realized it was Liz. She told me if she took French, her French name would have been Fromage. We then began to talk about cheese and she said that she wants to have two daughters and name them Colby and Brie, since those are kinds of cheese and real people names at the same time.

This, mes amis, will be a long year...



So listen, peasants.
I had a blog before, but I never kept up with it! MON DIEU! TRÈS TRISTE! Basically, you missed me. Just admit it, because you know you did.
I'm also letting you know that I don't translate my French into English, like my sister. Why? Well, if you're reading this, I'm assuming you're of average intelligence and have the ability to use Google properly.
I decided that Sabine and I aren't sisters anymore. Tu me demandes, "quoi, Sandrine?" We never even were sisters to begin with. She has always been such a nerdy little loser. Anyway, I decided that Ophélie Duperron is my REAL sister!!!!
Ophélie and I have so much in common. We love dancing, we love fashion, and we love our hair. We are both redheads who adore the color pink and will wear pink until we die. If you are anti-redheads in pink, get off my blog!

Sabine is well-aware that Mia is my new sister, but she isn't, like, ecstatic or anything like that. She basically was all, "D'accord Sandrine...", which is her way of saying, "Cher dieu...Sandrine est folle!" Forget her. EW! Anyway, I seriously think that Sabine thinks I'm inferior to her. She's always looking down on me and stuff. Plus, she doesn't think I have the ability to do my homework myself. It's more like, why would I do it myself when I have people I can copy it from? PENSEZ.

Another thing I should bring to people's attention is Eleanora Kathleen O'Malley, a.k.a. Peasant Nellie. Now, I don't call everybody a peasant, but she really is!!!!!! She ran away from foster care or something and lived on the streets of FABULOUS New York City until Miss Perfect Samantha Parkington came along. I had to begin Spanish this year, because the school thought it was "unfair" if I took French!!!! THAT MADE ME MAD. Like, it's not unfair that I have an advantage or something! Zut alors! What is this world coming to?! So I'm stuck sitting by Nellie AND Sabine. Ugh! I'd rather be in prison. Oh wait...that's what school is.

Nicki and Vicki are seriously stupid and they think they are the second comings of Louis XIV. Correction- they believe Louis XIV never existed and that they were the Sun Queens or whatever. They need to get a life and realize that they are from Colorado and had nothing to do with the building of Versailles. Anyway, they think their French is great when it's terrible and makes me want to gag myself.

Now if you excuse me, I am going to go tan.


Une erreur!

C'était une erreur! Je sais qu'elle était! 
Si vous ne savez rien dont je parle, je vais expliquez...
It was a mistake! I know it was! If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'll explain...
If you follow my life, you'd know about the escape. The escape has to do with why I haven't been posting daily updates, which I usually do. I'm promising daily updates...I'll probably have a lot to say because of the MISTAKE.
Anyway, I was walking around the strange new place and found where I will be sleeping until the furniture gets moved her.  I was looking for Alyson or Ava, but they were nowhere in sight, which was très étrange because they were to escape with me. Well, one was, at least.
Since blue is my favorite color, I chose the blue tent as mine.
I threw my bag down, grabbed my cell phone, and texted Lilly to let her know I escaped safely. I hope that she escapes soon...I need a friend here. Croyez-moi!
I relaxed some and tried to take a nap, but it was useless. I heard somebody's feet smacking the floor. I peered out of the tent and noticed familiar pink sneakers. Sneakers. Je déteste ceux- I hate those. And to make sneakers even worse, they came in fun colors such as pink! D'accord, forget that they aren't the most attractive of footwear and think...
...I knew the girl to whom those belonged, and this girl approached my tent and started screaming. "SABS!!!!" at the top of her lungs.
This has to be a mistake! She shouldn't have escaped with me...there has to be a simple explanation!

To be continued later...I'm still very overwhelmed by everything!

Hannah Montana Toujours!

Sophie, it's now my turn to fangirl! :)
Ce matin, j'ai vu quelque chose grande...
This morning, I saw something great...
Il a lu "Est-ce que tu veux etre dans l'histoire d'Hannah Montana?"
I basically collapsed on the chair. For the low price of $13.98, I could have my picture on a poster, in a music video, and pre-order the CD. Of course I want to be apart of Hannah Montana history! Miley Cyrus is officially the best person ever. (more on that later...)
So...I decided to have a little photoshoot because I HAVE to be on that mosaic!
I don't have her newest CD yet, which makes me feel horribly incomplete, but I'll get it soon! Hopefully, in time to take another photo!'s a behind-the-scenes shot from this not-too-great shoot. Everything was later digitally brightened on photoshop, because if you're a celebrity (like I will be), all your photos are digitally edited.
The moment you've all been waiting for...why Miley Cyrus is the best person ever!
Have you heard of the movie LOL with Christa Theret and Sophie Marceau? If you're not French, you probably haven't, so I'll tell you about it. It was a great movie released in 2008, which was also great year for Miley's Breakout CD. Anyway, it's about a mother and daughter. The mother, Anne, just got divorced and the daughter, Lola, just broke up with her boyfriend and she's trying to get revenge on him. Later in the movie, the mother and daughter (who start out being distant from each other) bond. Watch the trailer of the French version on youtube. If you stumbled across this blog and happen to be under 13, you've been warned that this film for a more mature-age group.

D' I've rambled enough about the French version. Did you know that later this year, there will be an American remake of the film? And the best part...? MILEY CYRUS WILL PLAY LOLA!
Seriously. This is going to be better than The Last Song!


Deux défis...

Salut! The human was away for three weeks and I'm not special enough to know the password to her laptop, so my daily posting had to wait. BUT. I did get a new top. I'm wearing it now...more about it on Marisol's coming tomorrow.
My math teacher thought I needed a challenge (since I'm so advanced due to the French educational system), so she told me to "steal" (a.k.a. borrow without permission) Jess's trigonometry book.
For starters, if Jess saw me with it, she would have killed me. It's her prized possession.
Anyway, I don't see how anyone can like math or do it for fun, especially trig. I'll figure it out...when I get to high school! I'm beginning Algebra I next year, and I learned a few concepts back in France....
Really...I have no idea where to begin with this stuff! (Hyperbola is a dumb word!)
I decided to give up and go downstairs...
...but three familiar faces were coming up. Oui, Chrissa was unfortunately one of those...
They collapsed when they got to the top. I'm sure they weren't tired from the climbing. Elles sont des americaines! They did that for effect.
Ava then dragged us into a room, saying she can't talk about the escape plan in open space. Honestly, I totally forgot about the escape. I've been THAT busy! (Side note- Alyson didn't want to escape without her twin and cousin, so she's waiting. Patiently. Shocker.)
Their plan was to have two people hide in the laptop case, and then one will hide in a large tote.
Chrissa freaked out and started screaming. "WHAT ABOUT MOI?!?!?!? I DON'T WANT TO BE LEFT BEHIND! SABS!!!!"
I told her that we'd work something out. Hopefully, that something WILL be leaving her behind.
Here is a better photo of my shirt. It's from L'Atelier de Sitara. That's where Ava's shorts are from, too. I would definitely recommend buying something; the quality is great!
The plan is going into action on Wednesday...I'll keep everyone updated.