Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Une erreur!

C'était une erreur! Je sais qu'elle était! 
Si vous ne savez rien dont je parle, je vais expliquez...
It was a mistake! I know it was! If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'll explain...
If you follow my life, you'd know about the escape. The escape has to do with why I haven't been posting daily updates, which I usually do. I'm promising daily updates...I'll probably have a lot to say because of the MISTAKE.
Anyway, I was walking around the strange new place and found where I will be sleeping until the furniture gets moved her.  I was looking for Alyson or Ava, but they were nowhere in sight, which was très étrange because they were to escape with me. Well, one was, at least.
Since blue is my favorite color, I chose the blue tent as mine.
I threw my bag down, grabbed my cell phone, and texted Lilly to let her know I escaped safely. I hope that she escapes soon...I need a friend here. Croyez-moi!
I relaxed some and tried to take a nap, but it was useless. I heard somebody's feet smacking the floor. I peered out of the tent and noticed familiar pink sneakers. Sneakers. Je déteste ceux- I hate those. And to make sneakers even worse, they came in fun colors such as pink! D'accord, forget that they aren't the most attractive of footwear and think...
...I knew the girl to whom those belonged, and this girl approached my tent and started screaming. "SABS!!!!" at the top of her lungs.
This has to be a mistake! She shouldn't have escaped with me...there has to be a simple explanation!

To be continued later...I'm still very overwhelmed by everything!


Sophie Amélie said...

You don't like sneakers? Vraiment? But they stay on your feet when you're traveling! D'accord, that'd be why I like them. Plus they are comfortable, and you have to admit - heels can be painful.

As for Chrissa, maybe if you're friendly to her, she'll go away. She'll get bored and go pester Christelle instead. Je ne sais pas...she seems nice enough online, but I guess that I wouldn't think as much if she was constantly hounding me like that.


Aisha said...

Pauvre Toi Sabine!
J'ai une question: comment est-ce que tu as attaché le iPod à ton blog?

Aisha :)

Anonymous said...

ROFL... I'm sorry Sabine, I know you are annoyed that Chrissa had to come with you, but it is pretty funny...