Merry (belated) Birthmas!

Salut! C'est Sabine et Sandrine. Aujourd'hui, nous allons parler de notre anniversaire et notre Noël. 

On Christmas Eve, Sabine and I stopped by Julien's house to exchange presents with him and Aurélie. I really didn't want to go. Julien and Aurélie aren't my favorite people in the world, but Sabine and our parents basically forced me into going. Aurélie had a gift for me, which was weird because we don't even talk to each other. I just give her dirty looks. That's typically the most communication we have. Leave it to her to be super saccharine, though. The thought of her makes me gag.

Sandrine's typical rudeness aside, I was so excited to see my two closest friends. I chose some pretty neat gifts for them (Aurélie received a stuffed swan from me, and I bought Julien some Spanish books), and I couldn't wait to see what they would surprise me with!

I was almost in shock when I saw what was behind Aurélie's Anna doll from the movie, La Reine des Neiges (better known as Frozen)!

Now, I am not a doll person at all. I stopped playing with dolls years ago. However, I am obsessed with Frozen after seeing it three times. Anna is my favorite character, and I have the perfect place for her on the shelf above my bed. Aurélie said that Anna reminds me of me not only in appearance, but in personality. I definitely agree; I'm pretty clumsy. Plus, I can relate to sister problems...

Aurélie gave me an Elsa doll. Like Sabine, I'm obsessed with Frozen, too. There's one thing we agree on. Sabine thinks I'm like Elsa because I shut people out. I mean, I guess I do, but like Elsa, I have my own little secret to hide. I'm not too happy that Little Miss Sneaky Axelle is on the path to finding it out, either. I assumed that Aurélie gave me Elsa for the reasons Sabine thinks. However, Aurélie told me that she thought Elsa was perfect for me since I danced the role of the Snow Queen in The Nutcracker. I guess that's true. Hey, Elsa is prettier, in my opinion. Not complaining. 

Sabine insisted that we take a picture of our dolls since she believes we are the Frozen sisters. Spare me. Oh well. We both looked cute, so why not?

Aurélie gave Julien an Olaf figure! Olaf is nothing like Julien, though! If anybody reminds me of Olaf, it's my favorite American friend, Lilly. 

Julien thanked Aurélie and gave her a hug that was a little too close for comfort. I groaned, but thankfully, nobody heard me.

Julien then handed me a pretty pink bag and told me that he thinks I'll like the gift. Please! I'd like anything that boy gave me! It's the thought that counts. ;)

I pulled out two awesome journals! I couldn't wait to begin filling them out!

It was my turn to give Julien a hug and say "merci". I wonder if it made Aurélie uncomfortable...

After that torturous stop, we returned home to our parents, our brother and his girlfriend, and our maternal grandparents. Later that evening, we enjoyed our delicious, traditional réveillon feast consisting of turkey, oysters, boudin blanc, and the bûche de Noël. At midnight, we opened our presents. Sabine and I had the most presents to open, but that was only because we decided to wait to open our birthday presents on Christmas. Our birthday is actually the 19th, but Christmas isn't too far off.

Our birthday gifts were clothes, which is always appreciated! Our gifts were wrapped in the cutest bags.

I first pulled out a darling white top. It would look great with a scarf that I have!

I then pulled out a floral top. I loved it!

My favorite birthday gift was definitely this cardigan. It would go with so much! Plus, you guys know how much I love sweaters! My favorite Christmas gift, however, was an iPad Air.

My birthday bag looked more Christmas-y than birthday-ish. I was excited to see what kind of clothes I got.

Oh, this skirt is so my style! It's probably my new favorite clothing piece. My favorite Christmas gift, though, was definitely the Degas leotard I got. I've always wanted a Degas, and now, I finally have one!

I also got this new dress for when the weather gets warmer:

I also love the lace tank I got. I like it because it is easy to pair with edgier things to give them a girly flair.

Needless to say, we had a great Christmas/birthday! We hope your holiday season was great, too. If you celebrate Christmas, what did you get?

Sabine et Sandrine

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Inky said...

Hello girls!

This winter, I received an awesome gift- plane tickets to London, England! I also received some shopping money to spend while I was there. At first I was a little sad since traditionally New Year is a big holiday in my family (and I love spending it at home) but I got over it when I saw how fabulous London is!