Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sweater Weather

Coucou ! C'est Aurélie !

Oui, it's another fashion-related promo post. However, I love fashion, so I don't mind it at all. I was kind-of coerced to write this by certain people across the Atlantic...

As a fashionista, I was lucky to help out with some of the designs for Moi Aussi Design's fall line. Since I love comfy sweaters, I thought it was important to include some of those. After all, it's fall!

My personal favorite is this pink tunic sweater. I have something similar in cardigan form.

Of course, there are some cute Frozen tees. These were added at Sabine's request.

There is so much more, too! There are some cute tunic and legging sets that I'm sure you'll love. We also have some great deals going on. Several items are 50% off their original price. You can also use promo code 30OVER15 at checkout to receive 30% off ANY order of $15 or more!

What are you waiting for? Happy shopping!

What would you like to see in the shop? Let us know!


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Moi Aussi Designs Fall Release Part 1

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Delphine Hervagault!
I am Julien's younger sister. I know I have not posted a formal introduction yet, but I have some super exciting news! I got to model for Part 1 of the Moi Aussi Designs fall line! The dresses and skirts I modeled are inspired by Sabine's American friends Nicki, Vicki, and Micki. The fall line is appropriately titled The Fleming Collection. It would make their day if you purchased something. :)
Here is my favorite look that I modeled:

Now, if you aren't into that particular skirt, you might like the other listings:

Every item is perfect for fall and would look great paired with boots, tights, cardigans, scarves, and more. Be sure to check out what's new!

Delphine :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Thought Always Counts!

Salut, tout le monde! C'est Sabine, et je suis désolée que l'on n'a pas écrit!
First, I had a busy summer (and will update with some summer posts), and two, my laptop decided to die. I tried posting once from my phone, but it is kind-of tricky (even with the app). Anyway, we're back. I hope you didn't miss us too much. 

Secondly, I thought it would be appropriate to thank some dear friends from the Shoreline Student for their awesome, thoughtful presents. I was shocked to find a huge box awaiting me!

I first opened the card, and it had a nice note inside. I particularly loved the heart design on the outside. It reminded me of something Julien's little sister/my good friend Delphine would make; she is super crafty. I swear her hands are always in glue or paint or something.

Ah, those girls know me all too well! The Frozen stickers are absolutely perfect. I think I might have to have a craft night with Delphine so that we can put them to good use. I also love the dressy black flats; I've been needing a new pair since...since...well, for a very long time...

The next gift was from my new friend, Caroline. Caroline is obsessed with Disney; in particular, she is obsessed with the movie Maleficent. It is a perfect coincidence, too, considering she looks exactly like Princess Aurora. I wondered what was in that bag...

I pulled out the cutest Ariel plush! After all, the redheaded princesses (Ariel and Anna) are the best, if I do say so myself. I might be just a tiny bit biased because I'm a redhead. ;)

I also received a scrapbook kit, and I was completely excited about that. I need places to put some pictures and memorabilia.

Merci beaucoup, Caroline et amies! J'adore TOUT! 

Coucou! C'est moi, Aurélie! I received some very thoughtful gifts, too. Sandrine decided to nag on me for that because she feels she deserves presents. Ugh. I really need to become more assertive when it comes to her...
Anyway, I received a cool Isabelle t-shirt from her premier! I also received some stickers as well as an Isabelle paper doll. I love ballet and fashion, so everything was right up my alley. Isabelle is definitely a character I can relate to.

I had to try on my shirt immediately. It doesn't look too bad with this skirt. In fact, it makes the skirt look more casual.

Have you ever received special gifts from a special friend?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Sale at Moi Aussi Designs!

Salut, tout le monde! C'est Sabine! Our last day of school was July 5th, and we have been busy. Now that it's summer, expect more posts from us!

In other news, we're promoting a new Etsy shop called Moi Aussi Designs. My American acquaintance, Nicki, is currently modeling some cute summer looks for the shop. How fun!!! Expect collections inspired by things that Sandrine, Aurélie, Axelle, and I would wear. 

