Sunday, December 21, 2008

Now...for the good news? my life isn't TOTALLY depressing!

I went online today, after my homework, and was researching prestigious boarding schools in America. I came across one that seemed quite interesting...Pleasantview Private Boarding School. I received a weird brochure about this one in the mail. Apparently, they are looking for prestigious French students to study there for at least two years. After two years, your parents have to either a) pay for you to go there or b) take you out. (That means you have to go back to France.)

I, of course, told Mère that I wanted to go there because...

1. Lille is officially the most boring city in France.
2. There is nothing to do in Lille...anymore.
3. I want an adventure in my life.
4. Les États-Unis sont TRÈS BEAUX! (The US is very beautiful!)
5. I want to get away from trouble...a.k.a ma mère.

So she agreed. Père agreed to this, because they recognize that I am such a dreamer who longs for adventure and new things

...a very happy Sabine Aurore Bouchard. :) :) :)

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