Mon cauchemar

Salut, tout le monde ! C'est Sabine, et j'ai eu le pire cauchemar. Je me suis levée à 2h30, et j'ai crié. Sandrine a été fâchée parce que j'ai interrompu son sommeil. Alors, Sandrine aime aussi la fille qui était la « star » de mon cauchemar.

I'm just warning you, this nightmare that I had actually happened in real life before. Je sais, j'ai toute de la chance. 

So, here is how my nightmare began. I was talking to Julien, so I thought it was going to be a a very good dream. I don't remember what Julien and I were talking about in the dream, but that isn't the main focus of the dream. Sadly. I wish it were!

Chrissa then made an appearance. She was wearing her favorite outfit. She wore it when I saw her last summer, and she called it her "French" outfit. It made me want to gag. Anyway, that was what Chrissa was wearing in my nightmare. She came up behind me and said, "Hey, Sabs and Julien! You two are French, so I need your opinion. Don't I just look so French? I think I do! I mean, everybody knows that all French girls wear striped shirts, boots, miniskirts, and berets!" 

The worst part of this nightmare was that Chrissa had told me the exact same thing in real life. So yeah, in my dream, I was practically reliving my time spent with Chrissa. That is something that I don't want to do. After she said that in my nightmare, I immediately covered her mouth and told her that I was having a conversation that didn't concern here. Therefore, I don't want her dumb interruptions. In real life when this happened, I was talking to Lilly. Lilly basically shouted a profanity-laced "go away" at Chrissa, but Chrissa didn't get it. She just stood there and kept trying to talk to me. 

My nightmare was pretty true to reality because Chrissa kept talking. I then grabbed her and yelled at her (which I wish I had the guts to do in real-life sometimes, not going to lie). "Listen, Chrissa," I said firmly, "First off, don't call me 'Sabs'. Second off, no, I'm pretty sure only people who have a stereotypical view of French culture--'people' includes you--believe that French people dress like that. Thirdly, I'm French, you've seen me, and I don't dress like that. Before you embarrass yourself further, just stop talking about things you aren't familiar with. Tu comprends?!?!"

Chrissa nodded, smiled, and said that she would love to stay and chat, but she was going to watch Le fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain with her friends, and she didn't want to miss it. Of course it was that movie. That's like the stereotypical French movie. 

After she left, I banged my head against the wall, which I seemed to be doing a lot of lately. Julien stroked my hair while I whispered to nobody in particular, "Je veux la tuer.

Then, I woke up and screamed. I knew that something similar would happen when I did the summer program in the US that I usually go to. I know Chrissa will be there unless by some miracle she has a dance intensive during one of the three weeks. Sadly, I'm not that lucky. Miracles like that never happen to me.

As you can tell, Chrissa really bothers me sometimes.


You can't spell "Spain" without "pain"!

Salut, tous! C'est Julien. Oui, je sais que je n'écris pas souvent, mais je vais essayer.

One day, after school, Sabine was bragging to me about the grade she received on her most recent Spanish dictée. For those who aren't familiar with the French education system, a dictée tests orthography and grammar. A teacher reads a short exercise, and students have to write down what they hear. Many grammatical aspects of the French language are found in writing only, so it can be difficult. However, Sabine and I are good at dictées matter the language. Sabine likes to show off her Spanish skills to me since I am a huge hispanophile, so I just let her. It's kind-of cute.

In France, grades are on a 20 point scale. Normally, it is difficult to get an 18, 19, and especially difficult to get a 20! The equivalence to the American "C" would be an 8-9! However, Sabine somehow managed an 18 on her dictée. She always somehow manages to get high grades, even in subjects she hates like math and science. 

Sabine then began talking to me about how she hopes to study in Spain next summer. She would stay with a host family and vow to only speak Spanish during her visit. I instantly got jealous. Sabine's family is definitely more well-off than mine is, and they can afford to do these things. Even though Spain is below France, I haven't been. I've been to what seems like most countries in Europe, but Spain wasn't one of them. I would love to do a summer study program like that! I told Sabine to at least send me a postcard. She laughed and said, "Maybe you can come with me? That would be even better!"
I sighed. Maybe someday. Someday. Just not next summer...

Then, Sabine changed the subject to Aurélie. She has this weird thing built up in her mind in which she thinks I want to date Aurélie. I swear she gets these ideas from the Americans she meets when she goes to that summer program in the US. Dating in France and dating in the US are totally different. Of course, considering American movies are the most popular among us French teens, Sabine could get ideas from those, too.
I told her that I didn't want to date anyone. I have too much to think about for that. She seemed relived. 

Sabine moved closer to me and said that I looked good in the shirt she had given me. She then asked if I spent the birthday money that Aurélie had given me. I said that I'm saving it to possibly go to Spain. 
"C'est bon," Sabine smiled. "Tu peux voyage en Espagne avec moi!"
I laughed. "Cela serait une bonne idée."

I really hope that Sabine stops the nonsense with Aurélie now that I told her I had no interest in dating at the moment. I'm not about to lose my best friends...especially if it has to do with me. 


Joyeux anniversaire, Julien!

Salut, tout le monde! C'est Sabine, et aujourd'hui, c'est l'anniversaire de mon meilleur ami, Julien. Il a maintenant 15 ans. 

I invited Julien to my house, and I told him to wait in my family's formal dining room while Aurélie and I brought out the gifts we got him. Aurélie wouldn't tell me what she got him, though I bragged about my gift to her. I was very pleased with what I had chosen, and I was sure Julien would like it.

"Les surprises de Julien sont arrivées!" Aurélie and I said in unison. Julien smiled; he look excited to tear open the bags. He should be. My gift was awesome. 

