Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Party crashin'!

I'm going to crash my first party along with Ava, Hayley, and Elizabeth.

That is, the Edwards' New Year's Eve sleepover.

I'm scared, but yet excited. Ava, Hayley, and Liz make it seem so exciting...and fun!

I will post results demain.

Bonne nuit,


Kit Kittredge said...

Have fun with the party crashing, Sabine! Happy New Year, Bonne Annee!

My Mum is fluent in french and she says I can take french this term! I'm so excited!


ag_haley said...

LOL Sabine! Good luck crashing the party! Have fun! Bonne Annee to you too!
See, being around you guys I'm picking up some French.

Sophie said...

Bonne Année, Sabine! :)

Une fete avec les filles Edwards?! That WOULD be a fun event to crash...