La fin d'une décennie...

Salut, mes amis! Aujourd'hui, c'est le dernier jour de 2010 et la fin d'une décennie. Je pense que je vais réfléchir les dix dernières années...

Seriously, I remember NOTHING about this year, other than being in Paris and waiting for the new millennium. Sandrine threw a fit because she was exhausted; she fell asleep in Mère's lap on the way back to the hotel. I learned how to properly spell my, nobody needs to know about my horrid misspelling...

There was a lot of talk about the World Trade Center in NYC and the Pentagon in Washington DC. Since I was only almost five at the time, I had no idea what was going on, though from what I saw on TF1, it looked horrifying. Oh, Dale Earnhardt also died in a crash on the last lap of the Daytona 500. Ava told me that; I wouldn't have known that without her- I swear!

I turned six and I did not get what I wanted for Christmas. Also, Sandrine got in huge trouble for doing poorly at school.

No significant memories.

I went to Rome during the summer. :)

I'm pretty sure this is the year when we went to Germany and Sandrine got lost...

HANNAH MONTANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do I need to say anything more? I also got my hair cut/styled to resemble the wig.

Hannah Montana 2/Meet Miley Cyrus CD set was released. :)

Wow...this year was my most memorable...where do I begin?
First off, I started collège (French equivalence to middle school), and numerous eventful things happened- mostly things that I have buried deep inside of me, things I don't necessarily want to repeat. It was a rough time. Ask Sandrine. She'd know.
Later in the year, I decided I wanted to study in America (salut, les américains!), so in December, I came here. Ava wants me to mention that I met her because that should be memorable enough for me. Definitely.
Oh, I also started my blog, which was originally titled Une Fille Comme Moi. 

I spent a lot of time adjusting to American life, experiencing new things, meeting new people, and recording my life in this blog. Oh, and I met Chrissa. She DID NOT force it upon me to say that meeting her was memorable, but she really introduced me to the definition of "annoying".

More adjusting to American life...and vous savez, I can't say that I'm used to it yet. I also discovered that Hannah Montana would end in 2011, but Miley is going to star in a remake of LOL (a French film- yay!). That somewhat makes up for the ending of my favorite show. Oh, I also really started emphasizing my style and sharing my clothes with the world. Hmm...what else? Well, I definitely discovered more about Jess...

For a second, I thought we weren't going to get any new girls this year. It turns out I was wrong. Look who I had the pleasure to meet a few days ago:
The girl on the left is named Melanie Holland; she is from Boston and she loves music. Lilly and I have been hanging out with her; she's cool. The girl on the right is Micki Fleming, who happens to be cousins with Nicki and Vicki. Originally, she is from Denver, but she has lived in Bruxelles, Belgium for ten years. She's fluent in French and Flemish, too. I'm happy that she actually has mastered foreign languages. Yay for the open-minded Americans!!! She is very obnoxious and narcissistic, like Nicki and Vicki- plus she also considers herself to be a Sun Queen. However, there is a tiny rational side to her; YOU CAN HAVE A NORMAL CONVERSATION WITH HER!!!! I love Bruxelles, so I can't wait to talk with her about her life there!
 Lilly insisted that we play a "getting to know you" game with a few people. In this game, you had to say your age, name, hometown, and something unique about yourself. It turns out that Lilly's "something unique" was that she has three days of detention after Christmas break because her French teacher hates her. Hating Lilly is wrong, but completely easy to do, especially if outgoing, fun people don't meet your criteria.
I just want to know what Lilly did...
After the game, I wanted to show Melanie my Miley Cyrus CD collection. I pulled out my two newest ones, which were Christmas/birthday (my birthday is Dec. 19) presents from Mère and Père. I was thrilled to get things I actually wanted for a change. And oh, if you haven't figured this out by now, my jacket and glasses were gifts, too. To be honest, I wouldn't call my glasses a gift; I needed them. Sandrine wears green contacts for a reason, and I guess being a twin, I inherited bad eyesight...
I also got a pretty sweater as a later. I'm wearing it to the party tonight. 
It turns out that Melanie ISN'T a Miley fan and is far from it! Thankfully, she respects everybody's interests and hobbies, so she didn't ridicule me. I LOVE MATURE AMERICANS!!!! Just thought I'd share. ;) Seriously, though, mature Americans seem to be handed out on a very limited basis...
Lilly dragged me aside, obviously not understanding Melanie when Melanie said she respects people. Lilly thought Melanie would stop hanging out with us if I liked something as "embarrassing" as Miley Cyrus...
 Maybe I was being mean/harsh when I told Lilly this, but I told her that her outfit was quite embarrassing and unfashionable. I didn't like it; the sweater and skirt weren't my thing, but they were totally Lilly's style. I guess I just have a hard time accepting that because I am so used to dressing like a trendy French city girl...
Lilly forgave me and blamed my rudeness and bluntness on obvious cultural differences. I'm going to have to agree with her- that probably was the case. Americans just tend to dress less casual than what I'm used to seeing...
Some strange things have been occurring, too. For example, my passport was nowhere in sight! I know I didn't take it out of my purse...maybe somebody stole it? Ugh, I don't even want to think about that being the case. I especially didn't want to tell my parents that I lost it. Maybe I just misplaced it and didn't remember taking it out of my purse?
Sandrine received a mysterious note, talking about her Secret and a past event. Since I am the only one who knows about these things, she assumed it was me who wrote the letter, so she dragged me by my feet in order to get me to a safe place where she could discuss this with me in private.
I read the note, and wow...that was strange. I tried to tell her that I never wrote it, but she didn't believe me. I mean, I obviously know that I didn't write it, but who could have? Sandrine and I never even discussed the Secret or the Incident in America!

