Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fashion Files: A Ballet-Inspired Wardrobe

Coucou ! C'est Aurélie, et aujoud'hui, je vais faire quelque chose de différent. 

I love ballet, and I love fashion. In today's post, I thought I would combine two of my passions! I still have a Christmas post to write, but I'll do that this weekend. For now, enjoy what I have planned for today:

Fashion Files #1: A Ballet-Inspired Wardrobe
by Aurélie Faubert

When you think of ballet, what do you think of? Tutus? Leotards? Glitter? Ballet is way more than these things, but those things can inspire everyday outfits. I personally like to stick to a ballet-inspired color scheme when buying items for my own wardrobe (though I do wear other colors). The colors might seem a bit stereotypical, but I enjoy pastels and lighter colors. 

So, how did I go about choosing ballet-inspired outfits? Keep on reading!

This first outfit is appropriate for a party. I would wear boots with this, but I left the boots I would wear at Sabine's house. Zut ! The faux wrap skirt is covered in sequins, which makes it perfect for a party. The style of it is what gives it a ballet flair. Because it's winter, I paired it with a 3/4 length sleeved gray shirt and pink tights (once again, a ballet staple). Like I said, I would have preferred boots, but I made do with flats that almost resemble pointe shoes. Almost.

For another party look, you can switch out the wrap skirt for a skirt that almost looks like a tutu:

This might not seem ballet-inspired, but it is. When I'm at the studio, I see many dancers warm up in sweaters like the one I'm wearing below. The sweater also completes any casual outfit. I paired it with jeans, a tank top, lace-up boots, and legwarmers (which are also inspired by ballet).

This is probably the most obvious ballet-inspired look. I paired a black tank-top with a puffy cream skirt that looks very similar to a tutu.

Of course, a wrap sweater can also complete the look!

My new pajamas are even ballet-inspired! The pants remind me of a wrap skirt while the slippers remind me of ballet slippers.

How about an actual ballet costume? This is what I'm wearing for my piece in the Conservatoire de Lille's student showcase:

I hope you enjoyed that post. If you were inspired to come up with your own ballet-inspired outfit, please let me know so I can see what you came up with! I might even feature you on the blog.

Finally, do you like the idea of Fashion Files? Would you like for me to write other similar posts?



Jessica said...

Oooohhh! Yes please! I really enjoyed this one!

Inky said...

Aurélie, you look lovely! I think Coral would really like your outfits.


sophiaandemma said...

Bonjour Aurelie,
I also like the idea of fashion files. How about jazz or modern inspired clothing too?? After seeing your post I came up with two ballet inspired outfits of my own.

Clarisse Wells said...

I love the way you put these outfits together! I've been thinking about stealing my sister's sequin skirt, it is a great party skirt!

Aurora said...

Hello, Aurélie!
You look lovely in your ballet inspired outfits! I do like the idea of this post! You are ver creative, good job.

-Aurora =)

Melody Silverleaf said...

These are great outfits! Love how you put them together for events outside the studio.