Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Un bandeau et un foulard...

Bonsoir, tout le monde!
Lately, I have been growing quite bored with my wardrobe, and you should be seeing some new clothes soon! I promise! :)

I'm certain people are under the impression that the French have expansive wardrobes full of designer clothes and such. However, that isn't really the case. We buy the best quality items that we can afford...and that isn't necessarily always Chanel,Yves Saint-Laurent, or Christian Dior. We don't necessarily have large wardrobes, either. We like to wear things that can be mix and matched in different ways to create "new" outfits.

Accessories also help to spice up an outfit or create a new look. Because of my boredom, I decided to spice up my style with a cute headband and a scarf that I normally wear around my waist...

Just a quick post...you'll hear more from me this week. I hope I could help share ways to spice up the clothes you already have. Take this as inspiration...and inspiration only. ;)

(PS...this post was inspired by the girls at Into the Woods.)


Rory said...

I love the scarf, they are so trendy.

thedressmakerdollfashions said...

Hello! We have just discovered your fabulous blog. You have some great posts on here. We love the combination of American Girl and French culture.

bearpicnic said...

Sabine, Your scarf is adorable!! It definitely adds some spice to you're look. Personally, I really admire your fashion sense. You always look great. I don't have the same sense of style, I usually just wear comfortable, textured clothes.

Emily said...


You look very pretty and grown-up! I like clothes that can be mixed and matched or layered, but I don't really have much style, which is sort of my style. I usually wear whatever is on top, lol.


The Green Girls said...

You have a great sense of fashion, Sabine! Love what you did with the scarf and headband!

-Josefina from The Green Girls

Caelen said...

Nice outfit!

Makennah said...

Hi Sabine! I really like your glasses - they make the outfit look so classy. I love to read your blog! I just started mine, but I've been reading yours for awhile.