Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It's a wrap!

Bonsoir, tous ceux qui lisent ce blog! C'est moi, your favorite blogger, Sandrine!

This post is belated by about a month, but whatever. As long as they're still selling galettes du roi. this post is still relevant and can be posted. So let's step back a week before Christmas and get in the mood for this post.

My parents took our brother to the Peugeot dealership to buy his first car. Must be nice being the Golden Child. In his defense, he is a genuinely good kid. Hey, I'm working on rebuilding my relationship with him. One step at a time.

Anyway, I had nothing better to do, so I decided to stay home and wrap Christmas presents with Sabine. I mean, I could have broken in my new pointe shoes or tried some hairstyle tutorials that I found on YouTube. I really had gifts to wrap, so I had a legit reason to join her. Plus, we received awesome sleeping bags from some very good friends in the States. This was a good time to use them and relax.

Of course, Sabine used all of the bags and boxes! I didn't feel like running to the papeterie, so after I freaked out on Sabine, I asked her if it was rude to wrap the actual item in wrapping paper.

"Eh, je ne comprends pas le problème..." Sabine rolled her eyes at me. 

She handed me the Frozen wrapping paper and told me that the thought counts...not the fact that it was just haphazardly wrapped in paper when it should have been in a box or a bag. 

Hey, not too bad. I made sure that Elsa wasn't hidden. I wouldn't want to do that to the Queen/my alter ego. 

Like I said, these sleeping bags are the coziest things to ever exist. I decided to take a nap since wrapping gifts while hearing Sabine breathe and talk at the same time is exhausting. 

Because I get NO RESPECT in this house, Sabine allowed Cocoa Chanel to jump on me and disturb my nap. Sabine is a crazy dog lady. I, on the other hand, am not an animal lover whatsoever. Cocoa Chanel drives me up a wall. I hate when it's my turn to take her outside and she won't do anything; she just sniffs around and walks in circles. We've had Cocoa Chanel for years, and she's like the darn Energizer Bunny. She just keeps going and going and going. Good for her. 

It's not like Sabine is much better than the dog, though. She likes to harass me during naps, too. As I said, NO FREAKING RESPECT. 

Sabine thinks she's so clever. Yeah, well, I am great with revenge.

"You're all wrapped up; I wonder whose gift you'll be? Gérard's?" Sabine teased. I had to groan. Gérard is a good friend of Sabine's, and in my opinion, he is a disgusting, misogynistic pig. He kind-of has this thing for me, and Sabine likes to poke fun at it. If you ask me, it's not that funny. He'll be blogging soon, so don't give him the attention that he doesn't need. Please.

Here we are with my final gift. Although Sabine drives me insane, I'm learning to live with her. After all, she did push somebody down the stairs for me. That deserves a gold medal. 


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Jardin des Plantes: Toulouse, France

Bonjour ! C'est Aurélie, et j'ai hâte de vous voir des photos des vacances de Sabine et moi.

For winter vacation, Sabine and I traveled to Toulouse, France to spend some time with my friend Bénédicte. I met her at the summer intensive de l'école de danse de l'Opéra National de Paris, and we became good friends. Bénédicte doesn't really want her photos on the blog, but Sabine and I have plenty to share with you. First, I'd love to share some of my photos of Toulouse's Jardin des Plantes, The park has a long history that dates back to the mid-1700s. It was once a home to monks, and it also played a role in 1814's battle of Toulouse. Bénédicte was feeling a little sick one morning, so Sabine and I took a walk through the park. This post is filled with tons of photos that we (mostly Sabine) took.

Here I am by one of the entrances:

You can see how it would make a great monastery or artillery point, oui?

The park is full of gorgeous flora, fauna, bridges, and stone paths. It reminds me of a world only found in fairytales.

I came across a waterfall, and that added to the fantasy effect.

I was most impressed by the little cottage I saw in the middle of the lake. It was suitable for fairies...or maybe hiding Briar Rose (Princess Aurora) from her curse.

Sabine took some photos of me near one of the bridges...

...and near the lake:

I hope that you enjoyed the photos of the garden! Sabine is going to post about centre-ville next. If you're interested in learning more about the Jardin, you can visit THIS WEBSITE


Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry "Birthmas"

Salut, tous ceux qui lisent ce blog. C'est moi, Sandrine.

I'm going to explain something to you. When your birthday is around Christmas, it gets looked over. Sabine and I were born on December 19, so our mom decided we could wait and open our birthday gifts alongside our Christmas gifts at midnight on the 25th. Since our FREAKING DOG TORE APART our real Christmas tree, our dad hauled MY PURPLE TREE from MY BEDROOM to our living room. Maman was livid because a purple tree? Quelle horreur! Whatever. It got the job done.

