Salut, tous ceux qui lisent ce blog! C'est Sandrine!

In May, I went to NYC for ballet-related reasons, but I also had some fun. I'm just getting to this now because I've had a lot going on. I basically came back to France with a suitcase full of makeup from MAC and Sephora. I did a lot on this trip, but I thought AGPNY should get its own post.

Of course, we had to stop at AGPNY. I didn't get any clothes because all their clothes are ugly. I almost got a new ballet leotard, but I decided to spend my money on makeup.

I should've had my hair done, but of course, I didn't because I styled it so nicely myself. I'm not the kind of person to put my good work to waste.

I should really be a star, OK? I've considered creating my own YouTube account for hair and makeup before, but ballet takes up most of my time. Wouldn't have it any other way, though.

This display was cool, but Lea's clothes are so ugly. They are too bright and not edgy enough for my taste.

AG thinks girls only like pastel shades of pink and purple. Purple is my favorite color, but AG purple usually makes me gag.

American history...something I don't know too much about. I can tell you all the presidents of France's Fifth Republic and random stuff about our revolution.

Yeah, well, that was AGPNY. Same old, same old. Been there, done that. I can't wait for the new store to open. It looks really freaking cool. 

I didn't get anything, but wait until you see what Inky's friends got in my next post!

Have you ever been to AGPNY?


Let the Storm Rage On!

Salut, tout le monde! C'est Sabine!

This is so embarrassing to admit, but I'm just now posting about the massive snowstorm that struck when I visited Inky in NYC! With the bac and other obligations, I've been so busy!

So, when I visited in January, Elsa decided to cover NYC in way to much snow. Fortunately, Inky had some snow clothes that fit me, so we decided to go out in that disaster. I don't like the snow or anything about winter, but I wanted to experience this storm that blanketed the East Cost.

First off, it was really deep.

I'm not going to lie; the snow was kind-of pretty.

I took this cute photo of Inky, who is way more outdoorsy than I'll ever be!

I was going to take a WARM shower when I went inside, so I decided to just go for it and make a snow angel!

That was quite the experience. Because of it, my flight back to France was delayed, and I had to miss school. I really hope Elsa doesn't come to town again if I visit NYC in the winter.

What are your thoughts on snow?

A tout!