Sunday, February 11, 2018

New York, je t'aime!

Salut! C'est Sandrine.

Long time, no post, right? Well, I have a life, so I can't always post frequently. However, I still have pictures from my NYC adventure to share.

I spent a morning in Brooklyn and took a walk in a park.

As fun as Brooklyn is, I wanted to head to Manhattan and do one of the things I do best (other than ballet and makeup): shopping! My first destination was the iconic Macy's department store. It's got nothing on Galeries Lafayette, but they have an amazing makeup section.

They had some designer boutiques inside, similar to those found in luxury Parisian department stores. It's my dream to own a Louis bag someday. My mom has one, but she's too selfish to let me borrow it. Whatever.

I had to take some cute pics in Herald Square.

I also saw the Empire State Building up close.

I then headed to 5th Ave. to do some more shopping! Topshop is the greatest.

Did you really think I wouldn't buy anything? I got the cutest shorts.

My last stop was the World Trade Center and the 9/11 Memorial. I am definitely not one to cry, but this made me break down. It was so upsetting. I can't even imagine.

Whats your favorite thing to do in NYC? My favorite thing would be to see a ballet, but hopefully, I'll do that in the future.


Monday, October 30, 2017

The Return of Zan: Part 1

Salut, tout le monde! C'est Sabine! We're getting in the hang of blogging again, so bear with us while we update you with our lives.

This summer, while I was attending the summer program in the US that I normally attend, I had the opportunity to meet some friends I made online. I met them at the AG store near the DC area, and even though I had a blast with them, there was an unwanted (by me) guest.

Bref, tu te souviens Zan?

Heather Alexandria McConnell, better known as Alexandria or Zan, is the twin sister of Jess McConnell...somebody that I'm not particularly fond of. I'm not fond of Zan, either, but we'll get there. Jess is know-it-all, pretentious snob who goes to Columbia University. Jess and I have never gotten along. Zan, on the other hand, isn't pretentious. She's just obnoxious. Zan isn't mean or anything. She's just, well, Zan. She has this newspaper called The Daily Alexandria. Despite the name, it comes out every two weeks. It's similar to one of those trashy gossip magazines because the stories Zan writes are rarely true. They tend to be exaggerated or completely made up stories about others. Zan also has a Daily Alexandria YouTube channel. She walks around with her notepad and video camera, just waiting for the latest story.

I mostly had forgotten about Zan and her ridiculous fake news, but she clearly didn't forget me. When I heard somebody with a camera scream, "Hey! Sabine!", I had to think long and hard about who was demanding my attention.

 "Hey! Sabine! Funny seeing you here! I had some flight troubles and thought I'd stop by and shop. I guess I can head back to the summer program with you!"

...and with that comment, my eyes grew big. She was doing the summer program again after she was sent home early because of the drama one of her fake news stories caused. After that incident, only Jess attended the program. I was hoping both McConnell girls wouldn't come back, but I wasn't that lucky. 

I was particularly angry that now I had to introduce my friends Theo and Saila to Zan. Zan was polite, though her overeager self demanded a photo with Theo and me.

Zan tended to dominate the conversation, as she occasionally tended to do in the past. She noticed the 35mm camera that I received as a gift from my parents for passing the bac, and she insisted I take photos of her, Theo, and Saila with it.

Then, Zan decided to ask a random person to take pictures of all of us. 

I was not prepared for the return of Zan. Just when I thought she was out of my life forever, she returned.


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mon voyage à New-York

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Maëlle Lellouche, et je suis un amie de Sabine Bouchard. Nous sommes élèves à l'Université de Lille 3. 

So, I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself.
-I love to draw and am self-taught.
-I study lettres modernes at the Université de Lille 3.
-I love comics and have been creating my own since I was a young child.
-My comics are inspired by my pets, Louna (a French bulldog) and Leo (a cat).
-I am an only child and live with my dad.
-I work at a movie theater.
-I'm Tintin obsessed!

This summer, I participated in a summer study abroad program and was able to receive some college credit. I did my program in New York City of all places, and I had a spectacular time. I stayed in Brooklyn with a host family, and it was a wonderful way to explore American and NYC culture. The city is so diverse, and I also feel that I could live there forever and never do everything!

My favorite area of Brooklyn is DUMBO, which stands for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass. Brooklyn Bridge Park is in that area and has an amazing view of Manhattan. I liked to go there and draw and work on my cartoons.

This was my view. Isn't it spectacular?

I also spent a lot of time in Manhattan. Here I am in Grand Central Terminal. It is a beautiful station and reminds me of some of the gorgeous stations you'd see in France. It's a lot prettier than Penn Station.

I also got to meet up with Inky's friend, Maia. We went to American Girl Place and got our ears pierced. I'm terrified of needles, which is why I didn't get it done sooner. 

We also spent some time together in Central Park:

Central Park is one of my favorite parks. I like it much more than Lille's Citadelle park, basically Sabine's favorite place to go when the weather is nice.

It's nice to be back home in France now, but I''ll never forget my summer in New York City. I now have tons of ideas for my comics! Have you ever been to New York?

À tout!