On top of both these mysteries, Nicki, Chrissa, Christelle, and Ava have gone missing. Not to sound rude or anything, but I kind of hope those four remain missing, especially Chrissa. Really, all these things are just weird. It's also strange to note that all this happened on Christmas...

To read more, CLICK HERE!

So that, mes amis, was my decade, 2010, and Christmas. I'm highly anticipating 2011 and HOPING THAT AURIELLE COMES TO AMERICA!!! :)

Hope all goes well for everyone else in 2011, too.


Joyeux Noël et deux nouvelles filles...

Joyeux Noël tout le monde! Malheureusement, je dois attendre pour hier à recevoir mes cadeaux. Je sais que je vais recevoir des vêtements, mais lesquels? Je ne peux pas attendre!!!

Anyway, Merry Christmas, everyone! Unfortunately, I have to wait for my presents. I'm certain I got some clothes, but am also hoping that my parents sent me the two Miley CDs (THAT I DON'T HAVE!) alongside my new clothing.

Knowing them (especially Mère), though, I doubt it. Oh, well...

Apparently, OLN got two new girls. I know nothing about them, but neither are Aurélie, which deeply saddens me. I guess I'll get to meet them tomorrow. To be honest, I'm not expecting to make any new friends anything mundane like that. I'm not as open as the Americans are...and I'm sure both girls are American. Fun.
To me, I feel like Americans want you to open up to them when you first meet. Seriously, I have stories. Most pertain to Ava and that one strange Nellie.
I'm used to building up my friendships, NOT telling somebody everything about myself at first. I need to gain trust. I mean, mon dieu, I just don't hand my trust out on silver platters. If I did, my friendships would end up like the ongoing Marisol/Alyson/Ashley saga...that's another story for another day. Sandrine whines about it all the time...maybe she'll eventually update her blog...? tomorrow. I'm exhausted from waking up early. The Edwards girls are having a delicious dinner catered. They know what good food is, so I won't have any qualms about eating it.


Chrissalicious Catastrophe

Appellez-la "Mademoiselle Noël" parce qu'elle ADORE le Noël...

I'm talking about Chrissa, that is. Aside from being obsessed with French people and dance, she is also hopelessly obsessed with Christmas.
Which, makes no sense because the poor girl asks for some pretty lame gifts. This year, she's wanting new leotards, new pointe shoes, and French-themed t-shirts from Forever21. Tu vois? Barbante! Why would you ask for those things when you can ask your parents for that stuff any other day of the year?

D'accord, I actually think Forever21 is very cool for an American clothing store. Oui, I have my reason- that was where all the Hannah Montana outfits were purchased before they were custom-made. If only I lived in America earlier! I could have been dressing like Miley when she was Hannah!!!!

The thing that bores me to tears about Chrissa wanting t-shirts from that store is that she will use them to further profess her profound love for all things French. She wants this one shirt that says "I love French boys"...which, um, she doesn't need a tacky shirt to get her message across!  I also think she wants these crazy shirts in order to try and impress Sandrine, Christelle, and me.
We're totally NEVER going to be impressed. Désolée, Mademoiselle Maxwell...

Also, Mère special-orders Sandrine's pointe shoes from a special shop in Paris. I doubt Chrissa's parents would be willing to do that for her.

Enough of that...

I discovered Chrissa obsessing over presents. She lay collapsed, in one of those obnoxious Santa's Little Helper costumes that all the scandalous girls in American movies wear. Très américaine for such a French want-to-be.
 Then, I entered the room because I heard her screaming. Hey, I had to see what was going on, though, it's Chrissa so I should have automatically assumed it was nothing. I made a HUGE MISTAKE because I was listening to my iPod, and Chrissa took notice. Being the francophile she is, she assumed I had French Christmas songs on my iPod, and she tried to coerce me to give it to her.
I dropped it before I could get away ASAP. Not good...considering it lead to a....

Like, she tried to grab it from my clutch! Because it's Chrissa, she thought of the most unintelligent way to take it from me; that was to pull the headphones.
Yeah. Really smart. She walked away with just the headphones, while I held on to my dear iPod. Um, earbuds without the actual iPod are pointless!
1 Sabine | 0 Chrissa
Not that I'm counting or anything...


Permanent December

Joyeux décembre, tout le monde! Le décemebre est mon mois pré!!!!
Pourquoi est-ce que le décembre est mon moi pré? Why is December my favorite month?
Here's why:
le 6 décembre: St. Nicholas Day
le 19 décembre: Mon anniversaire- my birthday!
le 25 décembre: Christmas!!!
And Miley Cyrus has a song called "Permanent December"; it's one of my favorites.

So...this month is jam-packed for me. Just to make it easier on my friends and loved ones, I devised a list of presents I would like to receive on any of the days listed above. This list is in no particular order, well, after number deux, anyway.

1. Miley Cyrus's "Can't Be Tamed" CD
2. Hannah Montana Forever soundtrack
3. New clothes from Liberty Jane
4. Black heels (from AG)
5. Alizée's newest CD, Une Enfant du Siecle

Since Aurélie reads my blog religiously, the following is a special announcement aimed at her:
Chere Aurélie,
Allez aux Etats-Unis, s'il te plait! Tu me manque, et je te promets que ce pays est amusant!

Hopefully, everybody should know what to get me. I don't like to be disappointed. No, I am not materialistic, but I do love nice things. Mère always disappoints. I know that sounds horrid to say, but she seriously couldn't shop for anyone if her life depended on it. She gets Sandrine and I clothes that we'd never consider wearing, plus she gets me earrings. I do not have my ears pierced. She is my mom; she should know that...? My brother makes out a little bit better....
Anyway, Père makes up for this by secretly giving us three children 50€.

Happy December!