Prank Calling with Ava & Liz

Ava was furious with me this morning because I was listening to the Hannah Montana Movie soundtrack.
She called me into her room, and said that she's going to teach me how to prank call people.
Her phone has internet access, bien sur- the best for Ava! Yeah, and she has the NC Yellow Pages saved to it, too.
She went first, and she asked me to tell her a funny thing (in French) to say to people. She said "Est-ce que je peux aller a la toilette?"- which means, "Can I go to the bathroom?" The people were befuddled by that.
Anyway, I went, and when I went, I said "Hey, girl! This is Sabine Bouchard!" You aren't supposed to use your real name- that's what Ava said.
Then Liz went. She called someone and yelled "TAG! YOU'RE IT!", then hung up. I thought that was hilarious, so I couldn't stop laughing. Water came out of my nose, lol.
I called Pizza Hut and made up a complaint.

Honestly, it was fun, but a little scary.


"You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home"

J'ai vu Hannah Montana: Le Film!!! C'etait fabuleux! (I saw Hannah Montana: The Movie! It was fabulous!)
I want to see it better come out on DVD soon!
My favorite part was when Miley sang "Hoedown Throwdown" at the barn-looking place. Amanda, Miley, and I did the dance.
Ava and Hayley are constantly making fun of me for being a Miley fan, so of course, when I told them I loved the movie....

Anyway, I made Christelle see it, too. Christelle HATES Hannah Montana, but she said that she could relate to some of the songs- especially "You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home" and "The Climb".
Even if Christelle is in the US, she never forgets where she's from. One day, she'll "find her way back home" and return to Paris.
Life in the US for Christelle may be a climb, but she keeps on climbin'!


"Sabine's Wild Ride"- TAKEN FROM THE D.A.

JE SUIS TRES TRES TRES TRES TRES FURIEUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kit, Alexandria, and Nellie are the biggest sensationalists ever. They are totally exaggerating the truth here!
Anyway, I bought an issue of the Daily Alexandria, the PPBS official newspaper written published by yours truly Alexandria "Zan" McConnell. I looked at the front page to find this horrific, dramatized story:

Sabine's Wild Ride (written by Kit Kittredge; Photos by Nellie O'Malley)

"All of us know Sabine Bouchard as the dreamer, the innocent, sweet little French girl. What started out as Ava Seffner and Liz Cole having fun turned into a wild, wild ride. Liz and Ava carried Sabine, singing the "AMERICAN IS SUPER GREAT (a.ka. "The Star Spangled Banner") SONG."

"The spectators were laughing; they were enjoying every minute of this."
"Suddenly, Sabine starting screaming 'PUT ME DOWN, AVA AND LIZ! This isn't funny!"

"Ava was having too much fun, so she objected to putting Miss Bouchard down. 'NEVER!' Ava shouted."

"Liz readily agreed with Ava, arguing not to put Sabine down."

"Sabine had enough, so she decided to jump off!"

"Sabine confronted Ava about the whole thing. She readily yelled at Ava, saying that what Ava did was mean and wrong."

"Ava objecting, saying that she was just joking about everything and that she was trying to have fun."

"Sabine was so infuriated that she jumped on and starting singing La Marseillaise, the French national anthem. Sabine wouldn't get"

"She pulled Ava's hair and pushed her over. Spectator Amanda Tisdale tells us it was horrifing and that it was so uncalled for. Taylor Stewart adds that Sabine crossed the line."

"Liz made sure that her friend was OK. Liz tells us that 'Ava was completely in shock'."

"An outraged Ava lets everyone know that Sabine will be getting revenge, so 'Look out Sabine Aurelie Bouchard! I'm so going to sabotage you! It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but it will so be happening.' So...what is Sabine's fate? Maybe she'll be kicked out of school? Keep reading the DA for updates!"



The surprise?

First of all...I hope everyone had a terrific Easter! I did!

Now for the SURPRISE(S)...

I got a gorgeous Easter dress:

AND...THERE ARE TWO NEW GIRLS! One is Malorie (a #14) and the other is Chrissa. Chrissa is obsessed (and I mean OBSESSED) with French. Here is a pic of us:



WHAT IS THIS SO-CALLED SURPRISE?????????? I've waited too long!
Hopefully, I'll find out tomorrow.
Nothing really new today...anyway....


P.S.- Liz made banana pudding today; it actually wasn't that bad.



JE SUIS DE TRÈS BONNE HUMEUR AUJOURD'HUI!!!!!!!! (I am in a good mood today)

Vous demandez pourquoi. (You ask why)

Je réponde....parce que...(I respond because...)

le jeu de beurre de cacahouètes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (THE PEANUT BUTTER GAME!!!!!!!!)

C'est très stupide, mais c'est drôle. (It's stupid, but it's funny!) here is the story (also known as "The Secret Life of Crazy Americans #4)...

There was one piece of chocolate cake left; Ava, Liz, and I wanted it. Well, Liz decides that we should settle this by playing the peanut butter game.
I have never heard of it's actually quite stupid (but so entertaining). So, the main objective of the game is to eat as much peanut butter as you can without getting a drink. If you get a drink, you're out. If you don't have to get a drink, you win. Even if you're the last person to get a drink, you're still out because you took a drink.
Anyway, I never had peanut butter before...tu sais...since we don't have that poop (Honestly, it's the worst stuff I've ever tasted!) in France.
I HAD NO IDEA IT WAS GOING TO BE STICKY AND CLUMPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was the first one out!!!
Needless to say, NOBODY WON! Oh, and the heiresses split the piece of the yummy, double fudge chocolate cake (THAT I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WANTED!)!
I discovered that I HATE peanut butter and I NEVER WANT TO EAT IT AGAIN!

~Sabine Bouchard :)
(Oh, a surprise is coming later this week...keep checking my blog!)

The Secret Lives of Crazy Americans...A Never-Ending Story

HI!!!!!!!!! LONG TIME, NO POST!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm back. My lack of presence is due to a broken PC and busy-ness. Well, anyway, SABINE BOUCHARD IS BACK...with the latest dirt on the Secret Lives of Crazy Americans!

Elizabeth Cole was so hungry. In fact, she was famished! She felt like death was approaching; that's how hungry she was. So...she decided to make instant stove top pudding. She put the mix in a pot and added water. Then, she rushed and placed the pot on the stove. After that, she turned the right front burner on with great haste. After all that stirring, the pudding was finally done. She took the pot of the stove and let it cool. But, OH NO! She realized that some of the chocolate pudding made its way on to the burner. Without turning the burner off, she went to clean it. And while she was cleaning, she burnt two of her fingers. Then....she cried.

*SAFETY NOTICE- Before you clean the stovetop, please make sure that the burners are off and that the stovetop isn't hot. Merci beaucoup.*

Ava "accidently" pushed Nicki and Vicki down the steps. Nicki and Vicki whined and cried, then they tied Ava to a chair.

Ava decided it would be fun to play a game called "Never Have I Ever". You hold up five (or ten) fingers. Then, the person asking says something like, "Never have I ever burnt my fingers while making pudding." If you did it, you put a finger down. If you didn't, keep it up. The person who has all fingers up is the winner.
Anyway, Ava and Liz took turns asking. They TRIED TO GET ME OUT! They kept saying stuff like, "Never have I ever been to North Carolina", "Never have I ever been to France", "Never have I ever spoken French", "Never have I ever had red hair", and "Never have I ever been a Miley Cyrus fan".