Calm Before The Storm

Salut, tout le monde! C'est Sabine, et j'avais toute de la chance. En janvier, j'ai rendu visite à Inky. Oui, je suis allée à New York! J'avais aussi un entretien parce que je voudrais peut-être étudier à NYU.

So, what did I do while I visited Inky for the second time? Before Elsa blanketed the East Coast in snow, I had a great day. I first had my interview, which I think went well. I had a couple of English fails, but I still did well. We did plenty of walking around the city, and we did make that obligatory AGPNY stop. I saw this model who looked just like my best American friend, Lilly. It was the creepiest thing ever. She didn't seem too creeped out when I pulled out my phone and showed her a photo of Lilly.

I also explored Lea's (the GOTY 2016) world. Her rainforest house was cool. Inky told me it reminded her on a place her moms stayed when they went to Costa Rica. Now I want to go to Costa Rica...and practice my Spanish.

One of Inky's friends was getting her hair done, so we took this photo while we waited. Yeah, I'm not one who likes getting my hair done. That's Sandrine's territory. She got hers done when we visited in September.

Inky's mom and her mom's friend were celebrating their birthdays, so we got to eat in the cafe. This strange girl named Toni joined us. She seemed similar to this girl named Lorraine we met in September.

I look so exhausted. It's called jet lag. I was having so much fun that I forgot how tired I was until I sat down.

As obnoxious as Toni was, I did love her dress.

After dinner, I went to a Broadway show- An American in Paris! Weird Toni went to see Jersey Boys and wanted me to go with her. No thanks! The snow started coming down lightly after the show let out, so I took some quick selfies in Times Square, America's Number One Tourist Trap. I still love it, though!

Just wait until you see what Elsa did! Post coming soon!