Here I am by my tree. I received my top for "birthmas"...er, Christmas and/or my birthday.

Here I am with some of my gifts. Now, my family doesn't hate me THAT much. I did get more gifts. I got some new leotards, tights, and a lot of fun makeup stuff in addition to the vintage curlers and jacket that I'm posing with.

Yeah, so I think my life is pretty good right now. I stole the show as the Sugarplum Fairy in the Conservatoire's production of The Nutcracker. Ignore the fact that some other girl danced that role for two of the shows. I hate sharing roles that I worked so hard for, but I definitely made the biggest impression. I have the bandages on my toes to prove that I danced my heart out.

D'accord, ignore my sister's bragging. She did do a great job, and she was way better than the other girl that danced with the B cast. Aurélie danced the role of the Dewdrop, and she shined during the Waltz of the Flowers. Enough ballet...now, onto my "birthmas"!

I received an Olaf figure, an adorable Anna bow, and a pretty floral lace top. My biggest gift was my winter vacation trip with Aurélie. I leave in a week, and I am very excited. I'll definitely take tons of pictures and update the blog more. 

I love how Sabine gets out of the house while I'm stuck at home.
This is why you and Aurélie should be friends!
On that note, I am perfectly content with staying home and locking myself in my room.
Sandrine! Taise-toi!

Did you have a good holiday? Did anything exciting happen?

Sabine et Sandrine

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I'm kind-of a big deal.

Salut, tous ceux qui lisent ce blog ! C'est Sandrine !

I've been busy...but not just with The Nutcracker and *groan* school. I had a modeling gig. Oh, it wasn't a big deal or anything. It was pretty casual. I got to model some cute leggings and a cute skirt for Moi Aussi. Plus, I got paid a small sum.

Oh, and check out these FABULOUS headshots!

It gets better. I even get to design a small line! Quelle suprise ! Then again, I do have pretty good taste...

So, here's what you should do. BUY SOME LEGGINGS to show your support. Comprennez-vous ? The leggings and skirt are inspired by the disgusting Fleming twins (Nicki and Vicki) and their even more repulsive cousin, Micki, but I do wear them well. 

If you buy anything, let me know! Oh...and definitely share pics with me!


Saturday, October 25, 2014

An act of true love will thaw a frozen heart...

Salut, tout le monde! C'est Sabine! 
I guess I haven't been a great blogger, but I'll get my act together. I had my laptop privileges revoked for two weeks, which didn't help.
As you know, Sandrine and I have Frozen fever, which leads me to discuss my act of true love that resulted in, well, this post.

Sandrine and I have been getting along lately, partially thanks to me and partially thanks to...well, actually, entirely thanks to me. I'll post about the incident separately, One day, on my way to my Spanish class, two guys walking in front of me were trash-talking my sister and her best friend, Coralie. I'm not exactly the biggest Coralie fan. She's kind-of aloof, and her low self-esteem is rather exhausting. Still, I don't think it was right for those guys to trash talk them. I had it when they said something extremely nasty about my sister. I approached one of the guys that was doing the majority of the trash talking, and I said, "NOBODY talks about Sandrine that way!" I gave him a shove, and he ended up falling down the stairs. I never intended for that to happen. I guess I got too carried away. Anyway, he was fortunately okay, but I wasn't. It's a miracle I'm still alive and breathing after my mom found out what I did. Sandrine laughed, but when she realized I was in trouble for defending her, something changed. 

I was in my room and throwing myself a pity party since my plans with friends ceased to exist. Sandrine pounded on my door.

"Sabine, you did that...for me?" Sandrine asked.

"Well, yeah. You're kind-of apart of my family," I shrugged.

"Merci," Sandrine said softly. "I owe you one."

"More than one," I rolled my eyes. "More like 10."

Sandrine gave me a dirty look. "Someone's getting ahead of themselves..."


Now, fast forward to yesterday. It has officially been two weeks since the incident. In that time frame, Sandrine and I were getting along better than we have. Her snark, sarcasm, and blatantly rude comments can be funny once in awhile. That's why I decided to creep on Chrissa's Instagram with her. I know that she and Chrissa are good friends, but she couldn't help but roll her eyes.