In the meantime, check out the massive summer sale.

(You can buy a similar ruffle top in the shop!)

So...what are you waiting for?! Check out the sale at MOIAUSSIDESIGNS.ETSY.COM and buy something! 


Monday, May 5, 2014

A flower crown tutorial

Coucou ! C'est Aurélie ! J'ai fait quelque chose qui est parfaite pour le printemps...

A flower crown! I decided to share this tutorial in case you would like to make your own.
Here's what you need:
-faux flowers
-floral wire
-floral tape

First, cut three pieces of floral wire. Make sure that each piece is a little bigger than the circumference of your head. You will need to either twist or braid the pieces of wire together. Using three pieces, I found, makes the crown more stable. 

Now, here is why it is important to make sure the wire is long enough. You will cut the flowers and twist the wire around their stems.

Next, you want to conceal the twisted wire by wrapping it with the floral tape.

So, here is the almost-completed flower crown. 

Now, make sure that it fits around your head.

Tie ribbon to each end for the finishing touch, and then tie them into a bow.

Here's the completed flower crown!

I chose pink flowers since pink is my favorite color, but the color combinations are endless! If you decide to make a flower crown of your own, please send me a link. I'd love to see it!


Friday, April 25, 2014

Saint Valentin (en retard)

Bonjour ! C'est Aurélie, et oui, j'écris de Saint-Valentin en retard ! Désolée- j'étais trop occupée avec la danse classique. 

Valentine's Day. I know it was months ago, but I'm now finally getting around to posting about it. 

I first opened my card from Inky...

Inside the bag was the cutest puzzle!

After that, I pulled out the envelope. I love how Inky put it together- her cards are always adorable.

I loved the "danse" pin that she included! I immediately put it on my dance bag. It adds a nice touch, right?

The second gift was rather large, and it was from Julien. I know that money is tight for him right now, so I hated to see him spend a lot of money on me. I wondered what it could be? The boots I want? The cutest dress I saw in a little shop?

I carefully tore off the pretty pink paper (in my favorite shade, nonetheless) to reveal an American Girl doll!

I've heard of these dolls before. Sabine was Skyping Lilly once, and she noticed that one of Lilly's childhood dolls was on the top shelf of her closet. Lilly's doll turned out to be an AG doll that looked like her, and she named it Fair Lillith. Lilly believes that the doll is possessed, evil, and will haunt her dreams, so it's out of the way. Lilly thinks dolls are absolutely terrifying! I have a collection of antique dolls on a shelf in my room that were passed down for generations, so I guess I am used to "creepy" dolls? Dolls were a large part of my childhood, though I don't really enjoy them now. I felt terrible that Julien spent that kind of money on me- especially on a doll! He really didn't have that money to spend. I was thankful for his gift, don't get me wrong. I just feel bad when does such things despite not being in the best place financially. 

When I opened her box, however, I realized why Julien bought her for me. Like me, she was a dancer- an aspiring professional ballet dancer. I quickly skimmed through her book, which I'd have to read at some point to work on my English skills. I noticed that Isabelle doubted herself a lot because of her competition. I don't doubt myself, but I really get upset when Sandrine gets the parts I wanted. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's because I'm too shy while Sandrine really promotes herself? I don't know. We're both on the same level. I wouldn't call Sandrine outgoing. In fact, she really keeps to herself. There is just something about her personality that screams, "Look at me!"

Julien included a note with the doll that said (rough translation):
I know you're too old for dolls, but when I heard of this one, I knew I had to go out of my way to get her for you. I did my research, and she reminded me so much of you. Happy Valentine's Day!
It was the sweetest thing ever, Julien being one of my best friends and all. He really gets me, but maybe because we are both painfully shy and quiet? He's just one of the only genuinely nice people I know. (Sabine says I need to meet Melanie when I do the summer program in the States; Melanie is apparently the same person as me. She's shy, quiet, reserved, and an awesome flautist! Maybe we can practice playing our flutes together?)
But for now, I really have to hand it to Julien. He's pretty great, and I'm glad that he's in my life.
Salut, tout le monde ! C'est Sabine !
I'm writing about Valentine's Day, too. Julien sent me the prettiest red roses, and I went out to dinner with him, his mom, and sister. Coral, Inky's friend, also sent me a pretty valentine! 

