Un bandeau et un foulard...

Bonsoir, tout le monde!
Lately, I have been growing quite bored with my wardrobe, and you should be seeing some new clothes soon! I promise! :)

I'm certain people are under the impression that the French have expansive wardrobes full of designer clothes and such. However, that isn't really the case. We buy the best quality items that we can afford...and that isn't necessarily always Chanel,Yves Saint-Laurent, or Christian Dior. We don't necessarily have large wardrobes, either. We like to wear things that can be mix and matched in different ways to create "new" outfits.

Accessories also help to spice up an outfit or create a new look. Because of my boredom, I decided to spice up my style with a cute headband and a scarf that I normally wear around my waist...

Just a quick post...you'll hear more from me this week. I hope I could help share ways to spice up the clothes you already have. Take this as inspiration...and inspiration only. ;)

(PS...this post was inspired by the girls at Into the Woods.)

Make Some Noise

Cher tout le monde,

Everybody has a voice. This voice includes your opinions and interests. This voice tells people who you are and what makes you unique. This voice tells a story.

Everybody has a story to tell.

But, what happens when somebody steals your voice? They take a part of you with them. They take part of that story.

I almost had my voice stolen.

It has been over a week since I have written anything. I need to talk about the Teen Dance and the other amusing things that happened, but I was afraid of having my voice stolen more than it already has been.

This has been going on for at least a year now. Some people just cannot help themselves. They love my thoughts, opinions, interests, style, ideas, and more. They want to incorporate me into themselves. They cannot let me go. They are in denial and embarrassed, but they put themselves in a position to get caught. They cannot continue to make up excuses. This is ridiculous.

To be honest, I wanted to stop writing. I wanted to make my blog private and only available to select people. I decided this would be unfair, not only to me, but to everyone who properly uses my blog. I was heavily considering even deleting my blog, but then, I had an epiphany.

There will always be those disrespectful people, but for every disrespectful person, there is one that cares. I was informed of this today when somebody in real life told me that I have a story of interest to tell and I should do so. Plagiarism shouldn't stand in my way. There are people that care...online AND off.

For those who enjoy my blog and use the material properly, I want to say thank you for your continued support! I almost had that voice stolen, but because of those who care, I didn't let them take all of it. With what I have left, I want to tell those people to stop. Stop stealing my voice. Find your own. Grow! Do not allow yourself to be stuck in identity vs role confusion!

Again, thank you to those who care! Your love and support means a lot!