Thursday, December 25, 2008

Le Meullieur Noel!

Bonjour, tout le monde! C'est moi, Sabine! :)

C'est mon première Noël aux États-Unis. I'm now officially an OLN Girl!

So far, it has been AMAZING! I met sooooooooo many nice people, including heiress Alyson Edwards.(Okay, so I was kidding when I said nice...) I also met another French girl...Christelle Lacaux. She isn't too friendly; in fact, she has been keeping her distance from me. She is from Paris and she misses it terribly. I guess she takes her sorrow and anger out on everyone. That's at least what I have overheard from this super obnoxious blonde girl. Honestly, I heard this girl's voice before I saw her.

Americans are so loud.
To back this up, I saw one in a restaurant and she was flipping out because she spilled wine all over her white dress. It was somehow the waiter's fault, even if she was the one who spilled it. (She spilled it; I saw EVERYTHING.)

I want to leave a message for my family, if they keep up with my blog:
Je vous aime, Mère, Père, et Sébastien! :) Joyeux Noël! :)



Sophie said...

Bonsoir, Sabine! Les É.U. sont chouettes, non? Mais Christelle est méchante? Quoi? J'ai pensée que Christelle serait une bonne amie (et le français est ma première langue, ma je déteste écrirer le grammaire n'est pas ma chose!)

Ton autre nom est Amélie, oui? Comme moi. J'adore le film "Amélie." Tu l'as vu aussi?

AG CRAZY said...

actaully not all Americans are obnoxious(although we do blame other people *laugh out loud*)I would cuz I am from america.However since I know my sister,Kit I may have to take back what I said about americans not being obnoxious haha.
stay afloat(I like to swim),