Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chrissalicious Catastrophe

Appellez-la "Mademoiselle Noël" parce qu'elle ADORE le Noël...

I'm talking about Chrissa, that is. Aside from being obsessed with French people and dance, she is also hopelessly obsessed with Christmas.
Which, makes no sense because the poor girl asks for some pretty lame gifts. This year, she's wanting new leotards, new pointe shoes, and French-themed t-shirts from Forever21. Tu vois? Barbante! Why would you ask for those things when you can ask your parents for that stuff any other day of the year?

D'accord, I actually think Forever21 is very cool for an American clothing store. Oui, I have my reason- that was where all the Hannah Montana outfits were purchased before they were custom-made. If only I lived in America earlier! I could have been dressing like Miley when she was Hannah!!!!

The thing that bores me to tears about Chrissa wanting t-shirts from that store is that she will use them to further profess her profound love for all things French. She wants this one shirt that says "I love French boys"...which, um, she doesn't need a tacky shirt to get her message across!  I also think she wants these crazy shirts in order to try and impress Sandrine, Christelle, and me.
We're totally NEVER going to be impressed. Désolée, Mademoiselle Maxwell...

Also, Mère special-orders Sandrine's pointe shoes from a special shop in Paris. I doubt Chrissa's parents would be willing to do that for her.

Enough of that...

I discovered Chrissa obsessing over presents. She lay collapsed, in one of those obnoxious Santa's Little Helper costumes that all the scandalous girls in American movies wear. Très américaine for such a French want-to-be.
 Then, I entered the room because I heard her screaming. Hey, I had to see what was going on, though, it's Chrissa so I should have automatically assumed it was nothing. I made a HUGE MISTAKE because I was listening to my iPod, and Chrissa took notice. Being the francophile she is, she assumed I had French Christmas songs on my iPod, and she tried to coerce me to give it to her.
I dropped it before I could get away ASAP. Not good...considering it lead to a....

Like, she tried to grab it from my clutch! Because it's Chrissa, she thought of the most unintelligent way to take it from me; that was to pull the headphones.
Yeah. Really smart. She walked away with just the headphones, while I held on to my dear iPod. Um, earbuds without the actual iPod are pointless!
1 Sabine | 0 Chrissa
Not that I'm counting or anything...



Emily said...

Haha! I'm glad she didn't get your iPod. I'm betting there is never a dull moment when Chrissa is around.


Haley Hotchkiss said...

LOL @ Chrissa and the Ipod!

Haley :)

Caelen12 said...

Dec. 12th was my b-day.