The theme of the card was a bingo board. I would definitely have to hang it on my ribbon board!
Merci, Coral !


Sunday, April 6, 2014

My super not-sweet 16

Salut, tous ceux qui lisent ce blog ! C'est Sandrine. 

Oui, my birthday was December 19, and oui, this post is months late. I do have a life, though, and that life involves ballet and sadly, going to school. I'm busy.

Here's how Sabine and I celebrated our 16th birthday: NOT the way I would have liked to celebrate it. My mom let us invite one friend each, and we went out to lunch and then went to see Frozen. I wanted to invite my friend Coralie, but she is just so freaking weird sometimes. She always rejects my invitations to go out to eat and makes up dumb excuses about how busy she is when I know she isn't busy. Seriously, I wanted to go to Meert with her, but she told me that she had plans. She totally didn't, considering she Snapchatted me several pictures of her disgusting cat along with selfies depicting her boredom! If she's going to lie, she should at least get better at it. You think she'd take lessons from me, right?

Sabine invited Aurélie. Mon dieu, I swear she does things like this to spite me. I deal with her in ballet class and have no desire to deal with her in another setting. I was so desperate to invite somebody that I almost considered inviting Axelle, but I wasn't THAT desperate. Maybe I should have been more desperate because Sabine invited JULIETA when I lied to our mom and said none of my friends could make it.

I'm not sure if I made my feelings clear about Julieta, but even if I did, I will do so again. I'm sick of how she speaks "franspagnol": that is, a mixture of French and Spanish. She's so enthusiastic all the time, and I just can't take the fierce optimism. She also thinks she's "too good" for the flamenco classes in Lille. She even tried a ballet class. She's SUCH a good dancer, vous savez, even if she lacks proper technique and whatnot. Ballet would probably help with her flamenco. I will give her credit: she can balance on a cup. Flamenco isn't terrible by any means, but she loves to brag about it. Sabine insists Julieta isn't bragging but is just so enthusiastic. Yeah, well, take it down a notch.

At lunch, I had this misfortune of sitting next to Julieta and across from Aurélie. I swear I'm unlucky. I have a mom who doesn't support my desire to have a professional ballet career, a sister who chooses the most obnoxious friends, and a friend who never comes to things when I invite her. I did sit by my mom, too, and that was better than I thought it would be. She was being a decent human being for once, and I actually had a good conversation with her. We talked about ballet, shopping, and she even suggested that I style her hair. She never brought up the crappy things I've done in the past or how I'm a failure because I'm not into school. She She actually paid attention when I demonstrated how to do a fishtail braid. Great, if only she allowed me to compete in the Youth American Grand Prix or the Prix de Lausanne or something that would allow me to get a head-start in my professional ballet career...

At the movie, I sat by Julieta AGAIN. Ugh. I also sat by Maman, and since we were civil with each other for the day, it was fine. Julieta tried to talk to me about ballet before the movie began, and I gave her terse responses. She seemed taken aback, but she still kept talking. 

Frozen was definitely a fantastic movie, and I could definitely relate to Elsa. I have a secret that I don't want to be exposed, but Axelle might blow that because of her nosiness. I also have a bad habit of shutting people out, but most importantly, we are both SNOW QUEENS. I danced the part of the Snow Queen in The Nutcracker. Her ice gown was also too fabulous. Can I just be her? She's definitely my woman crush, even if she's an animated character.

Yeah, so that was my not!Sweet Sixteen. I got a lot of money, so I bought some new clothes and makeup. 


Sunday, March 30, 2014

My first trip to NYC!

Salut, tout le monde ! Devinez ce que j'ai fait pendant le week-end?

