Saturday, December 27, 2008

Discovery #2...

Cell phone cameras take REALLY BAD pictures. 
The human forgot her camera she decided to make due with cell phone pics! FUN!
The blonde in my pic is the other new girl, Alyssa Edwards. She is a BRAT like her cousins Alyson and Ashley. I'm actually assuming here. I don't know the Edwards girls, but I've read enough about them in tabloids to make an accurate guess.
Anyway, you finally got to see a photo of me. Whether you think I'm pretty or not, well, that's your decision. I just thought I'd finally post one.


ag_haley said...

Tell me about cell phone pics. They really do suck. I have one in my previous blog entry, believe me... it sucks that I didn't have my real camera to take it.

As for brats, I know about them too. There's a blond girl in my class named Meredith... sheesh, what is it about blonds??? You can read all about her in my other blog entries.


Sophie said...

Those Edwards girls scare me, lol. We don't have any blonde girls here, modern blondes, that is. There's Kit and a girl named Kirsten, but they are totally and completely history. Nathalie is blonde enough for me, and she's really not *that* blonde. It is fun to tease her about it, though.

Kit Kittredge said...

Cell phones are legendarily terrible for pictures!

I just don't let my Mum take pictures of me with her cell phone- she can wait until she finds a proper camera to photograph me!

I'm blonde- but I'm not a brat, I promise! The Edwards girls kind of scare me too.


ag_haley said...

The Edwards girls are terrible! Steer clear of them as best you can, and try to make friends with people you get along better with. That's how I'm coping with Meredith and her bunch.

AG CRAZY said...

sheez cell phone pics!They are evil!I would know.once my mom tried making a video with her blew up in our faces