Party crashin'!

I'm going to crash my first party along with Ava, Hayley, and Elizabeth.

That is, the Edwards' New Year's Eve sleepover.

I'm scared, but yet excited. Ava, Hayley, and Liz make it seem so exciting...and fun!

I will post results demain.

Bonne nuit,

Discover #3...

Baboons are freaky! (and très drôle...)

Alyson, Ashley, and Alyssa are annoying. And they always color coordinate. OOOOH FUN!

Also.........I saw Sandrine yesterday...
She is about the meanest...still. She called me a brat and annoying. How am I an annoying brat?

~Sabine :)

Fearless/ Frustrating...

Bonjour, mes amis! I'm just chillin'!

Aujourd'hui J'ai écouté de la musique de Miley Cyrus. In my opinion, she is the only American singer worth listening to.

I'M BEING TORTURED BY TAYLOR! She made me go on this "roller coster". They buckle you to a sled, drag you up the steps, and then release. Liz thinks it's fun, but I was scared!
I'm happy that torture is over! Geesh...Americans and their idea of "fun"...

Discovery #2...

Cell phone cameras take REALLY BAD pictures. 
The human forgot her camera she decided to make due with cell phone pics! FUN!
The blonde in my pic is the other new girl, Alyssa Edwards. She is a BRAT like her cousins Alyson and Ashley. I'm actually assuming here. I don't know the Edwards girls, but I've read enough about them in tabloids to make an accurate guess.
Anyway, you finally got to see a photo of me. Whether you think I'm pretty or not, well, that's your decision. I just thought I'd finally post one.

Le Meullieur Noel!

Bonjour, tout le monde! C'est moi, Sabine! :)

C'est mon première Noël aux États-Unis. I'm now officially an OLN Girl!

So far, it has been AMAZING! I met sooooooooo many nice people, including heiress Alyson Edwards.(Okay, so I was kidding when I said nice...) I also met another French girl...Christelle Lacaux. She isn't too friendly; in fact, she has been keeping her distance from me. She is from Paris and she misses it terribly. I guess she takes her sorrow and anger out on everyone. That's at least what I have overheard from this super obnoxious blonde girl. Honestly, I heard this girl's voice before I saw her.

Americans are so loud.
To back this up, I saw one in a restaurant and she was flipping out because she spilled wine all over her white dress. It was somehow the waiter's fault, even if she was the one who spilled it. (She spilled it; I saw EVERYTHING.)

I want to leave a message for my family, if they keep up with my blog:
Je vous aime, Mère, Père, et Sébastien! :) Joyeux Noël! :)


Discovery #1...

For those with mothers like mine...
Give the middle-aged woman a break. She's doing the best that she possible can. And she does love you, through think and thin, easy times and hard times.


Now...for the good news? my life isn't TOTALLY depressing!

I went online today, after my homework, and was researching prestigious boarding schools in America. I came across one that seemed quite interesting...Pleasantview Private Boarding School. I received a weird brochure about this one in the mail. Apparently, they are looking for prestigious French students to study there for at least two years. After two years, your parents have to either a) pay for you to go there or b) take you out. (That means you have to go back to France.)

I, of course, told Mère that I wanted to go there because...

1. Lille is officially the most boring city in France.
2. There is nothing to do in Lille...anymore.
3. I want an adventure in my life.
4. Les États-Unis sont TRÈS BEAUX! (The US is very beautiful!)
5. I want to get away from trouble...a.k.a ma mère.

So she agreed. Père agreed to this, because they recognize that I am such a dreamer who longs for adventure and new things

...a very happy Sabine Aurore Bouchard. :) :) :)

As the tears flow...

Mes amis,
I'm conducting this post through my tears.

Today is St. Nicholas Day. And I got switches. With a shiny silver bow on them. (Note that that shiny bow makes a very nice hair ribbon.)
Mère. It's all Mère. She despises me so much that she HAD to give me switches!
Père even agrees with me that this is wrong...and unfair...and unjust!
I'm so sick of Mère! Like I mentioned before, I can breath and get in trouble.
Now, for the "wonderful" feast Mère prepared...


Did I mention?
JE DETESTE MA MERE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

St. Nicholas Day...

DEMAIN, C'EST..............
Oui, you guessed it, mes amis! ST. NICHOLAS DAY! I'm very excited.
I will leave my favorite shiny black shoes out, in hopes for something good. :)
I can't wait!

Mere is also preparing a TRES FABULEUX dinner...which probably involves maroilles. Oh well. I don't care. I will say I am not looking forward to seeing my family and having that drama. My cousins are evil.

That's all for now!


~Sabine :D