Friday, February 21, 2014

Roses and sparkles

Coucou ! C'est Aurélie et je suis désolée que j'écris en retard...

I made valentines for some friends, and I just haven't posted about it yet! Now is better than never, though.

My supplies were the following: sparkly pink paper, scissors, ribbon, rosettes, tape, and white paper. 

I had an idea in mind for my valentines, but I changed my mind when I started making them. Instead of making the rosettes and ribbon permanent fixtures on the card, I thought I would make them removable so that the recipients can wear them as headbands. Being a dancer, I can never have too many fun hair accessories to wear with my leotards. The first thing I did was cut the ribbon into an appropriate length.

I then chose four rosettes and sewed them on:

I wrapped the headband around the front of the card and taped it to the back to make it easily removable.

Here is the finished product!

I hope you enjoyed the cards. If you made cards this year, what do yours look like? I'd love to see them! I'll be posting about my Valentine's Day goodies soon.

Bonne Saint-Valentin!



Inky said...

Your valentine headbands look awesome! What a cool idea. I love valentines that have little giveaways on them! As you probably know, I did pins on mine. :)

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!


Audra Badu-Hammond said...

Ooh la la, Aurélie, I love your valentines! They're a greeting, and a present as well. :) We didn't really celebrate Valentine's Day at the Bruton School this year... I'm afraid we're not very good about holidays. Perhaps we can learn from you and Inky and do better next year!


Jessica said...

VERY pretty valentines, Aurélie! The headbands were a great idea!

Love & hugs,

Melody Silverleaf said...

We've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out the details at

Among the Dolls said...

I too have nominated you for the prestigious Liebster Award:

Syddie Rose said...

Another nomination for the Liebster Award!

Rachel said...

Salut Sabine! Je viens de decouvrir ton blogue et je le trouver magnifique! Enfin quelqu'un qui parle francais et qui aime les AG aussi! Voila deux choses que nous avions en commun!! :)