Any guesses? Well, I guess the title of this post gives it away! Let me explain...
My brother, who is studying abroad at NYU for the year, turned 20 on Saturday, and my dad was going to attend a special lecture on Friday. So what happened? I got to miss school on Friday and Saturday to fly all the way to NYC! Sandrine had ballet, plus there is no way Maman would let her miss school because of her grades. I kind-of feel bad that my mom had to stay home to be on "Sandrine duty", but it was her idea...

My dad, my brother, and I decided to go to a restaurant in Brighton Beach. For those who aren't familiar with that part of the city, it is full of Russian-speakers, shops, and restaurants. When Sébastien mentioned wanting to eat there, I immediately thought of my good online friend, Inky. I would definitely need her to translate for me, seeing as I know absolutely no Russian. Before meeting Inky, though, I enjoyed a delicious five-course meal with my family:
Course 1:

Course 2:

Course 3:

Course 4: 

Course 5: 

After enjoying one of the best meals I have ever had, it was finally time to meet Inky. Although I've never met her in person, I feel like I have known her my entire life. I was a little nervous, being 5 years older than her. I didn't want her to think I was some scary teenager, but Sébastien reminded me that kids usually think teenagers are pretty cool. I sure hoped so! I was so glad that my dad actually let me spend an hour with her while he and my brother did some snack shopping. My dad was relieved when he found out that Inky's moms and friends would be with us; he didn't want me roaming around Brighton Beach by myself. He told me that creeps like to kidnap girls my age, so he was glad that I had a lot of adult supervision. Merci, Papa. My dad is never the overprotective one, but I understood why he was relieved. After all, I was in a city in a different country. 

My dad and brother walked me to the Starbucks to meet up with Inky's moms and friends of her moms'. It was an awkward situation for my dad, especially since he doesn't exactly speak English. He knows some basic phrases, but that's it. Sébastien and I were his translators!

At long last, I finally met Inky! She was just as I had expected her to be: sweet and fun. I also liked seeing the "Inky buns" in person, and I was quite jealous of her outfit. It was adorable, especially the gorgeous peacoat. We sadly only got to spend about an hour and a half together, but I promised her that I would have to visit her again soon. We were dying to take pictures on the beach and boardwalk, but it was raining. I was bummed about the weather, but hey, being from Lille, I'm way too used to rain for my own good!

I also got to meet Inky's friend, Hanabi. She reminded me of Sandrine, but with different facial features.

I tried to beg my dad to let Inky come home with us, and I begged Inky's moms, too. It would be fun to introduce Inky to all of my friends as well as Lille. My dad said that Inky would be welcome another time, and Inky's moms said the same about me. I feel like our time was cut short...or maybe time really does fly when you're having fun?

Later that night, I hung out with Sébastien in his dorm room. I was also able to meet his roommate, Matt, who was pretty fun (and totally attractive, may I add). I also sorted through some of the goodies that I got this afternoon. 

I HAD to buy this magazine featuring my girl Miley! I was extremely pleased with this purchase. Next time I visit Inky, I'm totally going to have her translate for me. Studying the cover, I think I figured out how to spell "Miley Cyrus" using the Russian alphabet. Those are clearly important words to know, right? OK, they are important words to me...

Inky gave me these really cool boots and told me to give them to Aurélie as a gift from her. I knew for sure that Aurélie would love them. They are definitely her style!

I also snagged this Youth American Grand Prix poster for Sandrine.

Most importantly, though, Inky's family surprised me with these macarons! They even got me a rose-flavored one, which was totally awesome considering that is my favorite ice cream flavor. I was so stuffed from lunch, but I couldn't help but want to devour the whole box right on the spot. 

Overall, I had a great weekend and particularly great Saturday. Not only did I get to celebrate with my brother, I also got to meet a good friend and fellow blogging buddy. I want to thank Inky, her moms, and her moms' friends for a great day...and a great introduction to NYC.

I'll be back...hopefully sooner rather than later. What I've seen of the city is incredible, and I hope to see more. I'd love to go to Times Square!