"Joyeux anniversaire!" We surrounded him. He told us that he was very happy to spend his day with two of his favorite girls. 

Like a young child would, I jumped up and down, telling him to open my gift first. What? Like I said, I chose a great gift. I have been waiting to see his reaction for weeks--no, months!--and I didn't want to wait.

However, he decided to open Aurélie's gift first. Whatever. By waiting to open mine, he is technically saving the best for last. After he opened Aurélie's gift, it was confirmed that he was saving the best for last. She gave him a sappy, sweet card (which I want to read yet don't want to read) stuffed with 25€. Seriously...?! Cash is the most impersonal thing you can give somebody for their birthday! Yeah, I sound like a hypocrite saying that because I'd rather have my mom give me money, but that's totally different. It's my mom who has different tastes than I do. Friends know what their friends like; they shouldn't resort to stuffing cash in a card.

Julien thanked Aurélie and gave her a hug that certainly did not look like a friendly hug. I averted my eyes. 

Because I can't deal with the possibility of Julien dating MY OTHER BEST FRIEND WHO KNOWS I LIKE HIM, I harassed him about opening my gift again. Way to act like an 8-year-old, Sabine, right? I didn't care because his reaction towards my gift would be priceless. 

He pulled the LOSC (Lille's football--or soccer, if you're American--team) t-shirt out of the bag.
"Merci, Sabine! C'est parfait!" He said with genuine enthusiasm. "Celui-ci, j'aime beaucoup!" 
I just want to point out that he didn't say that Aurélie's gift was perfect...not that I'm keeping score or anything. I just knew he is a huge fan of LOSC, so when I saw that shirt, I knew I had to get it for him!

Julien then gave me a hug, though I thought it was more friendly than the hug he gave Aurélie. 

A few minutes later, Julien began talking to Aurélie, and they left me out of the conversation. 

My anger towards this situation began to flare up again. I chose to look away, and I may or may not have smacked my head against the wall. To me, it's a big deal. Then again, I'm a teenage girl. Boy stuff is a big deal to me. My not-so-compassionate mom says that I have bigger issues to worry about, issues that involve family. However, I believe those are Sandrine's issues...not mine. So yes, my Julien issues are my number one problem. 

Sorry for rambling on about my problems, which are nonexistent compared to others' problems. I just have to get it out somewhere! 


Tagged: Style questionnaire

Coucou, tout le monde! 
We have been tagged by Anthrodollogie, and the questions we have to answer are fashion/style-related. Seeing as the three girls who write on this blog all love clothes, we thought all of us would answer. Sabine's responses are blue, Sandrine's are purple, and Aurélie's are pink. We asked Julien if he'd like to reply, and he declined. That's Julien for you.

1. How would you describe your style?
Sabine: I like classic pieces in neutral colors that never go out of style. 
Sandrine: My style is a mixture of "girly" and "edgy". I like to pair rougher-looking pieces (like military, bomber, and leather jackets and boots) with lacy dresses and skirts.
Aurélie: I guess I'll go with "girly". I like ruffles, lace, and a lot of pink. My favorite colors to wear are cream, light gray, light pink, and white. 

2.What are your wardrobe staples?
Sabine: I rarely take off my "beau cœur" necklace; it was a gift from my late grandfather. My other staples would have to be pretty sweaters and blouses, heels, and my dress watch.
Sandrine: Jackets, boots, floral skirts, lacy dresses and skirts...anything with glitter. Lots of glitter. Lots and lots of glitter. 
Aurélie: Nice flats, thin knit cardigans, and short, fun skirts. Oh, my ballet slipper necklace is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry to wear. 

3. Most expensive clothing item you own?
Um, we'll answer this one collectively. Our two outfits from the 2009 Liberty Jane Clothing holiday line are probably our most expensive clothing items.

4. Most wanted item?
Sabine: I want a black peplum top and a cropped, light gray wrap sweater with ruched 3/4 length sleeves.
Sandrine: A lace leotard, riding boots
Aurélie: I want the Sweet Spring Dress from American Girl. I also want a light gray peplum skirt. 

5. Favorite Designer?
We'll answer this collectively: Liberty Jane Clothing, Royal Doll Boutique (on Etsy), Forever18Inches (on Etsy), L'Atelier de Sitara (on Etsy)

6. How much do you spend on clothing?
Sabine: Ummm...let's just say, I wish I had a job. 
Sandrine: Enough to the point that my mom tells Sabine and me that she wishes she had three boys because they are less expensive. Our brother never wants anything. 
Aurélie: A lot, but I try to shop the sales rack only. 

7. Favorite places to shop?
Sabine: Cache-cache, H&M, Mango, and online shopping
Sandrine: Galeries Lafayette, Mango, H&M, Zara, online shopping
Aurélie: I like all of the stores that the twins listed. 

8. Favorite Fragrance?
We aren't big perfume fans, sorry!

9. Favorite ways to do your hair?

Sabine: I hate styling my hair, so I usually wear it down. I'll put it in a ponytail sometimes. Like I said, I don't get creative. 
Sandrine: Oh, I get really creative! As you know, aside from dancing, I live for styling hair! My favorite style is THIS one!
Aurélie: I usually just wear it down with a clip to the side. 

10. Most prized possession?
Sabine: My "beau cœur" necklace, my Miley Cyrus concert t-shirt, and my Miley Cyrus CD collection
Sandrine: My make-up, pointe shoes, and programs from some ballets I've seen 
Aurélie: My ballet shoes necklace, my pointe shoes

We tag anybody who would like to fill this out! Please let us know if you do fill it out; we'd love to read your responses!

Gros bisous,
Sabine, Sandrine, et Aurélie