Saturday, December 25, 2010

Joyeux Noël et deux nouvelles filles...

Joyeux Noël tout le monde! Malheureusement, je dois attendre pour hier à recevoir mes cadeaux. Je sais que je vais recevoir des vêtements, mais lesquels? Je ne peux pas attendre!!!

Anyway, Merry Christmas, everyone! Unfortunately, I have to wait for my presents. I'm certain I got some clothes, but am also hoping that my parents sent me the two Miley CDs (THAT I DON'T HAVE!) alongside my new clothing.

Knowing them (especially Mère), though, I doubt it. Oh, well...

Apparently, OLN got two new girls. I know nothing about them, but neither are Aurélie, which deeply saddens me. I guess I'll get to meet them tomorrow. To be honest, I'm not expecting to make any new friends anything mundane like that. I'm not as open as the Americans are...and I'm sure both girls are American. Fun.
To me, I feel like Americans want you to open up to them when you first meet. Seriously, I have stories. Most pertain to Ava and that one strange Nellie.
I'm used to building up my friendships, NOT telling somebody everything about myself at first. I need to gain trust. I mean, mon dieu, I just don't hand my trust out on silver platters. If I did, my friendships would end up like the ongoing Marisol/Alyson/Ashley saga...that's another story for another day. Sandrine whines about it all the time...maybe she'll eventually update her blog...? tomorrow. I'm exhausted from waking up early. The Edwards girls are having a delicious dinner catered. They know what good food is, so I won't have any qualms about eating it.


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