A "Sister" More Like Me

Coucou ! C'est Aurélie ! J'écris maintenant ce post en retard. Désolée- je suis trop occupée !

It is my turn to post about my Christmas. I know I'm about a month late, but it's better late than never, right?
This isn't something I publicize, but Julieta and I have had some rough patches. Being an only child, I am always thrilled when my family hosts exchange students. When I first heard about Julieta, I was excited. She sounded like she'd be a fun person to have around. And she was...at first. Then, she started taking flamenco classes at a local studio, and when I asked her about them, she said they weren't as good as what she is used to back home in Spain. She also made comments on how the weather in Lille was nothing like the weather in Spain. Spain this, Spain that. I was upset. I thought she was disappointed. Of course she loves Spain; it's her home. I just thought she didn't appreciate her experience here.
We did have some arguments, but I don't want to get into those here. We talked it out, and things have been great between us. I think it made our friendship stronger, which was great since I had a Christmas gift for her that I was considering returning.

On Christmas Day, I handed her the gift.

"Oh, I love it! Muchas gracias, mon amie! Thanks for thinking of me!" Julieta exclaimed as she held up the Christmas ornament with "Feliz Navidad" written on it.

Julieta surprised me with a gift, too. She pulled it out from behind her back and apologized for not wrapping it. It was the dress I've wanted for awhile! 
"How did you know?!" I asked in disbelief.
Julieta smiled. "I talk to people."

After all of this, it turned out that Julieta is more like me than I thought. She's dedicated, headstrong, and does whatever it takes to reach her dream. We both work hard and persevere through the bad. She has definitely become my good friend, and I am happy to call her my "sister".



Anonymous said...

That is awesome you two are such good friends now, and your gifts are both great. That dress is so pretty cannot wait to see it on you .. Hugs, Taryn

Inky said...

I'm happy you two are understanding each other more! Your gifts for each other are very nice. Merry Christmas to you both!


Aurora said...

Aw, I'm so happy you are friends now! What a lovely story :)