More party crashing + DANCE TEAM

I honestly think my best friend is losing it.
Honestly. I do.
She now has this obsession with the dance team...which is pretty much Alyson, her twin, their cousin, Marisol, Chrissa, and Malorie. All very OBNOXIOUS people.
I'm like..."No. If you try out and don't make it, you will feel the aftermath."
And you will. It's called "I-didn't-make-it-so-now-I'm-getting-picked-on syndrome." CROIS-MOI...c'est terrible! I remember when I applied for the Alyson Squadron...(long story. To make it short...I felt the LOSER BURN afterwords.)
The LOSER BURN is what Aly calls it when you try something and don't succeed...which is absolutely ridiculous and sooooooooooooooo her!
Well...after tryouts...Aly and Ashley are flying the whole team to the Waldorf Astoria in NYC to have a party. ISN'T THAT NICE?
Well...Liz, Lilly, and I decided to take the risk of crashing the party.
We're not sure how to sneak out of the boarding school yet...we must talk to Kailey, Kaya, and Kirsten who have achieved at this numerous times.
This shall be an adventure. Stay tuned.


Ma vie est mauvaise.

Just when I thought my life was great.... turns out....
...IT'S NOT!
Sandrine is absolutely annoying me. I honestly can't believe that she switched schools!
She has this new thing...called the "Elite Quatre". Amanda and Taylor (Taylor used to call herself Miley...which was really annoying because she is DEFINITELY not cool like the real Miley Cyrus!) are members of it. I can see that happening, since Amanda and Taylor think they are the coolest things since sliced bread.
Anyway, Sandrine went out of her way to ask them. I think Sandrine wants to start her own clique so she can beat Alyson. I DON'T PLAY THESE SICK POPULARITY GAMES, OK???
Amanda and Miley used to be members of the dance team...until Aly gave them the boot. I don't understand why they cared so much about getting kicked out. Amanda has figure skating (which she is MUCH better at than dancing) and Taylor has cheerleading (which I don't understand...stupid American sport). So now they are out to get revenge.
CHRISTELLE IS A MEMBER OF THIS! She has been ignoring me ever since she got invited to be part of this group.
J'AI PEUR!!!!!!!!! What if Sandrine is using Christelle to get information from MOI?
Ugh. Ma vie...


That is the question- should I?
You are probably wondering about this question.
I want everyone's full, honest opinion on this:
My twin, Sandrine, already got hers done. Ugh. If I do decided to, she'll be all, "SABINE, YOU'RE COPYING ME! THAT'S SO IMMATURE!!!!"
So in all truth and honesty...should I get them pierced?

Merci! :)