C'est Sandrine, et oui, l'Instagram de Chrissa est trop amusant. Chrissa is dating this guy who is, what the American call, a freshman in college. Chrissa is obviously our age, and she is a "junior" in high school. Anyway, they have been dating for a little more than a year and a half. Their relationship is completely ridiculous. The boyfriend says the dumbest, most obsessive things like, "Taken by Chrissa Maxwell- the love of my life FOREVER." He also constantly comments things on her pictures like, "GORGEOUS! I'M SO LUCKY!" Give me a break. Chrissa isn't even that pretty and everybody knows it. He claims he'll love her forever and doesn't need or want anybody else. Seriously, the guy's Instagram is littered with photos of him and Chrissa or photos of just Chrissa. It's gross. Get a freaking life. I doubt their little infatuation with each other will last. The guy's in college. Move on. Date someone your own age. I bet his friends laugh at his Instagram page. I'd unfollow that account in a heartbeat. So obnoxious. Chrissa's obsessive and possessive, too, and she is so freaking immature that I can't take her sometimes...

The best part of his account was when I sent Lilly the screenshot of one of his captions: "I love you more and more everyday, Chrissa. You always make me smile, and just a simple hug makes my heart burn." Lilly replied to me and said, "If she makes your heart burn, take a freaking Tum's!" I died laughing at Lilly's sarcasm and wit. I'm glad that Sandrine is annoyed by this weird relationship, too, and doesn't think it's normal. I'm very entertained by his captions and pictures; they are completely hilarious. Their "relationship" sounds like a total joke.

Maman entered the room as we were laughing so hard we couldn't breathe. We immediately stopped and stared at her. Knowing her, she was probably coming to yell at us. I don't know.

The whole thing turned into Sabine and I whispering. "What did you do this time, Sabine?!" "I don't know, Sandrine! Stop assuming I did something and look at yourself!" "Shut up, Sabine!!! It's your..."

Maman interrupted us. "Will you girls calm down?! I just came in because I have something for you. Not everything involves trouble."
Actually, when you're dealing with Fabienne Vallois Bouchard, there's always trouble. Why do you think we didn't buy it?!

I only believed her when she brought out two big boxes.

I opened my box immediately because she isn't the random gift-giving type.
I echo Sandrine. This was weird. 

I pulled out the most gorgeous Anna dress! I've always wanted to cosplay as my favorite animated character!

The Nutcracker's Snow Queen received a gorgeous Snow Queen gown...an Elsa gown. I couldn't get over how gorgeous it was. It was prettier than any tutu I've ever worn, and I've worn some stunning tutus.

"I was going to wait to give them to you girls for Christmas, but didn't you want to have a costume party for that holiday your American friends celebrate? Don't you have a costume party during that summer program you girls do in the United States? I know you girls love that movie, and you girls haven't been causing problems lately. Strange, I admit, but that's teenagers, I suppose..." Maman told us.

We stopped questioning the random gifts and hugged that middle-aged woman that constantly drives us crazy. 
Hey, give her a break, Sandrine! She's trying her best.
Yes, until you screw up again.
Or until you do...

Bisous !
~Sabine et Sandrine

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sweater Weather

Coucou ! C'est Aurélie !

Oui, it's another fashion-related promo post. However, I love fashion, so I don't mind it at all. I was kind-of coerced to write this by certain people across the Atlantic...

As a fashionista, I was lucky to help out with some of the designs for Moi Aussi Design's fall line. Since I love comfy sweaters, I thought it was important to include some of those. After all, it's fall!

My personal favorite is this pink tunic sweater. I have something similar in cardigan form.

Of course, there are some cute Frozen tees. These were added at Sabine's request.

There is so much more, too! There are some cute tunic and legging sets that I'm sure you'll love. We also have some great deals going on. Several items are 50% off their original price. You can also use promo code 30OVER15 at checkout to receive 30% off ANY order of $15 or more!

What are you waiting for? Happy shopping!

What would you like to see in the shop? Let us know!


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Moi Aussi Designs Fall Release Part 1

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Delphine Hervagault!
I am Julien's younger sister. I know I have not posted a formal introduction yet, but I have some super exciting news! I got to model for Part 1 of the Moi Aussi Designs fall line! The dresses and skirts I modeled are inspired by Sabine's American friends Nicki, Vicki, and Micki. The fall line is appropriately titled The Fleming Collection. It would make their day if you purchased something. :)
Here is my favorite look that I modeled:

Now, if you aren't into that particular skirt, you might like the other listings:

Every item is perfect for fall and would look great paired with boots, tights, cardigans, scarves, and more. Be sure to check out what's new!

Delphine :)